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PRC woman crushed by bus after she refused to leave road to extort compensation from earlier accident

Posted by temasektimes on March 18, 2012

A PRC woman was run over by a truck and died on the spot after she refused to leave the accident scene.

The 45 year old woman from Anhui province was riding a tricycle filled with duck eggs when she was knocked down by a scooter in the early morning of 6 March 2012.

Though she did not sustain any injuries, she refused to leave and lie down in the middle of the road to extort compensation from Mr Shen, the scooter driver.

Mr Shen refused to pay her and as he was moving his scooter to the side of the road, a bus came along the way and ran over the PRC woman, crushing and killing her on the spot.

It is a common ‘practice’ in China for accident victims to feign injuries by refusing to leave the accident scene to extort compensation from the other party.

Under Chinese law, an accident victim who suffered from ‘permanent’ injuries as a result of the accident is entitled to compensation for life while only a token sum needs to be given to the families of those who were killed.

Watch the shocking video below:


12 Responses to “PRC woman crushed by bus after she refused to leave road to extort compensation from earlier accident”

  1. Mary said

    5000 years of civilization….

  2. Sean said

    Brainless and heartless species…. Well most of them!!

  3. YMC said

    Aren’t we glad that our ancestors had the foresight to flee China 100 – 200 years ago? China may well be the world’s economic power house but considering that its rule of law is still back in the feudal ages – its still got a long way to catch up to Europe, America or even Singapore. To paraphrase a British admiral – it may take 3 years to build a ship but it takes 300 years to build a tradition. What sort of tradition are the mainland Chinese building now?

  4. Mary said

    China today, as in ancient times, relies on cheap manpower and brutal dictatorship. There is no real progress in terms of human rights, innovation and enterprise. Chinese in China today are still as corrupted. Copyright infringement is rampant, and they have yet to create anything new. Weibo, Tudou and Alibaba are just pirated versions of Youtube, Amazon, Twitter. China can have high growth, but individual wealth will remain low. Happiness index will also remain low. Corruption is so rampant that it affects all stratas of China, including daily necessities such as baby food and drinking water.

  5. ahwang said

    I have nothing to say. I only hope that the PRCs in spore now, do not think that they can use such methods to cheat money in spore. Do not make our society to become like urs.

  6. Waddy said

    Sun Xu should have read this before he comment anything about Singaporean..

  7. Kelvin Qiu said

    [ Brainless and heartless species…. ]

    thank you for view on the human species. now can we stop bombing children and wedding with drone?

  8. Hazel said

    China is suppose to be the most cultural place on earth due to its 5000 years of history. Western countries can hardly be on par with them. But sadly, as time passes, the virtues and mandates passed down to the descendants have been forgotten; resulting in such tragic incidents to be rampant.
    There is obviously no link between these incidents and our ancestors teachings and we should be proud to embrace their teachings. Perhaps, we should spend more time and effort in understanding these values and virtues before making insinuating remarks.
    My point is, these incidents are tragedies and the victims are worth sympathizing. But, it has nothing to do with moral values, teachings and virtues passed down from our ancestors a few centuries ago. It is due to modernisation and globalisation that these values have been forgotten! I am sure our ancestors will too lament on these scenarios.

    • Good one…

      If China has 5000 years of history, India has a history of beyond 5000 years. And what about the other countries? Some countries, do not have a long history like India or China, but they hold on to their ancient teachings and moral values and live their lives as a good human being…I guess some things do not change overnight just because some complain/feedback….we all have to learn from our mistakes and others’ mistakes. Live and Learn.

  9. Y U so like That! said

    Aiyah …everywhere we go also got ” wu Yah” Crows. And yes our ancestor were from China too, so we are part of them in the blood. 5000 years history and culture does not mean you must be perfect OK! It only show the urgly side human being and I mean all human being ok not side chinese or singaporean. Can’t blame the chinese they got 1/3? ….of our world population definitely when something happen ppl definitely pinpoint and said ” Y u like this? “, ” Y u like that ah?” Values? what is values ? think develops country got lots of values meh? look at them eat out their country reserves…look at Greek ,Portugal, Italy, France and also the American too! No heart feeling. I am not bashing them….but be fair we are all the same! Values problem? Is only a matter of degree. thank you . my 0.1 cent thought.

  10. Ivan said

    Not all are behaving like this woman. Anyway in China this is more because they do not know better. She is asking to be killed. Too bad, it is the end of her miserable life.

  11. nareshnayak said

    China is a different ballgame than Singapore. It all depends on the local laws and the system. IN China it is possible for the woman to feign injury and claim compensation that is because the Chinese law supports it. In Singapore the court will throw the case out of the window and will even ask the ‘victim’ to pay a fine. It all depends on the law more than the Chinese. Eventually the PRCs have to swim as per the prevailing currents.

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