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Nicole Seah: I have no intention of contesting in the Hougang by-election

Posted by temasektimes on March 19, 2012

Beleaguered self-proclaimed ‘leader’ of the opposition Goh Meng Seng ‘self-pawned’ himself after popular young politician Nicole Seah came out to debunk swirling rumors that she would be fielded as a candidate for the National Solidarity Party (NSP) in the Hougang by-election widely expected to be called soon.

In an article written in Chinese posted on his blog last Saturday, Mr Goh wrote that NSP is ‘likely’ to contest in Hougang to test its ‘strength’ and the price to pay for will be not ‘too high’ even if its candidate loses the election deposit like what happened to Singapore Democratic Alliance Desmond Lim when he contested in Punggol East in the last General Election against the PAP and WP.


Mr Goh then revealed NSP’s plans to send Nicole Seah to contest in Hougang:

“If the NSP really contest in Hougang, it is likely to send Nicole Seah whose popularity is likely to cause a lot of damage to Workers Party’s Png Eng Huat.”

There are speculations that the Workers Party may field its veteran politician Png Eng Huat in Hougang as he has been appointed to chair the Hougang Constituency Committee recently.


Mr Goh’s post sparked a media frenzy with the Chinese tabloids giving extensive coverage on the issue over the weekend prompting Nicole to issue a short statement on her Facebook page:

[Source: Nicole Seah’s Facebook]

In the statement, Nicole Seah wrote she has no intention of contesting in the Hougang by-election if it happens as anyone else doing so is not taking into consideration the work of WP MP Low Thia Kiang.

“I will continue to focus efforts on NSP’s groundwork in the wards we contested in and the MacPherson community project which has been going strong,” she added.

Her clarification brought a huge sign of relief to opposition supporters, many of whom lauded her for not contesting in Hougang. Meanwhile, the political stock of Goh Meng Seng, the resident commentator of Sammyboy Forum (not the porn site) continues to plummet as netizens lampoon him for being a ‘PAP stooge’ out to destroy the Workers Party.


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3 Responses to “Nicole Seah: I have no intention of contesting in the Hougang by-election”

  1. sensible decision said

    that’s why we luv her

    vote for Nicole 2016 :):)

  2. useful said

    self own .

    sounds like pay and pay member . test strength ? eh dey ?! this is not a game ok ?! go f–k yourself la

  3. Jaded said

    Goh Meng Seng own goal… wahahahaha!!

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