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Goh Meng Seng now proposes PAP field Tay Ping Hui in Hougang by-election

Posted by temasektimes on March 22, 2012

Despite receiving numerous brickbats from netizens for his feeble attempts to create discord within the opposition camp by mooting the possibility of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) sending its star candidate Nicole Seah to contest in Hougang by-election which eventually forced Nicole to issue a public statement denying she would do so, beleaguered former WP and NSP leader Goh Meng Seng continues to take potshots at the Workers Party on his personal blog.

In his latest post written yesterday, Mr Goh proposes that the PAP send MediaCorp celebrity Tay Ping Hui who was applauded by many netizens lately for speaking out against NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu to contest in Hougang.

“Since this is the battle of personal branding, if PAP is smart enough, it may send TV celebrity to contest. Don’t underestimate the impact of this celebrity effect, it could well become PAP’s the most effective weapon! TV celebrity Tay Ping Hui is a well known PAP member and he has all along shown vast interests in contesting in elections.”

He took a swipe at WP’s likely candidate in Hougang, Png Eng Huat, saying that he would be totally ‘marginalized’ if he contests against Nicole Seah and Tay Ping Hui:

“If PAP send him to contest, this by-election would be very interesting to watch. Imagine, Nicole Seah, Tay Ping Hui and Png Eng Huat…. I believe in the end, Png Eng Huat will be totally marginalized while the by-election turns into the show down between the TV celebrity and the political rising star!”

In an interview with a Chinese tabloid two days ago, NSP Secretary-General Hazel Poa revealed that Mr Goh is no longer a NSP member, meaning that he is making the comments in his personal capacity as the ‘resident commentator’ of the Sammyboy Forum (not the porn site)

Meanwhile, angry and irate netizens continue to lampoon Mr Goh in cyberspace with many condemning him as a ‘PAP stooge’ out to destroy the Workers Party.

Some responses from netizens on Facebook:

“Goh Meng seng now sounds like a political terrorist more than a politician . So what can he get out this ? Is he so full of confidence that he will at least even get 20 % of his votes ? Good luck GMS , you’ll need it if you go in .” – Yeo Seng Leng

“When a persons starts to blabber nonsense, you can be sure it’s the initial sign of senile deterioration” – Ivan Pei En

“‎*sigh* Hwa Chong & NUS, sounds like a PAP guy, worse, a PAP reject. LOLIn all honestly, being vindictive serves no purpose except to further a personal agenda.” – Kelly Koh

4 Responses to “Goh Meng Seng now proposes PAP field Tay Ping Hui in Hougang by-election”

  1. Busybody said

    GMS shut up n FO.. Very irritating.. Enough is enough.

  2. Uniquely Singapore said

    He has gone lunatic!

  3. Mr Handoko said

    Lucky he didn’t win Tampines if not all residents will suffer. He has yet to answer his affair saga!

  4. FHdeadly said

    Just a hungry wolf. Even beggars is far more better then him. Try to tarnished the reputation of opposition
    party. Time to sent GMS to Mental Institution

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