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PRC technician Yuan Zhenghua to be remanded at IMH for evaluation of ‘mental status’

Posted by temasektimes on March 24, 2012

Thirty year old PRC technician Yuan Zhenghua (袁振华) who allegedly caused a fatal accident at the Budget Terminal last Saturday will be remanded at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) to evaluate his ‘mental state’.

Yuan was charged in court on Friday with “dangerous driving causing death, driving without a valid licence and driving the cab without valid insurance policy.” He appeared to be ‘calm’ when the charges were read to him in court.

All the sentences for the above offences carry a maximum penalty of a jail term between three months and five years only. Yuan was already charged with ‘voluntarily causing hurt in robbery’ which could see him jailed for up to 20 years and at least 12 strokes of cane.

The prosecution has requested Yuan to be remanded for further assessment of his mental condition and the trial will begin on 5 April next month.


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2 Responses to “PRC technician Yuan Zhenghua to be remanded at IMH for evaluation of ‘mental status’”

  1. lsvop said

    If the Drs find him insane, our tax dollar will be used to feed him for a long time. They can remand him at IMH and throw away the key if they want.

  2. Prabu said

    Dear fellow Singaporeans for the last 10 years or so we can see how the civil service & policies crafted by the government is favoring foreigners over Singaporeans. There is a sense of double standards as if if you are a foreigner you are automatically a talent, if you are a local Singaporean you are discriminated while jobs, education scholarships etc at our expense is given away to foreigners.

    In recent days the above mentioned just got worst as some foreigners brought crime along to our Singapore. Cases such as the 24 year old PRC who raped a 13 year old girl.

    Now there has been cases of potential kidnap of young children and the police dismissed it by “warning Singaporeans not to spread rumors”

    We need to come together, as many of us in huge numbers, to demand transparency from government, the police, immigration authorities and hold them accountable for the current sad state of events our country is in.

    Come rally with me for “A Rally for Singaporeans”
    Venue: Hong Lim Park
    Date:31st March 2012
    Time: 5pm

    Yours truly,

    PS: If you want to be a speaker or help with this event email me @ or SMS to 92230514

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