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Police warn Singaporeans not to spread rumors about suspected ‘abduction’ case by PRC couple in Ang Mo Kio Hub

Posted by temasektimes on March 22, 2012

The Singapore police has issued a media release warning Singaporeans not to spread rumors about the suspected ‘abduction’ case allegedly by a PRC couple in Ang Mo Kio Hub which has gone viral in cyberspace.

The shocking incident was first shared on Facebook by Allison Goon who wrote that she saw a PRC lady leading her son away after she turned around to throw rubbish while watching a magic show at Ang Mo Kio Hub on Sunday.

When confronted by her, the PRC lady simply claimed that she held the wrong child and then walked away with a PRC man as if nothing as happened:

The mother said her son later told her that the woman had told him she would bring him back to his home.

A police report has since been lodged and the police is currently looking into the matter. In its statement, police said they are investigating into a report that a child was in the company of a stranger.

As it is still under ‘investigation’, the police now urge the public not spread and circulate ‘unsubstantiated information’ as this may cause unnecessary ‘alarm’.


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29 Responses to “Police warn Singaporeans not to spread rumors about suspected ‘abduction’ case by PRC couple in Ang Mo Kio Hub”

  1. lim mama said

    Spreading rumors??!!! Did I hear wrongly?? I thought of it more of creating awareness 🙂 abduction case did happen before though it might not have happen in Singapore but what makes them think that it will not happen here.

  2. Jimmy Page said

    A rumor is defined as “Unverified Content”.

    People tend to believe everything they read and spread it around here. If you do spread it, link the original source. If you don’t have the original source, don’t be so quick to believe it. You’ll be spreading a rumor.

    Let people know if it actually happens. No one said it might not happen here. Parents should always be looking out for their children anyway.

  3. Robin Low said

    When abduction happen, we need to find the kid FAST!, why is it spread rumor?

    If police is incompetent to investigate, then the public can help

  4. Ron Lim said

    The Spore police should hold a press conference, provide factual information about the alleged incidents, the status of investigations, etc. I see that being done in USA, Japan and HK.

    Why is the Spore police only issuing warnings? What the public needs is updates. If a police report has been made, that is a fact and please provide more details to calm people down. Instead they are warning everyone not to spread rumours. This is not about racial or religious sensitive subjects. This is about public safety, the safety of young children.

  5. WhatsUP said

    So where in the FB chat did ALlison said the lady is from PRC?

  6. Lotto said

    Well, I believe you should never spread rumour about anything that can cause trouble.

  7. NWA said

    F**k da Police!

  8. Todd said

    Did I hear this correctly? The Singapore police have asked the public not to spread rumors about the abduction? If I was the mother of this child, I would slam the Singapore police force for being so relaxed about this and I would personally spread it all around cyberspace letting everyone know what happened. I mean really now. What is wrong with them? They are more concerned with causing “alarm” then they are with doing their job like they are paid to do. Oh god forbid if Singaporeans start spreading it around cyberspace and alerting the general public to be more aware of such a thing happening. They just see it as more work for them trying to calm people down. Good on the mother for alerting the public to what happened. If I were her, I wouldn’t stop until they are apprehended.

  9. lost faith in SPF said

    I couldnt find the media release mentioned from SPF website by TR. Assuming TR makes no mistake: is it a “rumour” because the police cannot competently nab the “abductor-to-be” to confirm? or is it a “rumour” because the parent found her child in-time?
    Or does the police expect some parents’ child to be missing for >48hr with ransom demanded (if that is the intention and also the only way to confirm) then the police will realise it is not “rumour”?

    If the police takes this case seriously, i.e. the story is believable by the police, then it should not be just be a “rumour”, rather a worthy case to investigate.
    If the police does not take this seriously and step up their patrol to ensure children safety then they are being casual and not responsive to threat or increased risk! And if they step up their security, should parents be alerted too, which is achieved by the spreading of this incident?

    if it is not a just “rumour”, and the police is calling it a “rumour” and restricting the information propagation, aren’t they oxymoron?
    Is the police over-reacting? if so, do they need training in public communication? what does the new Minister for Home Affairs say about this?

    In whatever case, the alert is commendable to prevent potential realized incident, imho.

  10. sam said

    Is this the best SPF can do? Agree with Ron.

  11. Andy said

    LOL what the SPF should be doing is to provide updates and letting the public know exactly what has been done to safeguard the safety of parents and their kids. Instead they are asking people not to spread rumors. This is hilarious.

  12. Kenny said

    Another case of our “super-efficient” police force… sure, dont spread rumor, sure, dont talk this, dont talk that. Show us result then! First, SMRT, then Buses, now our own SPF also speak like this…..seem like the beginning of the end…..sad….the lion can roar no more….

  13. Another proof that our SPF is hopeless. Waiting for something to happen then do something about it. So for the moment harsh harsh …. don’t talk about it and it may just go away. Please do some real police work instead of harassing the common law abiding citizens who also happen to be victims. Do we need to teach the SPF what to do?

  14. Mr Bean said

    Honestly, i say, prevention is better then cure.
    And with the incompetence way that the Singapore Police Force handles things, i rather not take any chances. Remember the assault case by the 3 expats? 2 years and still unresolved. And how about the ambassador that knocked down those people.. Nothing heard till now? What a joke?

    • Mr Bean said

      And may i mention,
      and when it’s the kid of the policeman that goes missing, lets just see if he would say” lets not spread rumours”..

  15. Prabu said

    Dear fellow Singaporeans for the last 10 years or so we can see how the civil service & policies crafted by the government is favoring foreigners over Singaporeans. There is a sense of double standards as if if you are a foreigner you are automatically a talent, if you are a local Singaporean you are discriminated while jobs, education scholarships etc at our expense is given away to foreigners.

    In recent days the above mentioned just got worst as some foreigners brought crime along to our Singapore. Cases such as the 24 year old PRC who raped a 13 year old girl.

    Now there has been cases of potential kidnap of young children and the police dismissed it by “warning Singaporeans not to spread rumors”

    We need to come together, as many of us in huge numbers, to demand transparency from government, the police, immigration authorities and hold them accountable for the current sad state of events our country is in.

    Come rally with me for “A Rally for Singaporeans”
    Venue: Hong Lim Park
    Date:31st March 2012
    Time: 5pm

    Yours truly,

    PS: If you want to be a speaker or help with this event email me @ or SMS to 92230514

  16. mimi said

    dear spf…

    i cant believe ur that useless.. im a father of two kids.. and try to put urself in a parents shoe.. if ur kid was to be nearly abducted by this stupid human beings, wat wud u do..? i noe.. laugh and say its ok.. no worries.. thats wat ur gonna do.. hope ur kids gets abducted.. den u noe wat is rumours and wat is awareness.. idiots…

  17. OMG82 said

    Time to sweep all these bad blood back to their country. They blame us for leaving s’pore but who dare to continue staying here.

  18. Mh said

    Now nobody is missing, so nothing needs to be done. But if one child goes missing, it’ll be too late.

  19. Wonderlulu said

    Dear police,
    Instead of asking people not to spread rumors while u take yr time to investigate, shouldn’t u be reminding the public to be more vigilant?

    Instead of ‘spreading rumors’ could this not be a better way to notify and remind parents to be on their toes and at the same time have people watch out for the suspects?

    Is it not clear fr the way ‘rumours’ are spread that we are extremely worried not only because there are suspect kidnappers but also our own police force has slapped us in our face with ‘spreading rumors’ statements?

  20. Ter3138 said

    The GOV do not want to offend their “money tree” PRC.

  21. shahreel said

    I think we should just calm down. Perhaps it is the authorities fault for not being convincing enough in a lot of high profile cases until there are a lot of cynical replies in this post.
    I could be wrong, but I will take te rumours that the police ” adviced” the public not to spread are unsubstantiated reports, or add ons if you may. Things that were not in the original report. Hysteria and paranoia can be created this way, such as instead of just being a PRC couple, they could add on saying they were dressed as Ninjas and were actually from Guatemala.
    Please don’t misunderstand me, not making light of situation but we must all remain calm and be logical.
    I am a parent myself and take all necessary precautions when out with kids.
    I will not wait for actual abductions to keep a watchful lookout for my kids.
    Anyway by this time latest news is a Malay girl was abducted at Tampines.. true or false?

  22. jinamich said

    It’s not rumour at all! That AMK case is my son’s classmate’s mother’s friend. Recently, my grandma just reveal to my mother that my cousin encoutner it before when he’s younger(if I didn’t remember wrongly is primary 2 or 3). To ask one, how can one mistaken his/her child with another? I would suggest the victim’s parent(s) or caregiver to challenge the “person who has mistaken”. Observe the facial expression and body language.

    I would suggest the police to ask the victim’s mother personally immediately.

    Of course, the public should not imagine too much and spread idle talk information without finding out the truth. If such false information is spread around, it will cause confusion and we may not be able to nab the culprit or cahoot or the gang.

    It’s the safety of the children of everyone in Singapore that we are concern of. Creating awareness is very important. Educating the public, making sure that parents, caregiver will pay extra attention is also important. We are not panic but we want to protect our young ones. To us, children are always children to us no matter how old they have grown. All of us are human. Being a mother, gone through pregnancy period, I deeply understand the compassion and loving-kindness a parent has for her child.

    Let all of us be brave to face these “people”. Remember to stay calm, steady and carry out every necessary steps should such problem arise.

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