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Goh Meng Seng attacks Chen Show Mao and Nicole Seah in interview with SPH tabloid

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

Embattled former Secretary-General of the National Solidarity Party (NSP) Goh Meng Seng simply does not know how to keep his mouth shut, just like how he cannot stop his itchy fingers from typing rubbish on his blog and the ‘non-sexual’ Sammyboy forum.

After crying foul at the ‘over-reaction’ of netizens peeved by his relentless vicious attacks on the Workers Party, Mr Goh now turn to a lowly free SPH tabloid to vent his anger at his political foes in the opposition camp.

In an ‘exclusive’ interview with the tabloid with a low readership, Mr Goh claimed that Mr Chen is not ‘familiar’ with Singapore as he stayed abroad for too long:

“….he (Chen) is not familiar with various government policies and hence he may find it difficult to say anything with ‘substance’ in parliament.”

He also asked Nicole Seah to ‘control’ herself and learn some ‘self-discipline’:

“She (Nicole) should be more responsible and not treat certain important matters in a frivolous manner…..For example, when I first proposed NSP sending Nicole to contest in the Hougang by-election, she came out to clarify immediately she would not do so. What if NSP decide to send her in the future?”

Throughout the interview, the partyless Mr Goh talked as if he is some ‘veteran’ opposition politician, claiming that he has decided not to join any political parties for now so that he can continue to speak ‘freely’ and ‘objectively’ on local politics without any restraints.

Unfortunately, Mr Goh’s latest attention-seeking antics does not go down too well with netizens who continue to lampoon him for being a ‘PAP stooge’.

Some responses from netizens on Facebook:

“Pls dun get him to keep quiet as he really entertain us by acting like an imbecile. He is better than just for laughs.” – Dominic Ho

“This loser really pathetic!!! Cant keep his mouth shut and an obsessed attention seeker!” – Sidney Lock

“First class idiot. He talks as if he is some veteran opposition politician. But he’s NOT. As Sec Gen of NSP, he sent the most candidates and won nothing, not even a NCMP seat!” – Ishwar Serma


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7 Responses to “Goh Meng Seng attacks Chen Show Mao and Nicole Seah in interview with SPH tabloid”

  1. Is there a vacancy in IMH – Sent him there for observation. Let’s do him this favor before he gets into trouble.

  2. Prataman said

    Move aside Mabok Tan.

    You have just lost your title as the ‘most hated politician’ in Singapore to this idiotic arsehole.

  3. AY said

    Well, freedom of speech ma…. Why The “Editor ” of The Temasek Times putting comment like “GMS simply does not how to keep his mouth shut….” I think this is definitely opposition personal newspaper who only accept comment that attack the government…. boooooo

  4. Nam Qiong said

    With opposition morons like GMS, who needs PAP?

  5. SIaolang. said


  6. Rykel Lim said

    Hi all, Mr Goh is more than just an opposition. He opposes everything and anything as long as he feels that he should do so. I oppose him for doing so and it is ultimately his right to speak up (and reap the consequences of Opposition public anger).

  7. Derp said

    Nicole Seah should leave NSP and join WP.
    With GMS this kind of low calibre leader, he’s not worth following.

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