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Tay Ping Hui disappointed with S R Nathan’s comment that there is no Singaporean culture

Posted by temasektimes on March 19, 2012

MediaCorp actor Tay Ping Hui has expressed his disappointment with former Singapore President S R Nathan’s comment that there is no ‘Singaporean culture.’

Speaking at a Social Sciences Conference at the Singapore Management University, Mr Nathan said “Singapore will take a generation before it can build a Singaporean culture.”

In a tweet posted last night, Tay Ping Hui wrote:

“It is truly a sad day for Singaporeans. After 12 yrs in office, the ex- President can say that he does not think there is a SG culture.”

[Source: Tay Ping Hui’s twitter]

Mr Nathan is the longest-serving Elected President in the history of Singapore. Though he has relinquished his position, he is still widely respected by Singaporeans and has been gracing public events and giving talks at conferences.


22 Responses to “Tay Ping Hui disappointed with S R Nathan’s comment that there is no Singaporean culture”

  1. What can you expect from this fat tub of lard ?

    So Prataman, when you gonna finish writing your next book “Memoirs of a War Traitor” ?

  2. Prata Man said

    Mr Nathan is the longest-serving Elected President in the history of Singapore.

    “Though he has relinquished his position, he is still widely respected by Singaporeans and has been gracing public events and giving talks at conferences”

    Says Who ????

    The “Prata Man” is definitely not respected by the majority of young Singaporeans..

    Go to any internet forum in Singapore (even Channelnews Asia and Hardwarezone which are both owned by the MSM) and you will see the ridicule and scorn he is getting from netizens,

    Respected by Singaporeans ????

    My bloody foot.

    • 60+ said

      I am 60+ and I have no respect for this Prataman. Suck all our hard earn taxpayer money and now says SIN have no SG’s culture.
      Go back to India, traitor.

  3. alan.trizon said

    Ping Hui, in deed, it’s a sad day. There is no doubt that it takes times to build a culture. The question is what was Mr. Nathan’s contribution toward the building of Singaporean culture in the past 12 years having received $12Millions in compensation ?

  4. worldorder said

    We always have a SG culture; lingo culture. the “lah”, the Singlish and the various dialects which have been systematically demolish over time. Food culture, the local “ang ku kueh” and “Chwee Kueh” etc…Dress culture, the slippers and the “Cha Kia”. Our economic pursuit had systematically destroy these “identities” of a Singaporean. Singapore is a small RED DOT located almost at the equator line and I always wonder why we need to dress up especially in business suit and ties under the hot scorching sun everyday !!! Its madness to perspire under this business suit and trying to look good or cool while a more dress down (like the Hawaii shirt) is more practical under such hot climate.

  5. mel said

    I like TPH last comment.. When 1 person tell you is wrong, you may ignore it, But when 2 million people say its wrong, you should start listening.. But but.. Our PM doesnt agree with that statement..

  6. oute said

    Maybe there is no country called Singapore in the first place, a city and why are we spending two years of National Service for.

    Or maybe misquote by the ST.

  7. oute said

    Any honourable MP dare to table a motion in Parliament to support this.

  8. chiangmaichee said

    I think he’s an idiot, he’s the worst president we ever had.

    in the past, whenever my friends from india ask me who is our president, i would ask that he’s is an indian just to show that we are a multicultural country, but i would also add that he is an idiot, just to show what i think of him.

  9. Mercer Consultant said

    My Australian Regional Manager (He is the only foreigner in my company) who is been here for only 1 year can identify the Singapore culture. Being in the retail industry, he gets to meet many different kinds of people, locals and non-locals. The way we communicate, socialize, behave is definately unique but easily identifiable. He bein in the office for 12 years, really means he is in the office for all the time. The “elite” can never understand us, the masses, coz they do not mix with us. No wonder he can’t see the SG culture.

    He should maybe hire me and i can tell him wat the culture is. Of course for a fee of $850,000

  10. YMC said

    What a terrible thing for anyone, esp a key Singapore leader to say. Singapore does have a culture – moreover history for Singapore didn’t just begin when the PAP took over office. Singapore does have a unique culture – our remarkable multi-cultural tolerance – there will be precious few places in the world where you will see an Indian and Chinese temple side by side. Our food is also a fusion of Asian food – Chili crab, chicken rice, curry etc.. is all a part of the larger Peranakan culture. There are also few places in the freaking world where you can go out at 3am and go eat fantastic food – and feel SAFE. In other parts of the world – the term, Housing Commission Flats – are horrible places filled with high rates of crime, violence, vandalism etc.. – but not in Singapore. Its thanks to Singaporeans who want to get the job done, work hard and provide for their families and go home and cook curry in peace. That comment by Nathan is an awful indication of the level of contempt the “elites” of our country have for its own culture – its own citizens. Now they think they can shoehorn anyone from overseas into this country and “print” new Singaporeans. If someone doesn’t think we don’t have a culture – the same person will think that the people are just a blank sheet of paper.

  11. Sandra said

    Hello ppl out there.. before you sink in ur comments. please think which president has done their dutiful – all are mere puppets
    presidents can be overruled by MPs so what are we talking here folks!!

  12. Lukas said

    SR Nathan benefited the most from the SG’s culture of generosity and support for the ruling party which endorsed his position by paying him the highest remuneration package!

  13. Lukas said

    Many Singaporeans grew up trusting the ruling party whole-heartedly without any questions because of their historical contributions and sacrifices. Singaporeans are willing to serve NS without any complaints despite the less than satisfactory conditions in the earlier days. Citizens do not feel compelled to speak up or fight for their rights as citizens because they felt that the govt at that time was making decisions for the benefit of the nation. People were generally more patriotic & self-giving.

    Unfortunately, the new generation of leaders are merely riding on the past and fulfilling their own personal aspirations for wealth, power & glory. Without a conscience and the passion to serve, they make policy decisions that will benefit their respective dept’s bottom line and not for the good of the whole nation. The system that it created became heartless and everyone just want to make more money and flaunt their wealth while the worth of a character is reduced to nothing. The consequences are glaring these days as young children have no aspirations but to do well academically and earn a ticket into the civil service if possible, and they will be guaranteed a lifetime of prosperity and security.

    Its very sad! Singaporeans do not want their boys to serve the NS because we do not know what they are protecting. Citizens have been disadvantaged in so many aspects of their lives. Policies have failed shamelessly! Stop boasting to the world of your great achievements! The country has moved backwards. By pushing up the educational standards of Singaporeans, the focus should be on building the country as medical hubs, education hubs, technology hubs, etc Yet, the leaders went for the easy way out by opening up the casinos & hiring low-skilled workers which the country does not have sufficient supply of, thus importing foreign labour and creating new social disorders…..

    I urge the current MPs that if you do have a conscience, please save the country by doing the right thing for the citizens. Spend on the healthcare benefits, special needs kids, local businesses, with sincerity. Do not offer incentives which sound good but effectively cannot be used because of the unachievable conditions attached! Be honest!

  14. Exaggerated said

    No culture, no roots. How is it possible to have roots when there are not even a pot of soil to grow in?

  15. skipfafa said

    That why I say he should stay at home shake leg, don’t come out anymore….or else I cannot guarantee if my students ask me who is this sucker I might just slip out of my tongue & say he’s a blady “ka-chang-pu-teh man!” Even the kalang guni guys are more respectable! Hello Ah Neh come here…….Phweeeeee!!!!!!!!!!! si beh tu lan!

    U guys know he has another niclname? Its called CORK-KE-NATHAN.
    Our secret code word fr now. Damn pissed wif him!!!!!!!!! Go & die better!

  16. Ami Express said

    So whats the Singapore culture again?
    I have been away for too long… expat friends knows Singapore better than me

  17. rubbish said

    with that kind of salary per year ….all papies will turn a deaf ear or act BLUR!!!

  18. Williemae said

    always i used to read smaller posts that as well clear their motive, and that is
    also happening with this article which I am reading at
    this time.

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