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PRC couple tried to ‘abduct’ Singaporean boy at Ang Mo Kio Hub?

Posted by temasektimes on March 21, 2012

A PRC lady allegedly tried to ‘kidnap’ a Singaporean boy from his mother at Ang Mo Kio hub on Sunday!

According to a netizen ‘Allison Goon’, she was watching a magic show at Ang Mo Kio Hub and her son went missing when she was throwing rubbish. She turned around and saw a lady holding her son’s hand and after she went up to stop them, the lady claimed she held the wrong child.

Allison then spotted her walking away with another man as if nothing has happened.

[Source: Facebook]

In an interview with the media, the manager of Ang Mo Kio Hub confirmed the incident and said she had advised the mother to lodge a police report which she did. She also inform her that the lady who ‘abducted’ her child speaks with a ‘heavy PRC accent’.

Meanwhile, Ang Mo GRC MP Seng Han Thong made a surprise appearance at Ang Mo Kio Hub yesterday together with his team of grassroots activists to ‘recce’ the place.




23 Responses to “PRC couple tried to ‘abduct’ Singaporean boy at Ang Mo Kio Hub?”

  1. VH2006 said

    My my, something is getting bolder nowadays. Those, who targeted children, are nothing but animals. 简直是衣冠禽兽!

  2. VH2006 said

    Could they have succeeded with other children? Are the police still following up on the past missing children?

  3. rixban said

    the editors should censor out the names involved in your screen cap. decent courtesy for cyberspace. cheers.

  4. ken said

    PRC is extremely evil.

  5. Anonymous said

    The standard of Allison Goon’s English is terrible, which primary & secondary school did she attend? Or is she a Malaysian?

    • Bomber said

      objective is to alert parents about the evils these PRC people are doing, and has got nothing to do with grammar lessons …. if u are too dumb to know, then please do not leave your comments

    • Emily Lim said

      Not all Malaysians have bad English. Please do not be judgmental. And yes, Bomber is right, the aim is to spread the word about people on the prowl for unsuspecting children/parents.

    • William said

      seriously… Grammar seems to be the least of concern over here. U might be interested with… Now shoo…

  6. Denver said

    For those who had commented negatively on this report. I urge you to read more on regional asia news about kidnapping, that are happening all over China,and recently, kidnappers appeared in HKG as well. From what was circulated, China Rich parents are paying for children’s inter organs such as kidney, to cure their sick children, that previously got affected by the poisoned milkpowder. Please be very viligant over strangers getting close to your children, and be there early at childcare centre, if you are fetching your kids. Of cos, I truly hope these kidnappers rot in hell.

  7. Yeo said

    From a news I read in China, when the kidnappers catch the child, they inject something into their body that made them go silent. They also shave their hair, change the clothes as well. Not even the parents can recognise the children.

    I agreed with what Denvar mention above, ABC = always be careful

    Once the child is gone, no way you can find them back. AMEN

  8. Ron Lim said

    No is blaming the parent for being negligent? Children will wander away. The parent has a full-time task watching over their kids when they are out in town. And if they are anywhere near to water (swimming pool), they better keep their eyes on the kids instead of eating the kueh, chatting with friends, etc. Too many tragedies have occured.

    This PRC woman is probably up to no good either. Whether PRC or other races, it is suspicious to be holding a kids hand and walking away. The police should have been called.

    • VH2006 said

      Police is around 15 mins away? Maybe need to take pictures of the suspect and post them online.

    • Tiffany said

      Obviously u have no kids… 24/7 every hour and evey min every sec with your kid? Ideal but not quite possible…. Singapore used to be safe….

  9. Tiffany said

    Wow! Heard of such horrible deeds in China now it’s here…. Singapore becoming chi na …, omg…

  10. Ron Lim said

    Tiffany, pls read my post. I said when out in town and when near to swimming pool (water). In your house it is a different matter. Your own security. When out in town, it is different too.

    Spore is safe, very safe but children can go missing. The two boys who were missing in the 1980s and which McDonald sponsored extensive publicity are still still missing. My heart still pain at the thought of what their parents went through.

  11. AntiPAP said

    cheng han jian came too ah? So we going to have KIDNAPPERS every here and there soon after opening the flood gate to let the PRC into SG? Think standby to EYE on our own kids….

  12. Whatsapp said

    So where in the FB chatt did it say it is a PRC couple trying to take the child away?

  13. Joe West said


  14. Chips said

    And our primary schools keep organising educational trips to countries like China etc. Primary school? What do you expect these kids to learn about other countries culture at 10 – 12 years old? I find the risks high compared to what they kids can learn from these tours. Ask any kid about 4 months after they visit about what they learned from their trip? Most will talk about their freinds and how fun it was travelling together. Better off camping in SIngapore.

    Why must something happen before the authorities intervene and say no educational more tours for primary school students The guidelines for teacher/student ratio for these tours may be strict but it is no guarantee.

  15. Mh said

    I can’t find Allison Goon and Ameline Fong in FB… Any truth in this? Whatever it is, we just have to be watchful over our kids.

  16. Angry said

    police come also cannot do anything. if it happens to me. i wud whack the fucking PRC’s face first then talk!

  17. […] PRC couple tried to “abduct” Singaporean boy at Ang Mo Kio Hub? […]

  18. Joe said

    PRC r creating all sort of social problems….y let them live in spore?

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