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Goh Meng Seng continues his personal vendetta against Workers Party: It’s ‘karma’ that WP lost Hougang

Posted by temasektimes on March 20, 2012

Despite pleas from both his supporters and detractors alike to ‘shut up’, embattled self-proclaimed ‘leader’ of the opposition Goh Meng Seng continues his personal vendetta against the Workers Party on his personal blog and Facebook as he shows his determination to destroy his former party once and for all.

A day after sending shock waves throughout the opposition camp by mooting the idea of sending star politician Nicole Seah to contest in the Hougang by-election, Mr Goh now dredges up the past to engage in another round of mudslinging with WP though the latter has been ignoring him all along.

In the latest post on his Facebook, Mr Goh wrote that the possibility of a 3-corner fight happening in Hougang is because WP planted the ‘seeds’ in GE 2011 by ‘forcing their way into Moulmein-Kallang, even if it means a 3-corner fight with NSP in the GRC.’

“Of course, never did WP expect that it will end up with Yaw-gate and a by-election in Hougang and it will open up a weaker front for others or NSP to fight back,” he wrote, mocking at WP’s predicament in Hougang as a result of the sacking of its ex-MP Yaw Shin Leong over his failure to address allegations about his multiple extra-marital affairs with married women.

Mr Goh added that there is ‘nothing wrong’ for NSP to contest in Hougang:

“If WP only thinks of its own party interests in previous GE as well as next GE, NSP should also think of its own interests as well. Testing out the possible outcome of 3 corner fight by using Hougang by-election as testing platform is the only way for it to make proper assessment.”

He ended his rant at WP by taunting it again:

“Karma happens to each and everybody, regardless of who you are. The lesson here is that don’t always think that you could bully others when you are strong because there will always be time when you are weak and others will get back at you. That’s Karma.”

Mr Goh should realize that karma works both ways and it will surely return to haunt him in the next General Election as disgruntled opposition supporters swore to put an end to his political career once and for all.


7 Responses to “Goh Meng Seng continues his personal vendetta against Workers Party: It’s ‘karma’ that WP lost Hougang”

  1. Clown said

    ai yah, GMS go contest in Hougang under NSP
    1. Confirm Lose the deposit.
    2. Confirm NSP vote will not be more than WP. = Lose face
    3. If PAP gets more than 50%, its the choice of Hougang..Otherwise NSP gets blame

  2. Lim Oo said

    Mr. Goh Meng Seng you have make a wrong political move compare to NSP Miss Nicole Seah you are far behind why don’t you contest
    in the Hougang by-election and don’t used the word ‘KARMA’ it will put an end to your Political career.

  3. Uniquely Singapore said

    I feel for him. He is now in a state of despair.

  4. Ron Lim said

    Ha ha, the Opposition is tearing themselves up. Go go Goh. Go Hougang and compete too.

  5. I don’t think his action is helping anyone except PAP!

  6. Ken Lee said

    we don’t need a ceo to be a pm! what we need is someone who care for citizen and stand up for us in Parliament!

  7. Don Lim said

    When the PAP failed to meet the expectations of Singaporeans, WP called for voters to vote PAP out so that WP could have a chance to represent Singaporeans to check on the PAP. Now that WP’s own MP failed Hougang voters’ expectations, the same principle of accountability should also be applied on WP.

    WP, by having 8 MPs and NCMPs (representatives, or reps), already had a 300% increase in representation over the past when it only had LTK & SL in the Parliament. Even when it had only LTK in the Parliament, it had survived well and, in fact, grown substantially. Thus, even if WP loses the Hougang seat, it’d still have 7 reps, a substantial increase of 250%. Having 7 instead of 8 reps, or 5 instead of 6 MPs, also doesn’t make any significant difference on, for example, WP’s ability to deny PAP’s ⅔ majority. Hence, it’s the Hougang voters and, generally, opposition supporters–not WP– who have a higher stake in this by-election. Hougang voters are going to choose their one and only MP, while opposition supporters must reconsider whether supporting WP is justifiable even if it goes against the principle of accountability.

    Before concluding that any other party entering a three-cornered fight (3cf) in Hougang is unjustified, opposition supporters should look back at what WP had done during GE2011. First, NSP’s President Sebastian Teo, who had contested, with two other NSP candidates, under the banner of SDA, in Jalan Besar GRC in GE2006, had expressed interest in going back to contest in the newly formed Moulmein Kallang GRC, which absorbed most parts of Jalan Besar GRC. NSP had worked the ground there before GE2011 and, now that it had recruited two Cambridge scholars and former senior civil servants whom it planned to include in its team for MK GRC, it’d have offered MK GRC voters a very credible choice. However, WP insisted on contesting in MK GRC, even though that it couldn’t send any heavyweight there and that the last time it contested in JB GRC was in 1988–more than 20 years ago. Not surprisingly, the PAP emerged victor with 58.56% of the total ballot for the electoral division. Incidentally, this was the highest vote percentage for the PAP in a Workers’ Party contested constituency: good news for the PAP.

    NSP then compromised by withdrawing its plan to contest in MK GRC, only to be disappointed when WP sent only a lackluster team there. Consequently, NSP’s team was redeployed to contest in CCK GRC at the 11th hour. Even though it had limited opportunity to do the groundwork in CCK, NSP won a commendable 39% of votes in CCK GRC. Had the team contested in its turf, MK where substantial groundwork NSP had done, its result should have been much better.

    SDA suffered the same hostility when WP decided to enter into a 3cf with its Sec-General, Desmond Lim in Punggol East SMC, an SDA turf. Again, WP sent a lackluster candidate there. Desmond Lim ended up losing his deposit, yet WP achieved nothing to shake PAP’s >50% majority support there. (PAP’s Michael Palmer won 55% of votes in the 3cf.) What could a worse example of fostering unity among opposition parties be?

    The question, then, is whether WP’s moves were helping or sabotaging opposition representation and unity. If NSP’s team had contested in its turf MK GRC, and won, we could have seen two more opposition scholars-namely, Tony Tan and Hazel Poa–in addition to WP’s Chen Show Mao, in the Parliament. By insisting on contesting in NSP’s turf, yet sending only a lackluster team, was WP’s intention to deny PAP’s team from being returned to the Parliament or to deny NSP’s two scholars a smoother path towards the Parliament? Well, nobody except WP’s decision-maker(s) has(ve) the answer to this question, but the fact is, the results of WP’s move were that: (1) their lackluster team lost as expected, (2) NSP was forced to redeploy its team to CCK at the 11th hour and lost, (3) PAP’s MK GRC team were returned to the Parliament, and (4) there is only one opposition scholar-MP (Chen Show Mao) in the Parliament, and he belongs to no other than WP.

    As far as the last 2 elections are concerned, Tan Jee Say had never won less than 2/3 of votes won by the strongest opponent. He got 40% vs PAP’s 60% in the GE, and 25% vs Tony Tan Keng Yam’s 35%.

    If RECENT history is any guide, TJS is unlikely to lose his deposit if he contests Hougang for a JUSTIFIED CAUSE. Even when he faced two of the strongest opponents–one who could have become our Prime Minister, and the other who won the highest % of votes in Singapore’s history– he had not lost his deposit. Do you expect WP to be able to send any candidate who is even close to these two ex- opponents of TJS’ to contest Hougang?

    As the only person in the opposition camp who had won 500,000 votes in a single election, any intended successor to the MIA MP won’t be able to make him lose his deposit. TJS is not Desmond Lim. In fact, if WP is unable to send a more qualified candidate than TJS, voters have more reason to vote for TJS.

    Now, if PAP retains 35%, 65% is shared between NSP and WP, and NSP wins 2/3 of WP’s votes, then the share of votes will be: WP (39%), NSP (26%), PAP (35%).

    In this scenario, WP would win in the first-past-the-post system, which keeps the number of seats in opp’s hands. But because NSP could demonstrate that it can inflict a damage of 40% on WP’s share of votes if it’s forced to do so, it will have more power in its negotiation with WP in the next GE. If the same damage is inflicted on WP’s other battlefields such as Aljunied, WP wouldn’t have won as it could in Hougang. The same negotiation power of the other smaller opp parties can also be safeguarded this way if NSP enters into a 3-cornered fight in the coming by-election strategically.

    In this scenario, NSP wouldn’t lose its deposit, yet achieve the objectives of:
    1) maintaining the number of oppostion seats in parliament;
    2) check WP’s dominance and aggression
    3) possibly reducing PAP’s share of votes further to below 35%

    This will ensure that NSP has more power to negotiate for terms that can safeguard its star team’s smoother path towards the parliament in the next GE. As opposition supporters, we need to recognize that different persons amongst us would prefer different opposition parties. We need to ensure that all opposition supporters and aspiring candidates have enough space to pursue their political cause by sustaining the survival of not just WP, but other opposition parties which are more liberal, including NSP and SDP.

    Remember, without WP’s aggression and bullying, Hazel Koon Koon Poa and Tony Tan Lay Thiam could have contested in NSP’s turf in the last GE and stood a higher chance of winning. To empower smaller parties like NSP more negotiation power to at least block WP’s sabotaging moves such as its decision to contest in MK GRC, I think a 3-cornered fight in Hougang is strategically plausible. As said, the most likely outcome remains that WP will win. But if NSP can cause a dent of around 20-40% reduction in WP’s share of votes, WP’s arrogance can be checked, so that the talented individuals in other opposition parties won’t face similar bullying in the next GE.

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