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PRC netizen rants at two elderly Singaporean aunties for cutting his queue at NTUC supermarket

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

Unhappy with two Singaporean aunties who cut his queue at a NTUC supermarket, a PRC netizen vented his anger on the Lion City Forum.

In a thread titled “Why are Singaporean aunties of inferior quality” (新加坡的老太太怎么这么没素质), “1pondo” described his unhappy experience which is not the first time:

[Source: Lion City Forum]

He added sarcastically that the Singaporean aunties are not afraid of ‘choking to death’ by buying so many things in their trolleys.

His thread brought a torrent of comments from fellow PRC netizens, the majority of whom concurred with him that Singaporeans are of ‘inferior quality’.

One netizen wrote:

“The more they lack culture and quality, the more they look down on outsiders.”


Another chipped in:

“Why didn’t they meet me? I won’t let them off.”


“Dawing” described Singaporean elderly women as ‘disgusting’:

“I also share the same sentiment that Singaporean elderly women are most disgusting and always despise others especially those from small shops or selling drinks.”

(我也有同感 新加坡的老太太最恶心的 超级变态 狗眼看人低 特别是一些小卖店的 或者卖水的。。。。)

It is not known if ‘1pondo’ is a Singapore PR and new citizen. With the continued influx of large number of PRC immigrants into Singapore, such everyday conflicts are likely to rise in the future.


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11 Responses to “PRC netizen rants at two elderly Singaporean aunties for cutting his queue at NTUC supermarket”

  1. I will asked and tell all imported citizens to be tolerant to our natives especially the elders and show respect and be grateful to the land that have adopted them. If they think that the natives is not right, please by all means be polite enough to inform of their wrong doings, we will all appreciated it, but will not never tolerate any bad influences brought in to our Country by them.

  2. Sam said


    is a jap uncensored porn site

  3. metada123 said

    i don’t believe this accusation. this person must have done something to provoke them.

  4. metada123 said

    i don’t believe this person. he/she must have provoked the old ladies. we aren’t as crazy as some prc who drive the taxi and kill people and claim insanity. LIAR!

  5. BH said

    Respect for elders is one thing, but respect for others – even if one is an elder – is another. I think queueing is a basic form of respect, and I would be pretty upset if two elderly aunties of any nationality (or anyone for that matter) were to cut my queue.

    Some of older generation take it for granted that, because of their age, and hence “acquired wisdom”, they have the right to do things their way regardless of how it affects the people around. I strongly dislike these kind of people and have absolutely no respect for them; I care not if they are 50, 60 or 70 years older then me.

    I wouldn’t say I completely support what the PRCs did, but I definitely do not agree with the actions of the two aunties. And while I would stand firmly in the Singaporean camp with some of the bad PRC habits, I don’t think this is the best example of the conflict between PRCs and the local people.

  6. Peggy said

    Excuse me, I have seen more situations of PRCs cutting queues. Worse, doing that in other people’s country. GTFO please. Why aren’t the govt taking any actions, but letting them scotfree instead? Is this even one nation, one people, one Singapore?! Own people suffering, PRCs continue to hurt us, and? WE LET THEM CONTINUE?! BITCH PLEASE. They should be banned.

  7. no matter if its p or singaporean, i think cutting queue is not right. but somehow, i and my friend once go ntuc and while queuing we realize we forgot something. when my friend return with the forgotten items. people behind said that we were cutting queue. which i dun think we are.we are not adding to the length of the queue by having all 10 of us queuing together.

  8. Prabu said

    Dear fellow Singaporeans for the last 10 years or so we can see how the civil service & policies crafted by the government is favoring foreigners over Singaporeans. There is a sense of double standards as if if you are a foreigner you are automatically a talent, if you are a local Singaporean you are discriminated while jobs, education scholarships etc at our expense is given away to foreigners.

    In recent days the above mentioned just got worst as some foreigners brought crime along to our Singapore. Cases such as the 24 year old PRC who raped a 13 year old girl.

    Now there has been cases of potential kidnap of young children and the police dismissed it by “warning Singaporeans not to spread rumors”

    We need to come together, as many of us in huge numbers, to demand transparency from government, the police, immigration authorities and hold them accountable for the current sad state of events our country is in.

    Come rally with me for “A Rally for Singaporeans”
    Venue: Hong Lim Park
    Date:31st March 2012
    Time: 5pm

    Yours truly,

    PS: If you want to be a speaker or help with this event email me @ or SMS to 92230514

  9. candy girlz said

    OH PLEASE, PEOPLE, You think those PRC are any better, they stand IN FRONT OF MRT DOOR, before the train arrive, not just one, a group of them. if there is a place where we can complain about PRC and their behavour, please let us know, just because they are complain about on a forum, why can’t we, as a Singaporean been bully by a PRC in Singapore is unacceptable.

  10. jade said

    Any who can read chinese will know the translation is wrong… Instead of this translation :

    He added sarcastically that the Singaporean aunties are not afraid of ‘choking to death’ by buying so many things in their trolleys.

    The person actually meant that it was the old ladies who had actually said that ” They are not afraid of being stuffed to death by comsuming a cartfull of items…” While cutting into their queue…

    I am a singaporean, i had seem many prc, good or bad. I sincerly hope that people will realise there are certainly good and bad people in a society, and frankly speaking, NOT all singaporeans are good people too. That, of course is directed at myself. (For being a kaypo.)

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