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Pervert local ‘doctor’ jailed for putting his penis into mouth of 9 year old girl

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

A 55 year old ex-manager Wong Wan Cheong (黄万强) from a Japanese MNC has been sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for molesting seven girls during a six-year period from 2004 to 2010.

The court learnt that Wong was diagnosed with erectile dysfunction in 2002 after which he began fantasizing about molesting young girls to satisfy his sexual fetish.

His ‘modus operandi’ was to pretend to be a doctor and lure unsuspecting girls to be ‘examined’ by him.

In one instance, a 9 year old girl was molested twice by Wong in one day. It was reported that Wong covered her face with a handkerchief before putting his penis into her mouth.

When the innocent girl asked Wong what it is, Wong replied:

“Your teacher will tell you what this (my penis) is when you grow up.”

Later, Wong put on a pair of gloves and insert his finger into the girl’s vagina to fulfill his perverted desires.

In mitigation, Wong said he is truly ‘remorseful’ and beg the judge not to give him a ‘heavy’ sentence.


5 Responses to “Pervert local ‘doctor’ jailed for putting his penis into mouth of 9 year old girl”

  1. PUNISH HIM, no amt of “remorse” that he claims will eradicate the trauma that he has put these lil gals thru

  2. Roughflour said

    what in the world. make his balls malfunction too la please.
    stupid man. his resentment ain’t getting the taste of his penis out of the poor girl’s mouth. disgusting act.

  3. Manegie at FareMount Hospice said

    Judge, the sentence is too light.
    Please tell the prison warden to allow the other inmates to have fetish on the bastard.
    Let him experience the hankerchief treatment while another inmate play doctor.

  4. Sharina said

    Let’s see if he dares to have this sickening thoughts once he is in jail..

  5. Ron Lim said

    This pervert deserves the long jail term. ED is manageable. Sexual perversion can be treated too. His idiotic picture was in the ST.

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