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PHOTO: Majority of Scoot Airline’s workers from Philippines?

Posted by temasektimes on March 21, 2012

A netizen found this photo of staff from SIA budget airline Scoot Airline call center and wonders if the majority of them are from the Philippines:

[Source: Hardwarezone Forum]


19 Responses to “PHOTO: Majority of Scoot Airline’s workers from Philippines?”

  1. Duncan said

    Most of them look like pinoy/pinay. They don’t look like local.

  2. Nationalist said

    looks like I will boycott scoot like how I boycott burger king and pizza hut..

  3. spotlessleopard said

    If Scoot employs foreigners over Singaporeans….I will boycot them..I travel regionally at least 5 times a year…and my family members of 7 also travel frequently….I will also inform all my friends and relatives what Scoot is doing…

    Maybe Scoot’s Management can explain what is the percentage of Singaporeans employed in their Operations…meanwhile I will avoid travelling on Scoot…….I would rather fly with a Foreign Airline than Scoot which employs Foreigners instead of Singaporeans.

  4. Carmela said

    I agree…most workers are very cute Filipinos. 🙂

  5. Jaded said

    they sure as hell aren’t Singaporean…

  6. Goondu said

    As long as the call centre is not situated in Singapore, I am ok with it.
    It is logical that the call centre in Philippines should employ their citizens.

  7. erian'e said

    Now most company’s call centres are based overseas…

  8. asean said

    If they are holding PR status they will not be counted as foreign employee, even if they are filipinos or other nationalities. Quota only deals with e-pass and s-pass.

  9. Melissa said

    they could be ‘new citizens’…

  10. Moses Oh said

    Well, in service line. The quota for foreign worker is 50%, which means 1 local for every worker.

    So they might have same or more locals in other departments. Sales, Purchase, HR, Training, Maintenance, cabin crew. It’s only a call centre which is just one of the many departments.

    Don’t you think think this photo a bit misleading and unjustifiable just based on the photo of one department?

  11. Leticia said

    Please get your facts right before posting.

    This is a picture of the staff at Scoot’s Manila call centre. Of course the staff there are mostly Filipino. what do you expect? Mexicans?

    Ignorant poster…

  12. Prataman said

    Scoot being an offshoot of Singapore Airline should hire Singaporeans.

    The staff in the photo do indeed look like Pinoys.

    Scoot should be asked to explain their hiring policy and, if indeed the staff are mainly Pinoys, then Singaporeans should boycott Scoot.

    There are many alternative budget airlines to book your flight.

    Forget about Scoot.

  13. Andy said

    Most of my friends (including myself) who applied for Scoot for various positions like security, customer service, admin, etc all did not get a reply from Scoot. Now we know why. Another company that wants to operate in Singapore but does not want to employ Singaporeans. Boycott Scoot. I rather fly Air Asia, Jetstar, Tiger, etc.

    • Prataman said

      It’s not just another Company operating in Singapore.

      Scoot is a subsidiary of our national airline, SIA.

      If they really hire more foreigners than Singaporeans, then both, Scoot and SIA don’t deserve our support and should be boycotted.

  14. Megatop said

    This is Scoot’s call centre in Manila, the staff there are obviously mostly Filipino. How ignorant.

  15. Legalize Marijuana said

    Not one Pretty girl in that picture, Only pretty looking boys.

    Legalize Marijuana for Medical.

  16. Jaded said

    “This is Scoot’s call centre in Manila, the staff there are obviously mostly Filipino”

    So why should there be a call centre in Manila when Scoot is a Singapore company? Can’t they set it up here?

  17. Megatop said

    Much lower labour costs there. Many airlines around the world outsource their call centre operations to foreign stations. Have you never called SQ and encountered their Indian agents?

  18. SG said


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