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VIDEO: Six youths whacked Singaporean uncle till he concussed outside Orchard Towers!

Posted by temasektimes on March 25, 2012

A fight broke out outside Orchard Towers last night when one Singaporean uncle in his 40s was brutally bashed up by a group of youths!

According to a netizen who witnessed the scene, the uncle who appeared to drive a Ferrari almost knocked down a young man when he was  running across a zebra posting.

The young man then pointed his middle finger at the uncle and started huring vulgarities at him:

“Lxx Jxxx!! Lxx Jxxx Ferrari!”

The uncle got out of his car, walked towards the young punk and threw a punch at him. What began as a one-to-one fight turned out to be six men against one as others joined in to wallop the uncle.

At least seven young men were seen punching the uncle and kicking him after he fell down till he lied motionlessly on the ground in front of a group of spectators who had gathered to watch the scene.

As the netizen continued filming, one of the men walked up to him and shouted:

“Delete your fxxking phone!”

Watch the shocking video below:

Some responses from Hardwarezone forumers:

“lolx. uncle tot that guy one person chio him fight. In the end, the whole group showed up and uncle tio whacked” – sanloi

“jio 1 on 1, if the guy loosing u see his fren all come in help..really knn one. really need a fight club.” – travirgi

“Fierce but is it the uncle nv stop at zebra crossing give way” – xiaobearbear


104 Responses to “VIDEO: Six youths whacked Singaporean uncle till he concussed outside Orchard Towers!”

  1. Ken Lee said

    Ferrari uncle wrong! but whacked him up also wrong!
    the zebra is crossing! so slow down!
    also hit people some more ya ya! got money not always can win!
    try to show off he can but end up very can lie down ! he should have just apologize, even the young man scold him! the uncle start the fight first, what he did just trigger the crowd to whacked him up only!
    “Delete your fxxking phone!”
    bros no it really show who start the fight first!

    • Ken Lee said

      really make a lot of people fed up and whacked him up! if i they i may jump at the uncle! hee i uncle also!!

    • TitanGS said

      ken lee i agree with you. both are at fault. but no matter how angry we are at one another, the bigger man is able to forgive. they behave like petty girls who any how throw their tantrums around. they should grow some balls and be a gentleman and start forgiving. both do not have mature and responsible behaviors. i expected more from the uncle though. tsk tsk..

    • ACZH said

      Actually it’s not the uncles fault.. It’s because the malay guy ran across the road and the uncle did not see him, but he managed to stop in time and that guy just pointed a middle finger and shouted vulgarities at him that’s y the uncle cannot take it… If u are the uncle u also will not be happy if u were shouted vulgarities at and pointed by a middle finger when u saw someone just suddenly ran across and u stop in time right??? But still both also got wrong… So anger always kills all…

      • Sythmimzy said

        ACZH: the malay guy got run across the road meh? while holding the gf hands? you think this was some music video clip? and if the guy was running (even so in a rush), why did the ferari stopped halfway in the middle of the zebra crossing.. if i was the ferari driver, once i drove past a zebra crossing (got pedestrian or not), i would keep on driving and never look back. but this stupid uncle stopped in the middle. obviously the uncle thought his $$ and car so big that he can stop and provoke other ppl anyhow..

    • ACZH said

      *Actually it’s not completely the uncle’s fault…

  2. spencer said

    this uncle deserved to be punched
    too bad he is not dead

  3. Jason said

    this uncle came back to find trouble? kinda deserves it though the young men a criminal act.

  4. hello_Girls said

    You sure? It seem like something happened before hand as you can see the uncle picking up a guy in red behind the Ferrari. Something else happened before hand.

  5. melvin said

    catch all and let them fight in the cage …think is gng to be held in the indoor stadium or the UFC

  6. This guy deserve to get wacked after watching the video. Serve him right because by the look he is very ‘HOW LIAN” and thought he is driving a car, whether belongs to him or not.
    The young man is with a girl friend when this howlian guy started first to hit the young man, seve him right.

  7. Raymond Chua said

    Kids being kids.. No balls to fight alone. Useless

  8. haizz said

    no balls to fight one on one with an old uncle lol

  9. exsg said

    being agressive.. is this even necessary?

  10. OAH said

    Frankly, I think the guy in the Ferrari is a ‘hao lian’ and deserved the beating he got.

    1. He nearly knocked down the young guy at a zebra crossing.
    2. Instead of being sorry about it, he came out of his car and became aggressive towards the young guy.
    3. He threw the first punch at the young guy when the young guy’s girlfriend was trying to pull him away.
    4. I don’t think that those who joined in the beating of this ‘hao lian’ was a part of the gang. Noticed that the young guy was alone with his girlfriend at first…
    5. The others who joined in the fight later were probably pisssed off by the behaviour of the’ Ferrari owner, so they joined in the beating to ‘teach him a lesson’ not to be a ‘hao lian’ just b’cos he owns a Ferrari.

    This is a case of “Just because you own a Ferrari does not mean you own the road and can beat anybody up when they cross your path”.

    • Sha Huss said

      I agree with some point, but considering, this is Orchard Towers, a place very well known of gangsterism…etc, some people purposely pick a fight when they are in groups, both party are at wrong, but the uncle started the punching first, in any event, those who started the fight will always be liable, though, we do not know, the uncle might be one of the “Headman” or some member of a Society etc…True enough, the car might not be his nor the punches thrown at him, but beware, the uncle might return and find the guys behind the attacks, all in all, aggression is not tolerated here in Singapore, so, if the uncle returns, things will get nasty, be prepared for your own actions..

  11. […] […]

  12. Asus guy said

    Most likely some foreigners or PRs involved. Ten years ago, such things seldom happened.
    *sigh* more social problems.

    • ASUSDUMB! said

      dont be joke! cant you see all of them are singaporean? u blind? stupid?or dumb? what;s the problem with foreigners?!

    • Liz Schurmann said

      Stop the foreigner bashing please? Not all behave badly. If you ask me, more & more Singaporeans are picking fights & behaving badly….I am a Singaporean myself & I will never resort to violence that way. Goes to show proper parental upbringing is at an all time low!

  13. ian said

    lol..stupid uncle. he know the guy got friends there already still wanna jio 1v1.

  14. Agus said

    Hahaha… Stupid rich guy asking for it..

  15. humblefighter. said

    Haiz… What has our societies become? The young ones are hooligans, beating one drunk man. Such a shame that those young punks are of e same ethnicity as me. 6 against 1… Pathetic. Some things never change.

    • Sheena said

      Are you sure he’s a drunk man? Then all the more he deserved it, he shouldn’t be driving in the first place. Could have been a hit and run, what with the speed the car could go to.

  16. How do you classified as uncle? Y not be more objective and headline it
    “Six Youth beats up a FERRARI Driver” ?

  17. angel rain said

    uncle so yaya papaya..think he drive luxurious car big F*** serve him right. i myself encounter afew time when pple drive luxurious car think highly of themselves.

  18. Phee said

    the guy and his friends are losing la…. fucker…

  19. Cks said

    now the uncle really need valet parking liao….. Ferrari lanjiaooooooo

  20. A said

    If wan, 1 by 1 la… Nnb. Bo Ji

  21. spotlessleopard said

    This is just the tip of the ICEBERG of the social divide in Singapore……..this is a manifestation of the the suppressed anger of the way Singapore neglect of the Societal’s yawning divide…..and it is getting worse everyday….and the conceited, conemptous attitude of the Rich towards the underclass in Singapore…..

    If the Political Leaders do not take heed….more of such incidences will paly itself out…..

    • Rykel Lim said

      This is EXACTLY right. We will soon see a MAJOR tragedy IF our 60.1% pro-PAP uncles and aunties still do not vote for the Opposition to repeal some of the PAP policies and procedures which are decadent. (eg. How do we feel when Sun Xu is let off with just a warning?!) It is how we FEEL about BEING SINGAPOREAN that will result in what society becomes – a nation proud and hardworking OR a mess of drunkenness and violence. For the sake of our children, VOTE FOR OPPOSITION. If you can run as an Opposition candidate, please do so for us. (watch THE LADY [Ang San Suu Kyi] first!) If I ever have the chance to run as Opposition candidate, vote for me too. Majulah Singapura.

  22. joe said

    uncle hao lian. service him right. that place is orchard tower. not singapore golf club. dont say “lai” when u dunno where u’re standing.

  23. Ron Lim said

    Yawn…nothing new. Why get out of your car? Just ignore the taunts. Give a smile, a wave and move on.

    Why invite trouble? Once a fight starts one never knows how it will end. This fella could have been killed.

  24. Sad.. said

    What kind of values? what kind of society Singapore has become under the money face only PAP government?

  25. xiao ke ai said

    Never understimate youth….. Uncle u think u rich, there’s no law ah?

    • Darth said

      You are lucky you never mess with the wrong ‘uncle’… Next time try me!!!

      • Tellurian said

        Mr Darth. Don’t be juvenile. You may be the right uncle (victim) of a mob assault. Put your head to good use. Violence begets violence. You may want to take your thick helmet off observe what is at play here. It is VIOLENCE in every aspect of the word. Hope this is useful.

  26. Zaisparko said

    Lol seems to me like the rest were helpful passer-bys giving the uncle some free thrashing 🙂

  27. nachtebuch said

    Let’s see. So this guy was filming the thing happily … instead of calling the police?

    Good job. I have -so- much faith in people. So much.

    • Mamat said

      Sometimes people like u just cant think… U can look down on us whatever means, chinese b****** are filthy rich because they have no restriction n limit in their religion… Chinese salesman- lie n lie n lie…
      Chinese businessman- backstabb n backstab
      Chinese hp and car dealer- con man
      That makes u so powerful in these earth, u cheats on people money. We islam cant do all these thing… We may suffer in the mother of earth.. But we will have glory afterworld… So u chinese b******, better convert to muslim… Hahahaha…. Stupid chinese… Fag punye orang…

      • Darth said

        Bullshit!!! You guys rape, drug, steal, not forgetting drinking alcohol, etc.

        Go Abu Dhabi and I bet 100% you cannot survive there!!! Our Islam laws here are too lienent!!!

      • ASUSDUMB! said

        ANOTHER YALAM!! is because u all stupid! cant even think of method to earn money! the only method is to steal, rob and in the end get into the jail~ le SIGH!

      • Tellurian said

        Hello again Mr Darth. You should not get your knickers twisted so easily and blame the entire race of people whom you assumed are responsible for all the ills in world. Let me be blunt. Do you blame your race if a member of your clan commits murder, rape, adultery, or some form of white collar crime? When you spit skywards, be prepared to have them fall on your face. Grow up and learn to be a good human being. Amithaba.

      • Tellurian said

        Mamat, grow up and learn to live in the present. You have serious issues, I think. You, Mr Darth and Asusdumb are peas from the same pod.

      • avenger said

        Mr Mamat,nope,childish mamat,

        pls learn how to respect people and respect all races,ppl like you how to live in glory after life or there may not have.
        like what tellurian say is right,you have a serious issue,use your brain to learn and see more things in the society and do something meaning to the society to make your religious,race prouud,not just come here shout who cheat you con you lie you and backstab you,every business is in terms of profit, to set up careers opportunity,not just cook a fish and eat the fish for 3 meals with ur family, think far and big.
        after so much i really doubt you understand….halz, go eat ur fish, thks

      • Empress Mich said

        Hello Mr Tellurian and Mr Mamat,

        Guess the reason of your existence is the reason of the “no world peace” around.
        People like you should use ur upper brain to think and not your lower one. Thought man typically have “2” brains.
        So please for Christ sake. Grow up.

      • Tellurian said

        Good morning Empress Mich
        It is unfortunate that you have uttered those mindless, careless words. It is even more unfortunate that you even exist in Singapore. You are arrogant, bigoted and of not very bright. You most definitely need to” use your upper brain”. And what’s with ‘for Christ sake’? Shame on you for evoking his good name for your bigoted purpose. Have a good day Empress!

      • Antipode said

        Empress Mich, have you not noticed that Mamat, Darth and your good self are indisputably related by way of ignorance, bigotry, arrogance, and self righteousness? I would like to assume that you are not. I would also like to assume that you have been brought up well and educated by the best teachers in subjects other than reading, writing and arithmetic. I can sense that you have not had much exposure to seeing, thinking, analyzing, and contextualizing. I may be wrong. Empress, do be mindful that someday you may not be in a position to look after yourself and may require assistance. Guess what? The person looking after you may be the people whom you have prejudiced. They are all imperfect in your jaundiced eyes and thoughts. Look after yourself, your highness.

  28. Sporean said

    Deprieved Mat started it out. He cld critise the driver if he did not give way. wats the “Lan Jiao La Ferrari” for? You jealous? Can’t afford? Go work for it then.
    Alone don’t dare start fight. Friends all join in than u throw punch. Damn loser you are. Don’t blame the Chinese for looking down all you Malays.
    1) Eye-Sore
    2) No Ballz

    Haiz Melayu Melayu.

    • Nomre said

      Y r u looking down on ethnics… I drive one too. Its a matter of attitude of the driver who in built a bad driving habit n aggressive egoist try to be king of Road!! Watch what u said n don look down on any ethnics.

    • Peylat said

      Rich ppl always like this what. Like fuck!! Nbcb!! Don’t dare fight alone??? Hahahaha. Are you blind or what. The uncle jio him. Not don’t dare. Get the facts right, okay !! Next time don’t anyhow jio lah. See the video properly pls! Don’t anyhow say, okay.

  29. Sporean said

    And btw, cameraman. Well done. Nice video uploaded. The police will very soon track down and pin down these street lurking juvenile delinquents.
    They shld kena like the Taiwanese Star Makiyo’s kind of sentence.

  30. Tofu said

    Seriously i think the ferarri driver deserved to be beaten up…i myself drive a luxury car…but u dun see me flaunting my car, driving onto pedestrian crossing or act high and mighty…the way he dive is like as though he owns the entire road….and after mounting up on the pedestrian crossing…instead of just keeping quiet and move on his way after being scolded by the youth…he still have the cheeks to come down and challenge the youth…after looking thru the video many times…i realize he is the one who provokes the youth into charging at him and also the person to throw the first punch….he is so lucky he got away with just a few punches thrown onto him….scumbags like him should really be roughen up to teach him a good lesson that driving a luxury car does not means u own the entire road….LEARN TO RESPECT OTHERS AND OTHERS WILL RESPECT U….

    • Talx Cocx sing song said

      Tofu, I can feel from your mentality you don’t belong to the standard yet… haha… what kind of Car do you call Luxury? I alway been provokes by Masxrati Quotxxxxx, Hondx Euro R, Porcxxx GT, Barusu WRX STI, Nissxx GTR, Audx S5, Bmx 650i before….. Yes, I don’t own the entire road just to show them What a REAL sport car can do!!!!! Just to Educate Them!!!!!! hahahaha………….

  31. alvin said

    More police should be deployed around places like Orchard Tower. If the group of six were more violent, it could have cost his life(Uncle). And in the end few young men going to jail and man with Ferrari died for trying to be hero.

  32. Steady lah said

    First thing first, thumbs up to the cameraman for taking the effort to video and upload.
    I believe you are taking the media as a voice for Justice.
    Yes, you could have called the police, but i think, your response to this criminal act by recording it as an evidence is vital as well.
    Great Job there huh.

    For the Ferrari owner, he seems somewhat a little intoxicated by maybe alcohol or what.
    Not that we can confirm but the way i look at his reaction satisfy me to say so.
    Usually, for man of his achievement, in sober state, im sure he will just laugh it off and drive away.

    For the delinquents, a big number of us here, may well behave like that in the past, during that age.
    Looking at your friend got so called “bullied”.
    Somehow, the hero in your decided to stand up for your friend and be a friend indeed when your friend in need. (in their context of course!)

    Well, the kiddos seems spoilt for a fight but what dissapoint me was the Ferrari gentleman.
    He should’nt have got out of his car.
    Easier said than done.
    Im one, guilty of road rage sometimes.
    Its weird.
    There are like this “demon” which overcome anybody behind the wheels.

    For the kiddos, prepare your dough to compensate the ferrari Gentleman.
    Look at his car, guys.
    And now, imagine his financial appetite if you are thinking of compensation.

    BUT, if i were him, i will sue u guys till your pants drop.
    Your balls shrink and your penis emolate by itself.

    Not that i am on the old man side, but 6 v 1 is not cool.

    Fuck the malay chinese thingy.
    Fuck racism.
    We are singaporean.
    Cmon people!

    Btw, melayu, melayu. Macam maner nak maju. Takkan sikit pun tak boleh angkat sampai nak mengamuk?
    Bahasa menunjukkan bangsa. Harap semua akan dapat memperlajari dari episode ini dan tonjjolkanlah image melayu yang baik.


    • Rykel Lim said

      We are all Singaporeans, regardless of race/language/religion. If we fight among ourselves, we have no one to blame but ourselves when foreign powers “assist” us against ourselves and then entrench themselves into our country. Just look at Lebanon back then and now, and you will know what I mean. Majulah Singapura. May Singaporeans be ONE.

      • erotomania said

        I totally agree with you, rykel.. we have a bigger issue at hand. Enough of this racism shit. We need to stand as one – chinese, malay, indians, eurasians.. we need to claim back what is rightfully ours. Otherwise, soon enough we will see other “faces” appearing in our national day ads and posters…

    • Wat siaa! said

      I agree wif bro..sum people jus cant stand up 4 em’self..wat a big deal..jus a middle fingger…been pointed..jus point back…noting happen anyway..if sumting happen tat will be a different story…

      For the racism part..wat an’arse…tis story notin to do about malay or chinese..get a life dude…or u be there always…


  33. Kel said

    The driver is the one in orange shirt? The white shirt uncle is a bystander that help when the orange shirt guy got beaten up?

  34. Someone said

    even though the uncle is wrong, the six youths all went up to bash him together is so not right please.
    At least respect an elder! Imagine your own father getting bashed up in this kind of scenario. Morons

  35. anonymous said

    The uncle was wrong at first. But then after the groups came. My point of view has
    changed. 7 on 1 is pure bullshit

    • Gladiator said

      I agree, The Ferrari driver looked either drunk or intoxicated, he was wrong but not a reason to jump on him in five and kick him when he was down on the footpath. He probably started it but what happened after was totally wrong and it should be punished

  36. LoserTT_Wordpess said

    all parties involved are just too stupid or violent.. hai..

    oh btw to “Asus guy”, what the hell this got to do with foreigners or PRs? this kind of things happen all alot even within Singaporean. Is just that they kind of stuff involved are mainly those gangster or crazy pple.

    please dont be as stupid and think u r smart.. “Asus Guy”

  37. anonymous said

    And no I’m not Malay Chinese or Indian. I am a Singaporean. So stop saying bad things about others. LEARN TO BE ONE. I want peace and harmony.

  38. Thames said

    Uncle deserve it.
    Don’t think that driving a Ferrari allow you to disobey traffic rule. The young guy have the right to point finger at him, cos it matter of live and death if the uncle never stop in time, uncle still want to come out to 1 on 1 so naive.

    Sometime, I really think that those driving sport car driver need to reflect on themselves, of the really think they are go racer go F1. Don’t speed on public road, cos the moment the next guy knocked down by you will make a loss to their family.

    Don’t alway think that you are rich and can do anything you want. You can’t pay back a life!

  39. Darth said

    KNN… Losers! 6 from behind come up attack one; no matter how pai kia e driver is, e young punks no guts!!!
    If I were him, I will not back down. Forward also fight, backward also fight… I will rather aim one and being him down together!!!
    Next time when this happens to me I will know what to do, ALL THE WAY fight quest style!!!

  40. Young Men Were Wrong said

    The video starts off with a white shirt young man running away from the Ferrari driver. Then the driver started pointing his finger at the grey shirt young man with his girlfriend. Finally, the grey shirt started the first assault by hitting out at the uncle, NOT the other way round. So, while the uncle was arrogant, the youngsters committed the first offense.

    • Jeffrey Chiang said

      What seems to be the gf looks like a mother to me.. And the youth looks big and mature, maybe that’s why he dares for a fight. The thought that goes throught these people’s mind. Get a life and do something good, sissies n samsengs!!!

  41. Ron Lim said

    This Ferrari driver deserved the beating he got. He got out of the car and instigated the fight as the video clearly showed. He gestured, moved towards the youth and threw the first punch. He needs to be charged in Court for dangerous driving, have his license suspended perhaps caned for starting a fight.

    What happened after that was typical escalation of a street fight. I do not condone the fight either but then when people gets angry, do not expect a lot of control especially after some drinks. And the girlfriend was trying to pull the guy away. So, there was commonsense exhibited.

    The idiot is lucky. If this was Los Angeles, he would have been stabbed or shot. If this was certain parts of London, his car would have been smashed or burnt. Spore has not gone to extremes.

    The police should arrest this driver first. The youths need to be give a stern warning to not get into trouble further. The driver could have knocked down the youth, maim him for life and may even kill him. And he would have hired the best lawyer to mitigate his offence then.

    • StupidRon said

      Another Brainless Idiot.. you half chinese or not chinese at all??

      • Tellurian said

        Your question about Ron Lim’s race smacks of racism. Shame on you! I would like to assume that you are a decent and intelligent fellow. I implore you to read Ron Lim’s comment and try to understand the gist of his contribution. Hope this is useful.

      • Ron Lim said

        StupidRon… you gave yourself the name Stupid…

        Of course I am Chinese, 100% Chinese. This incident has nothing to do with race. The driver is wrong, absolutely wrong and should be charged for dangerous driving and inciting violence. Watch the video before getting so hot-headed. Unless you are related to the driver and trying to attack me because I am against the deplorable attitude of the driver.

        It also does not matter whether he drove a Ferrari or a tiny Suzuki. It is about reckless, dangerous driving that endangered someone’s life. That he got bashed up was a consequence of his own folly. He started it and he deserved what he got.

  42. dog of the dogs said

    The boys were not just Malays, some of them were Chinese and Indian ??

  43. Ignorance said

    “The uncle got out of his car, walked towards the young punk and threw a punch at him.”

    Misleading article. Watch the video again and you will see the uncle walked down from the stairs and not out of the car.

  44. Sporean said

    Thames: u can’t kill at a short road on a zebra crossing. His car can’t even reach 30km/hr after that turn out from the carpark.
    Brains please.

  45. Wakjohn said

    Dont mess with malays.

  46. Jeffrey Chiang said

    Sissies and samsengs in a developed country. Bunch of retards. Youths punches like sissies and bloody samseng uncle threaten people like he’s a big taiko. Really kiasi n kiasu retards.

  47. Remy Satria said

    To all Luxurious car driver, please be more considerate when driving your car don’t show off. See what happen if the youth were knocked down. Partly is your fault. You deserved that Bashed Up.

  48. TRW said

    Think there is only 1 Novitec F430 in SG which so happened to be on cool local site few months ago.

  49. Jmm Limm said

    Too early to speculate that the ‘uncle’ is the driver. Ok my speculation … at 0:10, ‘uncle’ picked up man in red who appeared to be hurt. This man in red might be the driver instead and might have been assaulted by the young lad and his friend (the one whose face had a clear frontal shot at 1:02) earlier – the ‘uncle’ may be just a passerby. At 0:21, young lad landed first blow when ‘uncle’ raised his fist, I think ‘uncle’ might be thinking of throwing a punch first but was too slow … (he should not advance with such aggression too – inviting a fight). At 0:37, ‘uncle’ found himself outnumbered and tried to stop the fight but the gang found ‘strength in numbers’ and started their violent assault (police can classify that as rioting/assault). ‘Uncle’ appeared drunk or could be unsteady after the good jab into his face earlier, the gang of young lads certainly did not look like they were drunk. Later you will see the man in red trying to help but was restrained by friends of the gang. Both parties were foolish but I think the gang will face harsher charges not because of their race but because of the manner they attacked the ‘uncle’, acting like a gang and were quite vicious in the manner they went in for the ‘kill’. I may be wrong … SPF’s job to investigate …

  50. Jmm Limm said

    It is daunting to find commenters who think that violence is right … even if a driver almost knock into you, you have no rights to assault him unless you are ready to be charged for assault under law. Should be focusing on the undesirable behaviour of both sides rather than the race/age/class. Cannot imagine everyone in the world resorting to violence to solve every conflict …

  51. Ron Lim said

    Years ago, the Courts were lenient on road rage. One day a taxi driver got punched on his nose by a father and son. I wrote to the Straits Times my disgust. Subsequently the Courts started to mete out stronger punishment.

    Now the Courts will impose mandatory jail sentences on road rage. This was road rage… caused by the driver and aggravated by the driver. He is the one that needs to go to jail. For those who bashed him, the judge will decide on the appropriate punishment .

    In street fights, the mitigation is who started it first. Even when someone got killed, it had seldom led to life imprisonment. Lesson: Do not start a quarrel or a fight.

  52. Pk said

    This is the first time I see a Chinese being beaten up by Malays and line it very much!!! Well done ah bang!

  53. Alfie said

    1) When on the road right or wrong always apologise…
    Put yourself on both sides of the situation and you will know what I’m getting at.
    We are human beings
    , apologise,
    walk away,
    winners are always that way….

  54. Alfie said

    Please do not punch half heartedly…
    Make sure the first if not then 2nd punch he dies.(If you cannot don’t).
    Keep your hands to yourself and remain peaceful.

  55. Bin said

    @ PK: are you trying to start a racial dispute?

  56. lee said

    people that drive ferrari should show more grace on the road when their car is so powerful. especially on small road, they should take extra care. Y rev your way to show off? the uncle deserves it, he don’t deserved to be driving a car like this. not the class that he can uphold. he’s simply an ah beng thinking he is rich and owns the whole road for himself. hope this can be a msg to all car owners who drives expensive car.. u r just another road user, likewise to the china made chery owner.

  57. kiev said

    any where to see this this video…!

    • Alfie said

      Just type:
      a) You tube and then at You Tube
      b) just time Orchard TowersFights
      ps Quite Entertaining…..Driver was definitely in the pedestrian Crossing.

  58. ilove to steal ferriris said

    who drove the car away?

    • Alfie said

      The group should have carried the KO guy into his car, drive him to Changi Hospital (furthest one from OTowers…and then tell the SPF there were delays in all the hospitals…they could have tried Mt. E first…then go all arond the nearby hospitals and end up at Changi Hospital..Re:Waiting time was way way too long for a non A&E case….Off course go by Coastal Road…get some makan for him at Changi village) place it by him get him registered and put the food and some drinks for him when he awakes for he would be hungry and thirsty when ever visiting the hospital.They could also fill his car up either a Ferrari or BMW( cos isn’t it 1 or 1.5 lit. to a km of petrol?
      Get the Hp cinematographer to go along with them and with the help of the SPF ask them if they would want to use it for CRIMEWATCH or THE NOOSE.They could all be in the new episode of ROADWORKS AHEAD after this weeks finale of THE NOOSE….
      By the way guys get MP Mr. K Shanmugam(Law Minister) he is senior council you guys will sure get a good deal….He is one of the best if not Subash Anandan.
      I would say the young damsel who pulled her boyfriend away was the Good samaritan,she was the LAW….if everybody just paused and see what she was doing she was the only one trying to bring the whole situation to a peaceful moment…..I would give her $100 at that very moment for being the peacemaker.

  59. Sifu.. said

    Your truth, My truth & THE truth…..

    VIOLENCE is Never a solution… It’s just a big part of our lives

    Watched the Video feel sorry for the “Ferrari Uncle” …
    But I think that he asked for trouble

    • Obama said

      No need to feel sorry for anyone who owns a Ferrari.

      If got so much money to buy Ferrari to play, why not donate the money to the poor and the needy ??

      Buy Ferrari to show off. Fu(K YOU to all Ferrari, Porshe, Lumbogini owners !

  60. PLR ebooks said

    PLR ebooks…

    […]VIDEO: Six youths whacked Singaporean uncle till he concussed outside Orchard Towers! « THE TEMASEK TIMES[…]…

  61. RU YI Gee said

    That’s show , you need to learn to be patience and talk nicely ,money is not big but friendly is important.

  62. ZxcWhoDespisePRC said

    Come la knn uncle deliver 1st punch asking for trouble. He never stop at zebra crossing alr his fault. Then he wanna come out knn that guy asking for problem and then he punch first smore. His friends stood by diamdiam only then the uncle step big fk wanna kio that boi. He deserve it sia cb uncle. if i was there i myself will jump on that fking uncle. z

    • Obama said

      Same here, if I was there I will join in and give a good su(ker punch on that Ferrari owning rich $cumbag. I will also take his wallet and watch.

      • Sporean said

        If ferrari owner is a scumbag, wat r u?

        “i will punch him and take away his wallet and watch” —> so if he is a scumbag, r u a piece of thrash by doing this? Deprived, jealoused, low-life, eye-sored, dispicable piece of thrash?

  63. Ian Tan said

    I think the ferrari owner is very gangster behaviour. challenge youth to fight. of course the youth with nothing in his life or to his name will stand up for his rights at the zebra crossing and fight.

  64. Obama said

    Ferrari Rich scumb@g got what he deserves.

    These guys should have stick a knief in him.

  65. Obama said

    I wish the gang had drag him into his Ferrari and beat the cr@p out of him inside his Ferrari.
    So that the next time he gets into his Fu(king Ferrari, he is reminded of the beating he took inside it.

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