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PHOTO: Full bond-free scholarships for Malaysian secondary and JC students in Singapore

Posted by temasektimes on March 22, 2012

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has put up an advertisement in local papers offering ASEAN Scholarships to Malaysian students in secondary schools and junior colleges in Singapore:

The scholars will be exempted from paying school and examination fees and will be given a generous annual allowance of between S$2,200 and S$2,400. There is also no bond attached to the scholarship.

The closing date is 2 April 2012, but take note that Singaporeans are not eligible to apply and they are expected to foot their school fees and living allowances in full on their own after which the males have to serve two years of National Service to protect these scholars and of course other ‘foreign talents’ living in Singapore.



7 Responses to “PHOTO: Full bond-free scholarships for Malaysian secondary and JC students in Singapore”

  1. Duncan said

    Oh My God ! Not again ???

  2. oute said

    why dont our top students apply for this. just go ahead and apply for it.

  3. Ken Lee said

    PAP Gov feel they have stay in the Parliament for too long. got too many seat in parliament, take too high salary and wanted to get rid of some GRC.

  4. Kane said

    When we were a developing nation, our bright young minds benefited from scholarships handed to them from richer nations. They returned and helped lead us to prosperity.

    What’s wrong with turning around and repaying the debt of gratitude by doing the same for others?

  5. Kenneth said

    Malaysian no need to serve NS in Singapore. So govt can use their talent immediately and readily once they graduated.

  6. Train a lion to eat vegetable said

    Why Sg alway help those country that will never remember or grateful to singapore? Maybe we should also sponser PRC and North korea talent to Atomic xxxxxxxx….xxxxxx…. scholarship too!!! hahahaha………. It’s like create problems for Ourself!!!!!

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