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Fairmont Hotel to ‘investigate’ Brian Tan Cheow Eng’s derogatory comments about Singaporeans

Posted by temasektimes on March 27, 2012

Fairmont Hotel and Resorts will investigate a complaint lodged by a netizen Mark Seah on its Facebook page about the derogatory comments made by its Director of Quality Brian Tan Cheow Eng on Singaporeans being ‘weak and lazy’.

In a discussion thread on Facebook about a Swiss lawyer’s comments on Singaporeans not being ‘entitled to jobs in their own country’, Mr Tan argued that it is not the job of the government to protect the jobs of Singaporeans and bemoaned the poor quality of Singapore workers:

“If you do that in the private sector, no company would want to move here just to hire WEAK and LAZY Singaporeans.”

Mr Tan added that foreigners do a lot of jobs that ‘Singaporeans don’t want to do’ and asked Singaporeans to stop behaving like ‘babies’:

“Foreigners do a lot of jobs that Singaporeans don’t want to do. What’s the harm in that? In fact, some industries will collapse without foreigners….If we Singaporeans think we are so good, then don’t be afraid to compete for jobs with the best talent in the world. Come on, stop behaving like babies waiting to be spoon fed all the time!”

In a reply posted on Facebook, Fairmont Hotel clarified that it does not support Mr Brian Tan’s position:

“Thank you for your concern and for bringing this to our attention. This is not a position that Fairmont Hotels & Resorts supports, and we have been looking into this issue.”

[Source: Fairmont’s Facebook]

Mr Tan has since clarified that his comments were ‘taken out of context’, but stopped short of retracting them and issuing a public apology to Singaporeans.

Meanwhile, angry netizens continue to call for a boycott of Fairmont Hotel and Resorts till action is taken against Mr Brian Tan.


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13 Responses to “Fairmont Hotel to ‘investigate’ Brian Tan Cheow Eng’s derogatory comments about Singaporeans”

  1. singaporeans said

    Please replace him with a faster, cheaper and better ftrash. Hurry up!

    • Bernard Wang said

      It is in Fairmont’s interest to terminate his employment. Otherwise, whenever Singaporeans think about Fairmont, this guys face will come to mind and that is not a good thing.

  2. Scumbag ed said

    The first thing that struck me about this character is that he is someone who is fortunate to have a cushy job, looking down on his less fortunate compatriots.

    Damn traitor. This is the kind of person that my sons wasted two years of their lives defending.

    As a patriarch in my family, if one of my blessed sons looked down on his less fortunate brothers, I will immediately show him the door and disown him because he is not one of ours.

    As a so called director of quality at the hotel chain, I wish to inform him that all services that this hotel chain provides will be put under the deepest scrutiny every time we make a visit to make sure he is earning his keep.

    Let’s see whether the Singaporeans he despises as “weak and lazy” includes his egoistic self.

  3. Ron Lim said

    Another Fool may bite the dust soon for opening his big mouth without thinking. A lesson to all. Facebook, twitter and all the fads are causing you to lose your privacy and identity. Go ahead and write foolish things. The outcome can be a loss of a job and even a jail term in the extreme with that lifelong regret and consequences. Several people have learnt to their extreme regret.

    The social media is not a free-for-all, to air what trash may seep into your grey matter. Use is constructively, we all gain. Use it foolishly and you face your own torment.

    I never use FB, Twitter and many other fads. Even on public blogs like this, I take the constructive role. We all like to debate but we do not need to be offensive, aggressive and be a Fool.

  4. wayan said

    If only I could give a thumb-up or like to the above comments.Totally agreed!!

  5. spotlessleopard said

    I travel for leisure at least 6 times a year…from 3nighters to 2week vacations….and including Staycations….Some of the Hotels I patronise include Acor Group; Best Western, Mandarin Group, Hotels,…and less known Hotels ranging from 2star to 4stars…

    After reading a letter from a guest exposing Fairmont quality of service rendered her on her Wedding Night sends a shiver down my spine…

    I wouldn’t risk my fun holiday staying in a group which employs such a guy to be their of Director of Quality…

    I hope Fairmont can assure myself and many others Brian is their mistake….

  6. Lim said

    I usually make reservations at fairmont for my official guests and foreign clients at least 4 times a month. Judging from the way that the director of a hotel handles the situation and him calling Singaporeans lazy, well, yup, I’m lazy, I’ll give my business to other hotels that support Singaporeans,

  7. Winston Cheng said

    His comment doesn’t reflect well on Fairmont. Lack of decorum and flair. The fact that he is Director of Quality makes me think poorly of the Fairmont brand.

  8. Not only does no apologies by Brain Tan Cheow Eng himself, the hotel is also not taking action to reprimand against him. I take a strong view on his statement to degrade and insult All Singaporeans and demand that he apologize unreservely for his unacceptable statements.

  9. Melissa said

    You guys do realise that he is the Director of Quality for BOTH Fairmont Singapore AND Swissotel the Stamford, right? So if the boycott is going to happen, it’s both the hotels.. And anyway, Andrew Neo commented “wonder how many sinkees are working in his department” in the facebook comment screenshot..the answer to that, is 1. His “department” only consists of himself.

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  11. True BLUE Sinkie said

    Brian Tan is goddamn stupid!!! You don’t eat and shit at the same place. If you want to comment, do so after you have left Fairmont. As Director of Quality, I would expect him to be more sensible in his remarks. Wonder how he got his quality certifications? From some part time studies or online studies? Take the next higher level from Hong Kah University – PhD in Quality

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