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Police report lodged against NYP student Lai Shimun for posting racist remarks on Twitter

Posted by temasektimes on March 26, 2012

A police report has been lodged against Nanyang Polytechnic student Lai Shimun for posting ‘racist’ remarks on Twitter which has since gone viral in cyberspace:

[Source: Lai Shimun’s Twitter]

Ms Lai is currently pursuing a diploma in Radiotherapy at Nanyang Polytechnic. Though she has removed the tweet, it has been widely circulated on social media, prompting one angry Singaporean to lodge a complaint to her polytechnic and to the police as well:

[Source: Naidu’s Facebook]

In 2008, a blogger was arrested and subsequently jailed for posting a similar racist remark on his blog:

“There he sat, unaffected by his surroundings, smelling like he didn’t showered (sic) in years and wore some really scary dirty clothes,” he wrote before proceeding to make “offensive” comments about the man’s race.

The new controversy was ignited hours barely after NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu was let off with a warning and fine for posting offensive remarks on there ‘being more dogs than humans in Singapore.’

As Ms Lai is NOT a MOE PRC scholar, she is unlikely to get away with simply a ‘counseling session’ and a fine for her online misdemeanor.


59 Responses to “Police report lodged against NYP student Lai Shimun for posting racist remarks on Twitter”

  1. Ken Lee said

    Singaporean?? that’s it sack and jail!!

    • ohgodwhy said

      oO.. singaporean no counseling session, straight eat jail rice 😦

      • Raju said

        hey i’ve eaten jail singapore jail rice, quite tasty, esp if got curry or that lettuce soupy thingy, Shiok sia!… except for the tiny stones in the rice… abit annoying

  2. Sashaqueenie said

    Singaporean? Council and give a warning. Charity begins at home!

  3. thecakeisalie said

    Im guessing Ms Lai is referring to smelly bangla.

  4. lsvop said

    In Singapore, if you have your own form of transport, you are rich, fucking rich. You know how expensive cars are in Singapore.

  5. Sun Wu Gui said

    Singapore adopting to China’s 一国两制 system!! One set of rules for locals and another for FTs!!!

  6. spotlessleopard said

    I think the politicians are having a respite….these side issues and irritable comments by young people sure does take away attention on issues… tsunami of foreigners, singaporeans being sidelined, welfare; housing, medical, education, transportation, unequal incomes, yawning income gaps, …..are all but forgotten…….heheheheheh

  7. ryan said

    I hope there isn’t double standards here. Just hoping.

  8. Rieson said

    why do the singaporeans and PRC receive different treatment? that PRC deserve more punishment too! so what if he’s a Scholar. they are just racist idiots all the same!! does that mean that normal ppl like us are underprivileged?

  9. Elfie Ismal said

    Singapore isn’t a racist country as so you all know…we are made up of 4 RACES…Chinese,Malay,Indian and Eurasian…we all have our differences and flaws…no body is perfect…call yourself lucky you’re here…in other country,you’ll be killed even by you, not saying anything…in some countries they don’t like Chinese,Islam,yellow or dark skinned..those kinda community can be immediately killed…but so,doesn’t mean Singapore is a safe and protected country,each races or religion stand up for their own.If you wanna live or survive in this country,you gotta have respect for each other.No matter how smart or low educational value we have,we still know the meaning of respect…without peace,we wouldn’t live in the same country…Some people just see the bad side of Singapore’s systems..especially the people who “burned” their citizenship and migrated…they maybe proud to leave but still you gotta know THIS is the country you were born in.So just be grateful and not “damn” your own birth country…it’s a shame isn’t it? whether you like it or not,keep your comments to yourself…and if you don’t have respect for other’s don’t bother having people to respect you,doesn’t matter what standard you are because in terms of RESPECT,we are EQUAL…

    • thamil said

      good wan elife

    • Tharshini said

      Well Said Elfie!!!

    • Varun said

      I agree with the sentiment, but I’ll take the liberty to restate some things as i think you might have meant them. obviously this reflects my own biases.

      “Singapore isn’t a racist country as so you all know…we are made up of 4 RACES…Chinese,Malay,Indian and Eurasian,” WHO ARE ALL EQUAL UNDER THE LAW (AND MOST RULES =P).

      “doesn’t matter what standard you are because in terms of RESPECT,we are EQUAL…” UNTIL OUR ACTIONS DEMONSTRATE OTHERWISE, POSITIVELY OR NEGATIVELY.

      I disagree on the matter of speaking out though. It is good that she expressed these sentiments. It gives people a chance to challenge her opinions. The response of the general public heartens me to some extent. There seems to be genuine outrage across the board about her post. It is unfortunate though that people seem to think that the main problem is that she expressed this sentiment, rather than the fact that she harboured them at all. Many responses, here, and on other forums, cite the risk of racial tensions as their main concern among the potential outcomes of her post. Let us give ourselves more credit than that. Surely we are a more mature and socially, culturally secure society than that? Sticks and stones.. and all that. Less outrage, more scorn, and pity i propose. We should be more upset at her terribly stupid generalisations and underlying mentality, as well as the atmosphere around her that allowed it to fester.

      I am also not a huge fan of the push to pursue legal recourse against her. Have her actions really threatened us with social discord? lol. i think not. The social fallout she is facing is, and should be, the most impactful response she faces. I was hugely impressed by the curry day response to the ‘curry’ saga last year. It was a huge “you are retarded” to those people who held an absurd notion of personal space.

      Ultimately, I hope that our social fabric isnt so fragile that this would threaten it., and i hope we have the confidence in it to shrug this off.

  10. Ron Lim said

    I encourage Singaporeans to file Police reports if they think that a blogger has posted extreme racist comments. Filing a false Police report is a chargeable offence subject to a fine. So, if Singaporeans feel they need to stand up for their rights and dignity, there is nothing to stop them.

    As for smelly passengers, I was near to a rather smelly passenger (will not disclose the race) who was probably not aware. How many of us are aware of our own armpit smell unless we sniff it? Anyway, it was simple; at the next stop I scooted out and went in two doors away. Now, if everyone moves away, holds their noses, etc. the offensive passenger may realise he is a stinko.

    In public transport we all have a responsibility for body hygiene. A bit of smell is unavoidable but not being a big stink. Just as we cannot bring in durians, our bodies should not stink to high heavens either.

    To post an offensive racist blod just because someone smelled badly is unacceptable. You have the choice to get out of that carriage. And 99% of my MRT and bus journeys are not a problem.

  11. Prataman said

    Maybe she was referring to our ex President and the rich Northern Indian FTs who have their own Mercedes’, BMWs, Ferraris and limousines. No ??

    The only thing that’s probably a bit wrong about it is that she used the word ‘fucking’ to refer to them.

    As for the comment on trains needing to have separate cabins for humans and dogs… What;s wrong with that ??

    Still, knowing the discrimination against Singaporeans as compared to the red carpet treatment for foreigners by our PAPpies, she will probably suffer a harsher punishment than that Sun Xu guy who insinuated that Singaporeans are dogs.

    I guess that’s what you get for being born a Singaporean in Singapore today.

  12. oute said

    Asked our former President, as to why after 12 years, dare not voice out that there is no Singapore culture etc.

    What has he been doning since the day he joins the civil service.

  13. Remember Zhou Hou? said

    Those tweet comments are no worse than what our “PRC Dog catcher” Zhou Hou said during last June. Zhou Hou was let off with no fine or jail sentence despite openly calling the malay race as dogs.

  14. explorealberta said

    Opps, she forgot that social media is NOT her personal diary, with a cute little key and lock.

    IF Mukesh Ambani ($22.3 billion) or Lakshmi Mittal (Lakshmi Mittal), Indian’s wealthiest men, were residing in Singapore, I bet she would be lining up to get to know them.

  15. Dennis said

    wa i’m really impressed with temasektimes.. everything also can go one round and shoot gah-ment.. i thought this would be a report about an errant individual whose behaviour should not be condoned.. sekally at the end 1 x conjecture “As Ms Lai is NOT a MOE PRC scholar, she is unlikely to get away with simply a ‘counseling session’”..


  16. leets1975 said

    ahya, give that a girl a break.. guess she must be freaking worry and stress.. heard this blog supposedly to be confidential, but was gana tua by her friend? what is your friend thinking?straw in her/his head?

    • ying said

      poor sun xu, he must also be freaking worried and stressed. what he said and what she said was basically the same thing. her friend was right in pointing out that she made a racist comment. i think she should be fined $3k like him to warn everyone that singapore does not condone racism from ANYONE.

  17. Just Sayin said

    I think it’s fare to say that there is no social integration between the races of Singapore. I feel everyone was born without hate instilled onto their head. Just look around in your primary schools. Many of the children these days hang out with people from their own particular ethnic group. Therefore, without integration, segregation from the races may occur. Which would eventually lead to nasty thoughts for one another. During my primary school days I always hung out with the other races as well as my own and it has developed a better understanding for one another between me and my friends who are of different ethnicity. However, I have seen first hand in public of children (Primary School) from different races poking crude and un-thoughtful remarks on one’s race. Remarks which I dare not to post on this comment.

    This case may be public and I am sure it will be eventually rectified by the local authorities. But, I feel the problem won’t stop there till the government takes an extra step in fostering the bonds between the different races in Singapore.

    No one was born a racist. However, an indifferent upbringing creates one.

    • jUANITA said

      An accurate observation and a simple one which the Govt doesnt seem to be aware of or doing anything about. i really feel sad for Singapore. All the good work done in the 1st 30 yrs of independence just flushed down the toilet!!!

  18. Ron Lim said

    Internet and social media has brought on new problems. The London riots a year ago were propagated by tweets and sms, etc. It is frightening that the good and bad (and often the bad) are spread very quickly.

    In another time, a riot can be started by irresponsible rumours too. Has society learnt to control themselves? Where in the past we will not hear of it, now everything can be spread like wild fire.

  19. ann said

    She deserves it. It’s not about PRC or singaporean now. Racial harmony has always been v impt to us, and she’s sowing discord btwn races and it’s a breach of law. She deserves it man, for being insensitive. On the other hand, the PRC didn’t breach the law, he just caused unhappiness amongst us, and there is no risk or racial disharmony. At tines like this, singaporeans should be more united and not discriminate their own citizens. This girl deserves it. And younsters nowadays, i urge you all to speak up carefully, there are consequences to everything you all do. You can.

  20. James said

    Respect is the most important element in human life, this is what keeps us apart from being animals. What is different between all the races? The blood which flows in our veins is red in color, we have two eyes, two hands, two legs, we have the brain to think and intellectuals. What the girl did is very wrong and should be dealt accordingly by the authority. We are human and we should respect each other.

  21. lsvop said

    I think the next time somebody says something like that, it shouldn’t be blown up like that. We know that it is wrong to call anyone dogs, why propogate the message and cause so much anger. She did it on her own private twitter for only her small group of friends, I think it is blown out of proportion to get so upset with her. If I call someone a bitch in my own private conversation, I sure hope the person I’m talking to won’t record it and podcast it over the internet and the whole Singapore gets upset with me . She is ventilating her own fustration in a careless way to who she wrongly thought was her friends. Come on, give her a break.

    • May said

      Well said Lsvop 🙂

      I, too, feel that she doesn’t deserve this treatment. As they say, sticks and stones and may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Why then are the majority of readers advocating such harsh punishments for her? Saying that she should get jailed and fined for simply posting a private tweet?

      If I’m not wrong, she’s still a polytechnic student. Why bother destroying someone’s future just because of one tiny mistake made?

      She’s still a student – find it in your heart to forgive and forget. I’m sure she has already learnt a huge lesson.

  22. ENTROPY said

    Oh please. Our own minister has said derogatory remarks (MRT incident anyone?), and he still gets to keep his job. Getting paid exorbitant amounts of money. Did he issue a proper apology? No. He just included the other race (that he neglected in his earlier statement) to the list. If our own government cannot keep their own “people” in check, why such a big fuss over what Shimun said? Aren’t we supposed to follow our leaders? Hypocrites. All of you. If you say you’re not racist, that’s bullshit.

  23. jacko said

    When you are working and living in other country. You should understand their culture and learn to accept it. Don’t do it if you don’t want. Just avoid making unnecessary mistakes, so that you will not cause any misunderstanding and cause others to get into trouble. Well, maybe she is just referring to her own unpleasant encounters. I do agree, she shouldn’t use the word dog. But there are always reason why people made comments about others.

  24. Bubbly said

    Inner beauty is the main things that everyone shld see not just the skin color or races. 🙂

  25. caramel said

    can’t believe the F!#*@( word that she used.. to think she is actually studying in Poly.. Get your own transport if you are unable to stand some body odour which you, yourself has it too.. do you even realise it, miss??

  26. simon said

    Miss Lai Shimun
    If you are reading this, i can only say that you should quickly step out and apologize. Freedom of speech does not mean Freedom of disrespectful nonsense

    • Varun said

      actually that is exactly what it means. lol. it isnt necessarily a good thing. and im not sure we have it in singapore. but freedom of speech does mean you are allowed to demonstrate your retardedness to the world.

  27. Dakota said

    i dont understand we can all make remarks abt PRC but when remarks on bangaladeshi and Indians are deem as can every names calling on PRC be reported to police?

  28. goondoogeek said

    whatever happened to Civics and Morale Education?
    Looks like ppl strife for superb IQ but sadly possesses disasterous EQ…very pity lot..tsk tsk tsk

  29. namaenashi said

    It was a private tweet to a private circle of friends. Put in another situation, if you make a racist comment on whatsapp, then your friend sabo you, like that also can?

  30. william said

    Quality is conformed to specification. Reject is based on specification.
    Thing is rejected as it was out of specification. Setting too tight specification will increase cost and reject, setting too low specification will lower the standard of the product.

    Similarly, guideline or rules had to be set up, so that human know how to follow it. Without guideline and just step in is biased.

    A good guideline need to be set up by all parties concerned, repeated, not one party but all parties involved.

    quotaion:good thinking before acting, and not acting before thinking.

  31. Gerard said

    I think her parents must be racist that’s y the idiot daughter is like that and miss indrani way to go u must be proud of wat she said ya

  32. Gerard said

    Maybe I must also post a racist remark apologize and pap wuld suport me ya

  33. CL said

    Oh come on people, her twitter account was private and even if people wanted to retweet her, chances are that they can’t either. So what is the fuss about? It’s not as if she went to a forum and typed that all out. It is like sending a text to your friend, venting your frustration and then your friend decides to backstab you that way. In fact, I think the backstabber should be the one punished for she is the one who made it viral. Give Shimun a break, you guys have been young once. Don’t tell me you have never made a mistake before? Everyone makes mistakes and since she has already apologised, why don’t y’all forgive her? Cast the stone at her only if you have never sinned before. Food for thought!

  34. Leo said

    Sad to see a comment in Singapore which is one of the best place to live in a harmonised way . I guess even the local people were once migrants from mainland , malaysia and india . So i dont see a need for this comment .

    Also the people referred here who has body odour are hard working labours working round the clock to build singapore to compete in the compettive buisness world , for us to live in a better place called HOME and to keep singapore clean . And hence I truely beleive they deserve some respect . It is them who clean your HDB, clean the litter you drop , clean the drinage pipes , help you all when you are struck in the dark tunnel during transport breakdown etc and the list is endless . Added to so many foreigners do blood donation , charity work ..and all this are for this city people .

    Hope the upcoming generation understand this . All are HUMANS here .

  35. fatronaldo said

    So efficient ar? one comment from a fellow singaporean and immediately arrested.

    compare this to sun xu’s case. why cant he be arrested? his comments were way more racist than hers.

  36. Concerned said

    For the friend who exposed Lai Shimun’s comment, he/she should be treated as accomplice, and should be charged twice as hard. This is an act of breach of trust, even Lai’s comment is inappropriate while among friends’ discussions, and we should not hire this type of people who sabo their own friends/family/country. But then again, these are young kids who are angry at what they saw, just like we adults encounter everyday but no place to voice out our concerns. We should guide them in the right direction instead of accusing them, if, the elderlys in spore can set some good examples.

    Racism did not just happen yesterday, so it’s important we look at this issue from a higher point and understanding.

    Our police force is aready fully stretched in their resources, and we should give them more time on other important cases (such as Indian gangsters kill PRC FTs etc), instead of focusing on these petty “verbals crimes”. Freedom of speech in spore is non-existent, even if it’s there, we dont have to use it all the time. But it’s a fact that some races (not all of them within that group, maybe 7%) are just too inconsiderate, and it’s up to the community leaders of that race to talk to their “own” circle of people. Someone in here said in other countries, you might get killxd if u are not of that race or religion, THAT’s true! And the reason THAT’s true is because the community leaders did not do their jobs, but instead indulge in their Billion dollar pays and behave like kings & queens, and allow situations to get worst. That’s the reason why we cannot pay public servants too high a salary, as they will spend more time enjoying their Billion dollar pays, and forget the role/responsibity as leaders, be it in a company or a nation.

    If you have the right mindset and objective, you will attract the righteous people of the highest quality to work for you. Equally important is to deploy the right calibre of people in the right job: You don’t appoint an Art student as CEO of MRT who drives a Ferrari to work and “does not know” how pack the MRT is and the dangers that may arise (We are different from the Japanese where their MRt is super packed, but people still behave OK). People with that kind of background can expand their skills in the area of landscape designs, or head a dept to beautify the MRT, making it more fun to ride the train. Bring in the engineers!

    I am lucky to have Chinese, Malay, Indian, American, Mexican etc friends, and I know each race has their own unique quality that I really appreciate.

  37. nirvanainmaya said

    what’s the update with this case now , does anyone know ?

  38. garry said

    Come to North India Dear, Chinese usually are the ones cutting our hair, massaging our feet and begging us for jobs. How about you flat noses getting some surgery

  39. u lot r so lucky over there….if you would have said the same thing to a caucassian or african british person here in the UK…you would get your head smashed in…they would come and find where you live and beat you up before the police even have a chance to save you…..what happened to those times where our forefathers worked, ate and slept together when the british ruled singapore??? everyone treated each other the same irregardless of what their skin colour was and they couldnt even speak the same language back then! its such a shame that the future generation of singapore have such small minds….belittle everything that looks different….not everyone is perfect. Chinese people should remember those times when Japanese were racist towards them and there even was a huge war! have you all forgotten your heritage?? Stop being racist and start loving each other as human beings….

    before you all say im not from singapore…i was born, educated and raised in singapore…and whenever i go back for holidays…i feel so ashamed to see the future generation…cuz all they do is fight, abuse and are racist. Im sorry if i offended anyone in anyway its not meant to be offensive BUT ITS A LITTLE OVERDUE!!!

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