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NYP student Lai Shimun apologizes for ‘racist’ tweet as NYP launched an investigation into the matter

Posted by temasektimes on March 27, 2012

Nanyang Polytechnic student Lai Shimun has apologized for the ‘racist’ remark she posted on her Twitter which has since gone viral in cyberspace.

In an apology posted on her Facebook and Twitter before both accounts were deactivated, Ms Lai wrote:

“Now, I’m trying everything I can do to show that I’m really extremely sorry for my insensitive comment.”

Speaking to queries from the media, Ms Lai admitted that she was not ‘thinking properly’ at that point in time:

“I was in a train and it was very crowded, and I was really frustrated….I don’t know how it (the tweet) got out because my twitter account is locked. I thought that whatever comments I made wouldn’t appear offensive to my friends because they know I don’t mean it.”

Meanwhile, Nanyang Polytechnic has ‘counselled’ Ms Lai and highlighted to her that the remarks were insensitive and disrespectful.

“All members of the NYP community are expected to be respectful towards the religious customs, beliefs and sensitivities of others,” a spokesperson said.

A police report has been lodged against Ms Lai at Yishun Neighborhood Police Center last night by netizen Ashveen Nair and the police is currently investigating the complaint.

Quoting from PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan, since Ms Lai has apologized, “we should accept it graciously and all of us should move on.”


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126 Responses to “NYP student Lai Shimun apologizes for ‘racist’ tweet as NYP launched an investigation into the matter”

  1. Clive said

    still dont know if shes .sg or .cn

  2. Anakin said

    Yes, make a disgusting remark with foul language to add and now apologise and say i did not mean it

  3. Just me said

    Truly amazing. We jump at the words of a foreigner, but here we have our own people (Singaporeans) with a mind-set no better than the foreigners.

    Lai Shimun – you disgust me.

  4. say sorry for what? we are hoping u will get a serious punishment u sick racists ! lets hope u get expelled and a major fine .. this will send out a message to the rest . there is no place for racism in our society.

    • does she think that a simple apology actually suffices?!?! sth so foul and insensitive is seen as sth so trivial.. if we get angry over that PRC calling us a dog, what about our own locals?!?!

    • She likens us to dogs, expects us to be segregated from society by suggesting that we be isolated in a separate train cabin and the PAP MP expects us to merely move on? She highlighted the fact that her account was locked. She’s only sorry she got caught. It’s very disheartening to be subjects of mockery on repeated occasions. The idea behind this is not an eye for an eye but more of creating a widespread caution to those who instigate racial unrest. Of course, the future will meet more people who test racial fragility but this incident will better equip others who want to stand up against the types of Shimun Lai.

      • Yiling said

        This whole saga is over-exaggerated and everyone is making snide remarks over the mistake she has made as though they’ve never made racist comments before. What she is said is indeed demeaning and she is already facing the consequences for that. But the fact that everyone is adding fuel to fire as though they’ve never made racist remarks before is equally atrocious. This incident serves as a lesson learnt for everyone to not make racist comments especially so on the internet, but that doesn’t mean that it will ease any racist sentiments in them.

      • Vasellia Subhash said

        This is the voice of a community; a community that is part of the four main races in this multicultural island-state. How is the voice of a community an exaggeration to you? Can you not sense the pent-up frustration? It’s collective, really. And, I find a pressing need to clarify this. No one is trying to saint himself by declaring that he has not passed a racist remark before. People make jokes; people mock. It is part of the human psyche to be critical. But, most of us practise responsibility and respect on where and how we express our thoughts/ideas. It is easy to misinterprete her intentions on a social network giant such as Twitter. We judge her based on her statements (a highly enraged one laden with profanities, while at that) It’s inevitable; don’t question.

  5. Alex Wong said

  6. charan said

    I doubt if she’s real Singaporean or PRC..!!

    • Bernard Wang said

      How about Malaysian?

      There are after all thousands of Malaysian students studying for free in Singapore.

  7. Geetha said

    My question would be deriving from the PAP MP’s comment. The person who made such a racial comment is not a child who does not know right from wrong. She is a capable young woman who can qualify to be a PRC in Singapore, who is smart enough to get into a course in our local polytechnic. So to say that she apologizes n we should just let it be is an insult to our intelligence. Would it be a same reaction if an Indian PRC had made an exact comment on our Chinese PRCs? I’m not saying that we have punish this girl. But such incidents are happening too often. We need to make an example for future generations to understand that it is totally unacceptable to demean any race in our country. At the end of the day we need each other, & we are Singaporeans.

  8. SarasJeeva said

    Just because the derogatory comment was targeted at the minority race “we should accept it graciously and move on” huh? Wow.. Democracy indeed. It’s really disgusting that a harsher punishment is not being issued to her which will set an example to the rest to think twice before posting a racist remark anywhere. Don’t tell me she’s just going to be counselled cos she’s not a 5 yr old.

  9. spotlessleopard said

    All racist should be punished regardless of Nationality….it is appropriate to note that “Classcism” by measure of WEALTH and POWER is however encouraged….the Class divide is widening at an alarming rate.

  10. Kamal said

    Wondering If This Was an Indian Girl Talking Bad About Indians Will MP. Lim Tell This Same Think??

  11. Kamal said

    I’m Sorry Let Me Post it another One More Time Because of the typo in my previous comment:
    I was Wondering if Only it was an indian Girl who posted Racist Remarks about The Chinese or any other Community Will MP Lim Biow Chuan Say the Same thing..
    “we should accept it graciously and all of us should move on.”
    I Truthful Hate this Words From You Sir.

  12. Jayden said

    You people should not be so quick to judge. This problem runs deeper than we all think. Subconsciously, many people are already racist. Some people are careless, therefore things like this happen.

  13. Jaded said

    She has already apologized, just give her a stern warning + a light fine and move on. Mostly importantly, allow her to graduate, a bright young student like her should not have her future dashed.

  14. nita said

    So wat if she apologize… If i do the same n “apologize” also can is it… Wat is the difference btwn her n the prc’?? She has to get the same punishment.. Or is it becoz she condemn indians n we must forgive her???

    • garry said

      Nita do you remember when the UOB guys painted their faces black a few months ago and danced at a party. ???? forgive her what a joke. Give exemplary punishment to deter future nonsense

  15. gab said

    Please stop posting nasty things about her. I am a close friend of hers. Look who is being racist now comparing her to a PRC? What is wrong being from PRC? How dare you people be so hypocritical?

    The PM already stepped out and said to let things off so why dont you guys just give her a break? Plus she has already apologised! Don act like you guys don make racist comments as well! You dare to swear upon your parents that you have never made a racist comment before? or atleast laughed at a racist joke before?

    And pls stop being so shallow? you think you’re better looking than her? then have the guts and post your photo here! She may not be as pretty as you guys want her to be, but she has a big heart.

    Also as her friend we know that it’s just a passing comment and that she didnt mean it. Yes i wont deny that it maybe a little overboard but then again her twitter is locked and i’m pretty sure there is such a thing called freedom of speech?

    So why dont you guys just give it a break already? Go do something more productive with your life rather then being nosy here and saying nasty things about people whom you barely even know.

    • theres also a thing called the sedition act…

      • it might be a careless mistake on her part but u cant apologise and shrug it off just like that.. the very basis for the strength of our multi racial country is based on the fact that we have to be careful about what we say..

    • Concerned Citizen said

      Gab, i understand you are a close friend of her but you must see if from a societal perspective. Everyone is different and yes everyone has laughed at racism. But those situations are within friends or a relaxed atmosphere. But her comment went viral on the social network, i don’t really care how it ended up being publicised. But, the fact is that it did and punishment has to be met out. Freedom of speech ? really ? have you looked around you lately. Also, the fabric of our nation was founded on an multi-racial ideology. Anything that tries to disrupt it must be dealt with seriously, past offenders have been dealt with as such and i don’t see why your friend deserves special treatment. Don’t look at who is right but instead, what is right. I am a singaporean indian, and i am OFFENDED by her tweet.

      • ENTROPY said

        Oh please. Our own minister has said derogatory remarks (MRT incident anyone?), and he still gets to keep his job. Getting paid exorbitant amounts of money. Did he issue a proper apology? No. He just included the other race (that he neglected in his earlier statement) to the list. If our own government cannot keep their own “people” in check, why such a big fuss over what Shimun said? Aren’t we supposed to follow our leaders? Hypocrites. All of you. If you say you’re not racist, that’s bullshit.

    • Pissed Indian said

      If we Indians talk about Chinese or Malays will you guys keep your mouth shut ? No right ? Just because we are minorities doesn’t mean you can step over us. Hopefully your friend learns her lesson from this. Frustration is not an excuse. Indians and Malays travel on the train too. It won’t take us long to post nasty stuff about you people just because we are frustrated. Look who is talking about being shallow. Your friend is shallow. That’s why she had the courage to post such stuff about Indians on her Twitter. Freedom of speech ? In what way does calling us dogs fall under freedom of speech. Let me tell you this. She may be your friend , but she is no angel. Big heart ? Yeah , we saw that from the words she used on us. You guys should have more Moral education lessons. Please seek help.

    • Woah, some kid who hasn’t even found employment — or reached the age of maturity come and LECTURE AND PATRONISE **ADULTS** WHAT TO DO??

      Eh Gab, apparently your parents haven’t done a good job in educating and teaching you values. After you and that feckface friend of yours with the artificial nose — as if we can’t tell she wants to become a pretend ang moh — have found “respectable” jobs and worked a few years, become full fledged ADULTS. Then you come back here and tell us how to behave or think.

      Yao siew eh gi nah.

    • WhereIsSingaporeHeadingTo said

      To gab (the ‘caring friend of the racist shimun), Ok Flat noses! We shall let this matter rest. But remember to take a bath in the morning & wash your a$$ with water, don’t just wipe with toilet paper. Cheena puis!

      Oopss sorry! ‘I wasn’t thinking properly’ at this point in time!

      And dear Mr PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan, since i have already apologized, “accept it graciously and move on Ok!” And don’t forget to follow the abovementioned suggestions, if not the other races might have to suggest having seperate cabins for you smelly Pigs as well!

      *I’m not using vulgarities over here because i’m not as low as ‘the ignorant little kid Shimun’ (though they are running in my head right now!)

      People like her will continue to breed as long as there are ‘kind souls’ like MP Lim who continue to support them. Apologise and act as if you repent, that’s all it takes nowadays. Ohh and they apply only when the minority races are the victims!

    • gab said

      I am fully aware of what my friend did. And yes it was wrong, i am not trying to protect her. I’m just asking everyone to cool down and give her a break. And also, you do not have to personally attack me as a person just because of what i have commented.

      To all the people that feels offended due to her comment, i do apologise on her behalf as well. Whatever she did was wrong. But there is no need to attack her personally as a person commenting on her looks, saying she’s from the zoo etc.

      I have already said what i have to said. And of cos i cannot control your mouths and opinions. But think about it yourself, do you have to stand so low or for that fact, stand as low as her to comment about her like that? What does that make you as a person? Yes, she is wrong for calling other people dogs, but is it right for you to be calling her a yellow pig from the zoo? You are no better than her. If we are going to take an eye for an eye then what does that make us as Singaporeans? Take it like a grown up and stop attacking her personally.

      Mod’s note:

      Hi Gab, your plead will sound more credible if you can provide a name and photo of yourself. Alternatively, you can write to us at to explain why we should forgive Ms Lai Shimun and move on.

      • Silence said

        LOL. He/she will not do it.

      • garry said

        I agree with the Mod, it is very difficult to take it as a grown up. Why ? because it hurts right down there deep. It makes us wonder, next time we deal with some one from a different race the thoughts come back and being impartial is difficult.

    • anu said

      Gab , you sound like a spineless ass-kisser. While it is marginally admirable that you stand up for your friend so, it is sheer stupidity considering the magnitude of her actions.

      See little one, i fully concur with you ! Yes, there is indeed,as YOU say, ” such a thing called freedom of speech”. So how dare YOU be so hypocritical and tell us to “stop posting nasty things about her.”? Guess what, people are venting their feelings here,and their thoughts on an issue that has irked them, and justifiably so, all in the name of aforementioned freedom of speech that you purport to appreciate. It is our prerogative to share our thoughts.

      These comments here are fully warranted reactions your friend, she of the so called big heart has evinced. Her racist comment was completely unsolicited. Too bad that it was a private comment. It has leaked. Boohoohoo. Man up and deal with it. Don’t play with fire if you can’t take the heat. That goes for you too, you want to post comments online on a public domain, don’t ask people to stop posting comments about you. You are asking for a reaction and you would be naive to think otherwise. Perhaps you are though.

      Am i being hard on you ? well please accept my heartfelt apologies, I’m sure you will. I “have already apologised.” I’m sure you have a “big heart” like your friend, please “give me a break”.

      What was the last thing you said ? ” Go do something more productive with your life rather then being nosy here and saying nasty things about people whom you barely even know.”

      Isn’t that exactly what your friend did ? Post nasty things about people she didn’t even know? Sharing a ride with someone on public transport does not constitute any form of acquaintance. Why don’t you go do something more productive with your life instead of lamely standing up for a foulmouthed racist ?

      So this is not meant to be a personal attack. I am trying to tell you, that one cannot condemn an entire race based on a few negative experiences. Your friend, regardless of intent, is one step closer towards fanning the flames of racism in Singapore. I think it is right, and very heartwarming that so many different races have come together to show solidarity in this issue. No one in the world, much less in Singapore where the social fabric is so fragile, has the right to demean an entire race the way Shimun has done.

      Wars are fought and people die because of discrimination, racism and hate. Just you remember that.

  16. ramesh said

    “” PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan, since Ms Lai has apologized, “we should accept it graciously and all of us should move on “”
    i seriously wonder if a Indian made such a remark towards other races in Singapore like Chinese what would have happened? would this gracious mp say the say thing and moved on or,,,,,,,,,,??
    watever it is a racist pig will always be a racist pig no matter what race they are from
    Lai Shimun… u simply disgust singaporeans

  17. The main issue here is, not her. It is much deeper than that.As she has said, it’s suppose to be within her friends.

    Question is not what we say out loud. The question is what is going on within the races here which include all the races.
    Does what we don’t say in the open, means we are “Multiracial”? We need to look deep into ourselves honestly and ask ourselves,
    Are we truly “Multiracial”?

    The present system which base our multiracialism on “tolerance” alone is a ticking time-bomb. It not enough to rely on “Tolerance”.
    There must also be “Understanding” and “Communication” which is lacking big time here.

    What is going on here is…. the races are no more mixing with each other anymore. Reason being? We are encourage to speak in our mother-tongue.
    When this happens, we automatically create an invisible fence which we are oblivious too. Nobody’s fault here.
    Also, I’m not discouraging everyone to stop speaking their mother-tongue. What I’m getting at is….

    By all means, speak your mother tongue with your friends and relatives.
    When in public, speak in English. We need a common language for us to communicate with.
    How are we going to be multiracial if we don’t have a common ground.
    It’s within this common ground we find “Understanding” and “Appreciation” for one another.

    This is where the government has failed us. We need to bring back the “Singaporeanism” in us all.

  18. Ron Lim said

    Let’s be fair. Some people really stink, have smelly armpits and it can be any race. As we condemn the remarks of this girl, I am not seeing anyone taking the unknown stinko passenger to task either.

    Will the Indian community not also lament that everyone should also be a bit more considerate? Or is it okay to be stinking to high heavens and insisting that it is their God given right to be smelly and taking a public transport?

    As I say, smelly passengers can be more considerate. It is simple. Just go to the toilet, wet the tissue paper and give your armpits a wipe down.

    A sincere apology is sufficient. We cannot have a population that demands extreme punishment such as expulsion from the college, jail term etc. Such incidents highlights problems that needs to be addressed. And if handled correctly, Spore benefits.

    Yesterday on Bus 156 leaving Clementi Interchange, a woman had brought on board several boxes of durians and it was overwhelming. The Indian bus driver leaned back at the first traffic light, apologised… “Sorry, sorry, durians not allowed. too smelly… please get down at the next bus stop.” He did his job. Nothing racial. Just the right thing to do. The Asian woman got down at the next stop. I was just thinking whether I need to get up to help out. Just to let everyone know we are a multi-racial place.

    • Athena said

      Jeez …. what is it with the durian remark! The bus driver was commenting on the fact that the durians stink, not the woman. Ms Lai Shimun, on the other hand, was being patently racist. Is it very difficult to appreciate the difference?

      BTW – ever heard of the phrase “no dogs or blacks allowed”? Which is what Ms Lai was advocating. And chances are it is people like Ms Lai who will claim to being treated like second-class citizens when they go to countries like Australia, (but you will never hear someone of a minority race complaining of such – ever wonder why?). And then come back to Singapore and pat themselves for being wonderfully tolerant.

      Also, if a westerner had made a similar remark about the Chinese, will you be preaching forgiveness I wonder?

    • Sharon said

      My nostrils have been violently assaulted by the fishy stench of many ppl from ure race who havent seem to have heard of the concept of a morning shower and cant seem to afford a deodrant. And dont get me started on the way their breath smells. Oh the horror. *Shudders. But never have I ever made such vile comments condemning the entire chinese race for the lack of hygeine of some. Its called having a soul and being sensitive to the feelings of others. So how about you direct ure remark towards the entire singaporean community instead of solely the indian segment. Forgiveness? She deserves to be made an example of. We are all human beings and she has no fucking right to treat any human being REGARDLESS OF THEIR RACE in such a manner. She’s clearly not sorry about her remark. All she’s sorry about is getting caught.

  19. Bhavani said

    It is really ridiculous to me that a simple apology is sufficient from an educated girl who definitely is not of unsound mind and has made this crude comment. Sorry but I just have one question for MP Lim. If there happens to be more insensible ppl making the same crude comment just like what this insensitive girl did here, are you going to say that all they have to do is to apologize as a awhole to a whole community which has been disgusted by their comments? Is that what Singapore taught us even in our PLEDGE? What happened to the democratic society , based on justice and equality?? I hope this issue of racism is dealt with appropriately! Though the Indians may form a minority in Singapore, it is only right for every race to be respected equally and WE definitely cannot tolerate if more of these idiotic comments persist!

  20. hypocrisy said

    come off it, will you. when sun xu made that comment about Singapore having more dogs than humans, don’t see you people so aggressive. The word Singaporeans missed you by just that little bit, cos you’re PR?

  21. Crystal said

    PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan, why is this matter taken so lightly? Like many others asked, i am curious to know if you would say the same thing if a indian girl were to say such a thing about chinese/malays. Sorry to ask sir, but would you accept it graciously and move on if someone called you a f**king dog and later on apologized for it? These incidents keep happening because these kind of racist pigs are not even being punished. Indians have always been bullied in singapore.

    • SIM said

      There a more than a few indians making very bad racial remarks above. Chances are if they are reposted online, few would even be bothered.

  22. Yoga said

    When actions were taken for all those cases below in Singapore, I don’t see a reason why we Indians should just move on with just an apology?! Is it because we are the minorities or for the fact that we are Indians?

    1.In year 2005, a man was accused of making similar racist remarks filled with vulgarities and insulting to Malays and their religion. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to one month imprisonment.

    2.On September 16,a 17 year old youth, Gan Huai Shi, was also charged with the Sedition Act for making racist remarks on his blog site titled “The Second Holocaust”. 17-year-old San Yu Adventist School student faced seven charges of sedition. He caused a furore when between April and July 2005 he posted a series of offensive comments about Malays – even admitting in one April 4 entry that he was ‘extremely racist’.

    1.^ “Third racist blogger sentenced to 24 months supervised probation”. Channel NewsAsia. 23 November 2005.
    2.^ “Jesus cartoons could draw jail for Singapore blogger”. AFP. 14 June 2006.
    3.^ Popatlal, Asha (2006-07-20). “Blogger given serious warning for posting cartoons of Jesus Christ”. Channel NewsAsia. Retrieved 2006-07-20.
    4.^ “Couple charged under Sedition Act”. Straits Times. 15 April 2008.
    5.^ “Christian couple convicted for anti-Muslim booklets”. Agence France-Presse (AFP). 29 May 2009.
    6.^ “Duo jailed eight weeks”. Straits Times. 11 June 2009.

  23. iamlost said

    simply saying a sorry solves the can be truly hurting to be termed dogs.excuse me everyone works to earn a living we don’t slave for anyone.if she was a young kid we could simply let the matter rest but in this case this young lady is a poly student who has brains i guess posting such kind of serious post over the social media has cause a big ho ha over the internet.she has to make something up to the Indian community..i am sure nyp is ashamed to have a student like her..

  24. Dhina said

    I think she should re-check her followers, obviously one of them shouldn’t even be her follower after leaking this out. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH..

    Come on everyone relax ,chill out,take a break and have a kit kat

    on the side note,i think whatever action is going to be taken against her,should be fair and justified.On the other hand i don’t think anything can compensate the affected ones unless there is money involved eh?HAHAHAH

  25. Dhina said

    i am a indian.Whoever who is affected by this please do not make it seem like that your whole life depends on her getting a punishment. Its okay to to be affected by it maybe the first few days after knowing about it,but please don’t make it seem that just because she doesn’t get a punishment ,your day to day activities will be affected…Come on,think and act maturely and sensibly at the same time, And please also don’t try comparing her with others. Although she is old and smart enough to know what she is supposed to do,she shouldn’t be punished such that it affects her future in any way

  26. Muralidaran said

    You apologize via social networking sites?? Do you think it will reach out to every single singaporeans out there? she need to do a public apology through media like TV and newspapers. This would teach everyone of us not to make any racist remarks. By doing community service and paying fine is not a going to help. There are more people out there still going to make racist remarks. The govt. should use her as an example and warn all singaporeans not to make any racist remark to any races in singapore. She needs to apologize to everyone of us via media not social networking sites. Disgusting attitude.

    • Randy said

      Lol she made the comment via social networking site and it reached out to every single singaporeans out there. So why can’t she apologize via social networking sites?

      • ENTROPY said


      • Muralidaran said

        Are you very sure that it reach to all singaporeans? i don’t think so. Just because most of us read her comment that doesn’t mean the whole singapore is aware what is going on.

  27. Common Sense said

    One comment by one girl, and all of you are acting as though a full-fledged racial riot is going to be sparked off. Sheesh, give it a break guys, stop going for blood. There is too much drama here for too little substance.

    • Red devil said

      From ur reply I gather you are not the affected race? Until your own race is insulted you will never feel the anger with regards to such profanity laced racist remarks. So you asking everyone to chill will not work. In fact only make matters worst as you ate trivilalising their feelings. Those agitated by her remarks need to vent their displeasure so that they can move on.

  28. James said

    An apology just to escape any kind of punishment, the apology does not mean anything to her. It really hurts when hear such comments.

    • ENTROPY said

      It hurts you? Really? In what way does it PERSONALLY impact you. You’re just here for the drama. When our own MPs made derogatory remarks, I didn’t see any action taken. In fact, the same MP still holds his job. Racism is taken lightly in SG. Live with it.

      • Sharon said

        Hey fucktard, I know u were born without a sensitivity chip and hence are too dense to comprehend why that bitch’s racist slurs hurt people, but try to keep up. Its not rocket science.

      • ENTROPY said

        I know a drama queen when I see one. Also, I’m a Class A bitch and you can throw all the insults you have at me and it wouldn’t matter. (Fucktard. Really? That’s the best you can do? LOL weak.) I don’t see you addressing the issue that I pointed out. No guts?

    • Ramesh said

      You just implied that addressing you as ‘fucktard’ is a gross understatement. And if your gutsy try posting a similar remark online.

  29. Thendral said

    To the people who are saying that this has been dramatised, it’s not drama, it’s an expression of our utmost disappointment. If you happened to be frustrated in a crowded train, how do you get racial because of that? How would people feel if the minority were to express such comments over the majority? We all have had our jokes on on another’s race, yes. But derogating a race? Just, wow. Really. Whatever happened to compassion and humanity?

    • ENTROPY said

      Compassion and humanity died a long time ago, honey. Don’t be so naive.

      • Sharon said

        Riggghhht! The more inhuman basket cases like shimun and yourself we have in this country, the higher our chance of disintegrating. Go jump off a cliff. Thanks

      • ENTROPY said

        LOL you think you’re the best example for this country honey? Prove it. I don’t see you stepping out, making a difference. I never claimed to be the perfect human being. You’re just a keyboard warrior with no guts to take proactive stand. If our own MPs can get away with all the crap that they spew out of their mouths on a daily basis, what more a polytechnic student?

        The world is in disarray, whether you like it or not. Suck it up, slut.

        Why would I jump off a cliff? I love my life and committing suicide is stupid act. Maybe you should try it, since you have no backing argument and are a waste of space in this world.

      • Sharon said

        My oh my. Look at the pot calling the kettle black. If everyone sucked it up and let assholes like shimun and yourself tear this country apart, we’d be in the dumps in no time. Im just a keyboard warrior with no guts? Look who’s talking. A spineless BITCH AND A HALF who hides behind a computer screen and dishes out bullshit. Look einstein, you have no argument. Ure just here to add fuel to the fire, rub salt on people’s wounds and all that jazz. Ure clearly unhappy with your life since you have conpletely given up on the human race and want the rest of us to “suck it up” and accept what is happening. Jumping off a cliff.. Or ten.. Would do u a tonne of good! Not to mention the fact that it would free the human race of rodents like yourself. Have fun in hell, FUCKTARD (yes that’s the best I can do.. Whoopdeedoo!)

      • ENTROPY said

        Your grasp of the English language is horrible. It’s quite astounding really. Are you uneducated? It’s “you’re”, not “ure”. I’m not a bitch and a half baby, I’m Queen of the BItches. Get it right. Einstein is a person’s name, so the first letter of the word needs to be capitalized. How am I unhappy with my life, kindly do explain? Why should I help people who don’t bother to get educated (meaning you, fyi) and face the reality of things. You are looking at the world with rose-tinted glasses, honey. Not everything’s nice and easy, there are no happy endings unless you work for it. Your life is not a Disney show, do you realize that?

        How would I be able to jump off ten cliffs, if I’d be dead if I jumped off the first one? Zero logic with regards to that statement. Also, it’s a ton of good, not a tonne of good. You can’t measure good by the metric system.

        Your parents must be so proud of you. You’re staying in Singapore, having a significant amount of education, and this is the level of competence you have achieved. If you want to argue, at least have the decency to type properly and in coherent sentences.

        FYI, Hell’d be lucky to have me 😉

      • Sharon said

        Geez sugar, you are way too predictable! Upon realizing that you have absolutely no argument and that URE as dense as a pound cake, you immediately start correcting my grammar. How kind of you. I know that sarcasm is a concept a pea-brain like URESELF can’t grasp, so I’ll try to go easy on you okay sweetie? When a person tells an incompetent, vile, rodent like yourself to jump off ten cliffs what they really mean is that they want you to disa-fucking-ppear from the face of this planet. Kapeesh? My parents couldn’t be prouder of me for putting a trashbag like yourself in your rightful place.

      • ENTROPY said

        HAHAHAHA your parents? Proud? of the likes of YOU? You wish, honey. The only thing I could correct was your grammer, because that was the ONLY thing you could bring to the table. Scrambling to piece together what’s left of your dignity? Don’t bother. The only thing I see is repetition from you. No originality whatsoever. So yes, I’m sure your parents are very proud of producing such a retard for the society to mock 😀

  30. vicious666 said

    She is probably not racist. Just plain stupid.

  31. Roy said

    Action should be taken. It does effect Singaporean Indians. If there’s no action taken, there might be a major problem.

  32. Roy said

    Look at the above picture…look like one yellow pig from s’pore zoo

  33. To all the indian people boiling over Lai Shimun’s remarks please take a breather.

    Lai Shimun’s suggestion was a living reality in 19th and 20th century South Africa where Gandhi was thrown out of a first-class compartment due to racial discrimination. He campaigned vigorously for Indian rights and was almost killed in the process of it. But he had a beautiful approach of pacifism which accomplished what rage and bloodshed could not.

    I’m sure everyone got enraged over the dehumanization of other human beings as “dogs” ( and even that is unacceptable, dogs too should be given care). But that is when we have to act contrary to the racist’s opinions and demonstrate our ability as compassionate people.

    Discrimination need not alway be racial and the truth is we are so prone to it, the offence is so old. I know personally a few people who have posted diatribe against her and who themselves discriminate certain kinds of people. This doesnt justify what she did definitely but it brings us to the story of Jesus asking those among the crowd who have not sinned to cast the first stone.

    I’ll just speak for myself her, saying that I know and understand that she might not have thought through certain things. But a little more knowledge can clear the prejudice. I will not brusquely say move on, that is just silly of the MP. But if all the Indians who are angry with her now decided that they can understand that she made a mistake not uncommon and show our capability to accept and forgive, that would really be putting to end the chain of hate and start something wonderful

    • Dhina said

      THANK GOD,Finally i found a fellow human ,and not to mention a Indian too.who has some sense.


      Relax people !!..Calm down..

  34. Lai Shimun if you come across this site, what kind of friggin name is that? Shimun? Anyway that friggin feckface of yours matches the friggin name.

  35. Have Peace said

    To all Singaporean Chinese Taxi Drivers: next you are insulted by the northern indian nationals, do report to police and call the tabloid newspapers to publish it.

  36. Premila said

    Yup she apologised and we are supposed to graciously accept it and within 12hours of an apology comes another one

    This guy is gonna apologise the next day too and we let it slide right.. because we are gracious!!
    Come n!

  37. jacky said

    Student jailed for racist tweet!!!

  38. Calm the fuck down said

    Majority of the people are making a big fuck out of nothing regarding this issue. True, the words she used were harsh and unrefined, however she was just stating her opinions and everyone is definitely entitled to their own opinions. She speaks the truth, indians do tend more inclined towards having a body odour and thus she was just venting her frustration about it in a space she thought was safe.

    What is the true issue here is the person who took a screenshot of her tweet and actually circulated it online, Her profile was protected for A REASON. If you do not like what she is tweeting about there is a simple button called unfollow and you would no longer be able to see any more tweets from her. I am a friend of hers, I didnt like her style of tweeting so I unfollowed her, simple. What her friend has done here is to infringe on her right to privacy and circulated information about her twitter to the online masses without seeking her approval to stir unrest amongst the citizens. If her friend found her tweets unsensitive or out of hand, why not just unfollow her and you will not ever hear of anything from this girl again? This tweet was not even meant for the eyes of anybody else but her followers.

    Everybody are racist to a certain extent, and to what extent do you potray your racism differs from individual to individual, I can assure you that every race will not be completely receptive of the other races in Singapore, so stop having being hypocrites and let this blow over. Perhaps your ordinary lives are too fucking mundane that you actually have to make such a big fuck of an insignificant issue, so please calm the fuck down and move along.

    • I love Shimun Lai said

      common mate…when was the last time u smelled yourself??(indians do tend more inclined towards having a body odour and thus she was just venting her frustration about it in a space she thought was safe)What a dumb fuck comment from another tweety Singaporeans can be disrespectful….(ASSuing you r Singaporean)

  39. Dakota said

    why are all the indians here so sensitive abt her remarks? When indians says abt PRC which are chinese…did we jump at that? Suddenly a word of body odour all indians regardless of singaporean or not is screaming racists…what logic is this? Are you saying that you people can say every god damn racist remarks abt chinese is acceptable and we cannot says anything abt body odour? Take a tour to india and then comes back and tell us are you being discriminate.

  40. sinlesschocolate said

    This is thoroughly disappointing. I see double standards here. A PRC insults the whole nationed, we are ALL angry at his ungrateful shameful behaviour. A local states on social media how Indians smell and yes she used the f-wrd too, we are split at 2 camps?? Why?? Is it because the ones insulted were indians?? Just because we’re a minority, don’t think we are easy targets. She’s a Singaporean so we should let her off? You must kidding yourselves. Being Singaporean only serves to remind you that while everyone is entitled to their little racist thoughts, putting it on social media means you put it out there for everyone to see, including the people you have offended. If you put it on the internet, its FAIR GAME. No excuses. AS for the other guy, you can be sure there is a police report coming your way too. These people INCLUDING Sun Xu should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. You can’t commit a crime and then retract it by saying sorry after it’s wrecked damage on the society as a whole.

  41. xeneviere said

    I think Temasek Times misquoted the MP. He is referring to Sun Xu’s apology, not the girl’s…?

    That said, I totally understand why the Indian community is furious. I mean, a couple of years back when McDonald’s left out the pig soft toy in the CNY zodiac collection, there was such a big hooha among the Chinese – and that was just a toy! Guys, seriously???

    I am amazed anyone would think this isn’t a big deal. Just because Shimun was hot and bothered in a crowded train doesn’t mean she has a right to attack any one much less any race.

    More often than not in any country, things happen in favour of the majority, eg, majority are Chinese here, therefore certain jobs require pp who can speak Chinese – Malays and Indians are passed over for jobs they could be well qualified for. Halal food is also placed next to non-halal food in the supermarkets which risks contamination. My point is that life as a minority in any country isn’t the most ideal, so a little sensitivity and understanding goes a long way. Remarks like this are just unbelievable.

  42. Shree said

    • Fine. From now on we’ll say what exactly we think about the Chinese on our blogs and if they don’t like it, we can tell them to fark off, the nasty, two-faced hypocritical filth. Bad enough we have to put up with their so-called policy of tolerance (which actually legitimises official discrimination against the minority) , but now we’re also supposed to give a free pass to them whenever they feel like spouting their bilge about us in public. All I have to say to them is this:if you hate us so much, give us own our separate state so that we don’t have to co-exist with each other. Yeah, I’m not too thrilled about the fact that I have to share my country with these racist turds either.

    • Annie said

      Please be fair. One person’s view doesn’t represent the community’s. Going by your comment I’m sure you have a lot of racially biased views which are fortunately unpublished if not you’ll probably be the Indian version of Lai Shimun.

  43. Jerri said

    I think the proper question we should be asking here is what exactly is everyone aiming to get out of this whole furore? Is destroying someone’s life for one stupid remark really necessary? I am not defending her and I do feel that her comment was completely uncalled for. There are no excuses for what she has done. But I think we have to take the entire situation into context and realize that all this anger and hate that has been generated – all the flaming, personal attacks, name-calling, calls for justice – has all been self-perpetuating. We all need to take a step back and realize that this whole incident was a result of someone sharing her private tweet in order to ‘teach her a lesson’. As I have said, this isn’t an excuse for what she said. But I think we need to realize that the anger caused has been a result of repeated sharing and commenting – something akin to mob hysteria where one angry response fuels a hundred more. As many calm and rational people above have commented (and these include people of all races I’m sure), we all just have to take a step back and realize that all this is completely unnecessary.

    Take for example all the talk of legal action. The person who had made the report to the police actually said this:

    “This person just posted this on the wrong day when I’m already feeling down and dead mourning the death of my gd friend! So screw it! I’m not gonna sit down and tolerate this any longer! We fight the fight and walk the walk! I’m proud to be an Indian!”

    While her tweet was wrong, no doubt about that, it is clear from the rage-fuelled comment that she is merely a victim of circumstance, someone with absolutely shit luck to have her private tweet read by someone who was having a bad day because his friend passed away and he decided to take out all his negative feelings on her. So in effect, we have a situation where one insensitive tweet borne out of rage and frustration and a lack of forethought triggers a series of completely DISPROPORTIONAL sorrow-driven responses. The extent of the disproportionality can be seen in him not just filing a police report, but writing to the PRIME MINISTER, MINISTRY OF HOME AFFAIRS and even, to the INTERNAL SECURITY DEPARTMENT. Really, the ISD. I think this is demonstrative of how far this has gone out of control, and how, even as much as blame can be attributed to Shimun, that she has been disproportionately victimized.The ISA an act to allow for the preventive detention of individuals suspected of causing a threat to NATIONAL SECURITY. It is used only as a last resort because it is such an extreme measure where the individual is denied a right to trial. Do we really think that she is deserving of this? Is her life worth destroying because of all this self-generating anger and hatred?

    This has to stop because the Internet has enabled the whole situation to be exacerbated a hundred-fold. What we have is no longer merely rational anti-racism responses, but rather it seems to me that it has become something of a race war – a gathering of support of people of a similar race trying to take the moral high ground to fight against a ‘common enemy’. Is this really the correct response even though it is her fault? They seem to be baying for blood, searching for a scapegoat to vindicate their mob hysteria and she happens to be the victim. Give it a rest already, and let it all die down. I’m sure we’ve all read all the verbal abuse hurled against her – some of them really unwarranted. Don’t you think she’s already learnt her lesson, many times over?! Do we really want to encourage this online vindictiveness, this culture of publicly shaming someone who has done something we’re not happy with because we know how easy things spread on the internet or this culture of ‘seeking legal action’ just for the sake of ‘teaching someone a lesson’?

  44. Dhina said

    hahah this reminds me of the curry incident and there was a facebook group to cook curry on a certain about we also don’t bathe for 24 hours and go take the mrt the next day?…

  45. Thomas said

    There are three important things here:
    1. Idots should not use social media (this shows the pitfall)
    2. Total lack of respect of private space (sue the “friend” for destroying her life. She is only a teenager.
    3. Singaporeans need to grow up. Not just being politically correct. Singapore needs a real dialogue to address what is; racism, xenophobia and the nations history.
    There is not point in saying “we are a multi-curtual nation”. Especially, if we have not been thought or brought up believing in it at home.

  46. das said

    students in nyp r forwading for address by sms is it true ?

  47. No Name said

    Actually i have read all the above comments. And what she has posted on Twitter and facebook. I don;t have much things to say…….. I think she does not deserve to be a Poly Student dats all

  48. Yoshi said

    be honest. who has never laugh at a racist joke before — whichever race you are?

  49. payel said

    why people here always target Indians?? what kind of frustration they have?….I think people r too immature they even don’t realise what bullshit they r talking….I heard so many Chinese people saying bad thing about Indians as if they r god’s fav childs…specially when it comes to Indian foreigners….local people have lots of complain about those people because they r getting high salary and jobs…..but before complaining they don’t even think that these people are capable of getting it..companies r not fool….they don’t have fascination about any races….if locals r affected by it they should ask govt …no point of blaming Indian as where ever they go they will get good job those who r capable…..btn don’t u guys should think it in other way….those experts r spending more than 50% of there income here interms of tax, rent, household expenses…which actually making ur economy strong…?? .and how about the advantage u people take??…make fool ur govt by giving them ur hdb/ condo with high rent & without paying stamp duty/tax??…..any way, probably the locals those who have so many complains have not heard about ” Global Village”…where people will migrate from one country to another to exchange knowledge where is open economy…and don’t think Singapore is heaven for these foreigners what they r getting will get everywhere even in India……

    Now regarding smell /body odour some people definitely have problems regardless of races nothing to do with Indian as Indians take bath regularly it’s related to their culture & religion…without taking bath they can’t pray….but most of the people from whose this odour comes r construction worker or labour …….do u expect them to use deo??…..don’t u have sympathy for their heavy physical work and lifestyle…? I saw in mrt people avoid those seat just beside where a construction worker siting….don’t u think it inhuman…? ….I notice some Eurasian / Ang moh also smell badly ( as it’s their culture not to take bath everyday)…but people r very fine with them….why??…they r god.??…definitely for some as I see some people try so heard to copy them…… Lai Shimun is one of them…..she should be punished not by counseling ….

    • Naveen said

      Well said Payel……. I am totally agree with you in each every single thing you mentioned. Actually she does not deserve to be a student NYP. NYP is such a big name in Singapore lots of brilliant talent from Singapore and as well as from other countries in it. She is really doesnt deserve for this school.

  50. Suguna said

    Well, I hope most of us realise that it is only the Chinese that can come up with such remarks on indians. This clearly shows how “Cultured” they are and the parents of Lai Shimun ought to be ashamed of having such a daughter. Most Indians have a religion, be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, etc so such remarks are not easy to be heard from them. I hope this summarises my opinion of Lai Shimun’s upbringing. I think we should leave Lai Shimun and hope she realises how cheap she is with her mentality. Her comments are only bringing shame to her parents as well as to the Chinese community. This is like “the Negros calling the Indians black”

  51. Sophie said

  52. anu said

    Gosh , seriously people, the best we can come up with is slinging mud at each other ? Interesting how race has come to the fore recently. Anyway, as a Singaporean living abroad, all i can say is that it’s sad to see the country disintegrating from within. Anyone care to give true racial harmony, acceptance and all of that a chance ? i really don’t think it’s productive to call each other yellow, brown, black, smelly or whatever. We are all human and we come in different forms and fragrances. DEAL WITH IT !!!

  53. Jeffrey said

    Come on haters and keyword warriors, I do agree with PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan.
    That young lady had apologised for her mistakes, we should let it go.
    Admit it, who haven’t done or said ignorant and insensitive stuff like that in the younger stage of their life?

    Point is, people make mistakes in life and if they realise their mistakes, admits it openly and tries to move on, let them move on.

  54. payel said

    those who r saying forget & move on…..for them may be it’s just an another immature comment…..but I say the root is very deep….some people here r really racist….no matter how much they shout …..most of the Chinese Singaporean don’t like people from PRC…probably they believe they r superior than them ….they even don’t realise if they go overseas people will only recognise them as chinese for them it doesn’t make any diff whether they r Singaporean Chinese or PRC Chinese….It’s just the fact that local people’s parents leave that country 20/30 yrs back and people from PRC leaving China now , which doesn’t make them inferior….

    I see lot’s of people shouting about foreigners working here…if today all the foreigners leave ur country will it be very good for ur country??…..forget about economy….in a cheap sense what u will do with ur 3-4 houses which became ur main source of income in terms of rent and capital gain from selling them ?? those Indians working here if they leave this country they will loose nothing as they will get job in anywhere but r u people capable to work in those position what they will leave?? ….some even take the name of city bank as Indian’s heaven….do u think citybank is India’s govt bank??….The Shareholders/ management of citybank r so fool??….Indians r working there without any capability….??…don’t be so hypocrite….u know the fact steel u r not accepting it…..

  55. angalamadora said

    Im a Singaporean Indian and I find it crucial to specify my ‘breed’ because it’s becoming difficult to comprehend what we’re fighting for.

    From TOC and it’s resources I understand that Ms Lai is a Singaporean. So she’s not a Malaysian nor is she from any other country. That would help us narrow down our worries/queries. So there’s absolutely no need to include foreigners into this squabble we Singaporeans ourselves have got into.

    My another point would be that although I do not know if Ms Lai was talking about the Indian Nationals ( people from India), she has made a grave mistake by tweeting about her ‘frustrations’. It really doesn’t matter if she truthfully feels that way towards us Indians but it is important that she is sensitive towards other races in Singapore. Is this what our society becoming to? Tweeting or Facebooking about every single ‘fustration’ you have against a certain race? Or is blogging about it acceptable as well? Mr Stanley Hart’s blogpost about us was worse than Ms Lai’s tweet.

    There are two things we can learn about this:

    1) Shut the shit up even if you genuinely feel unhappy towards a race/group of people. Need to vent your anger? There are a million ways to do it out of cyber.
    2)Always remember to look at individuals beyond their ethnicity especially now that we all are living in a multiracial society.

    What’s done is done, Ms Lai said what she said. Mr Hart blogged out whatever he had to say too. The hurt they have caused my Indians and myself is definitely a lot. I strongly feel that they both need severe punishments so that the entire society prevents more hurt among races. The government should also understand that now that we all are merely tolerating each other, it is very easy for our society to split.

  56. Prince said

    Hei come on la!! This is not the 1st tym this is happening!! “graciously forgive and move on” pls Mr MP, ask urself this question, and this had happened to a Chinese race by an Indian or Malay, will u still say graciously forgive and move on even after an apology?? And apology for wat!! So no for every mistakes done like this.. For any time in future there’s going to be a racial comment on Indians by you Chinese, as this is not the 1st, only a sorry is the cure for it. So can we keep u responsible tat this thing will not happen again anywhere around the world??

  57. Prince said

    Oh yah.. Forgot to apologize.. I’m sorry for saying “you Chinese” in my earlier comment.. So pls forgive me graciously and kindly move on.. Thks and regards

    • payel said

      u will not be forgiven….how dare u called ‘you Chinese’ to Chinese people…..Chinese is related to China only and they don’t like China…..don’t u know they r the God’s favorite child and superior animal on the earth…:))…and by the way they r not gracious at all….haven’t u seen in train how they occupy the reserve seat and pretend to sleep whenever a pregnant women comes towards that seat….so don’t expect anything from them even not forgiveness….don’t forget the punishment what that Chinese boy got……and don’t be so relax after thinking Miss Lai case because her case is different …;)

  58. payel said

    Indians are more tolerant than any other races that’s why they are the easy target…..and some smart local people said the comment of this stupid lady is for Indian Nationals and then they started blaming Indian foreigners….and they also saying they have no problems with local Indians…probably they want to reduce the frustration of local Indians and show how much they care for them….but I believe the insult is for both citizen since they represents the same Indian culture……

    Personally I feel disgusted when I see some local Chinese ( I never seen any other races doing that) with their runny nose…no matter where they are sitting in train or in office they will force their nose to discharge fluid so much ( sometimes I feel their internal organs will come out) and so ridiculous sound with a poor tissue paper I feel like vomiting….they can do that in toilet but they will do it everywhere probably they copied it from their favorite Angmoh, some people also have skin disease which I see very frequently may be because of the local weather ……but even if I don’t like it I never say anything because the choice is mine I can easily avoid what I don’t like….. that’s our culture… question to this stupid lady is ….is the bodyodur (we don’t accept that it comes from Indians only, anybody can be responsible) more dangerous than flu/coldvirus and skin disease…??..probably u don’t have any answer because neither u have true education neither a brain to think….u r just a spoiled child with empty mind……

  59. anonymousorconvicted said

    This problem has always been around. All this hype just because a person expressed what she thought? The core of the problem is what people think, not expressing what they think. Many people may hold the same sentiments but just because they didn’t write it on twitter and got caught doesn’t mean they do not exchange the same ideas verbally. Are they right then? It’s harder to hold them accountable then because it’s not in black and white and hence no evidence to hold against them. Is it acceptable then? People who have lived in Singapore for a reasonable amount of time shouldn’t be surprised that these sentiments exist. By punishing this girl, we are saying that it is perfectly alright to be racist but just don’t tweet about it, at least ensure that there is no evidence to convict you. Is that the message that we want to send out?

    What we need to do is change the mindset of the average majority. Who can do that other than the government? But the thing is that the government holds the same beliefs, that is why it is so easy for the MP to deprecate such comments. So, what’s the solution? I have no idea either… change PAP? How sure can you be that the replacement will be better?

    I really hated doing National Service because i have no sense of belonging to this segregated country. You expect me to sacrifice my life for this? Psst..

    Seriously, if mandarin is genuinely so critical for Singapore’s economy to prosper, why not make it obligatory for everyone in schools to learn it? Why isn’t MOE doing anything about it? If mandarin is not crucial why do SOOO many job advertisements require ‘Mandarin speaking [personnel] to liaise with clients’. I’m pretty sure that many of these jobs don’t actually require mandarin to undertake the job tasks, but they use this to practice discrimination. It’s just a better way of phrasing ‘only Chinese job seekers’. Also IF government does take any action against this kind of listing on advertisements, it is just as easy for the employers to disregard resume from non-Chinese personnel. Hence i sincerely think that the mindset of the people should be changed.

    So immigration is a good choice if you don’t want to deal with this sort of prejudice AT WORK, because those REAL first world countries practice meritocracy. The biggest hurdle is converting to their citizenship because, as a foreigner, there isn’t much that you can do although meritocracy is in play. Because those countries actually value their people over foreigners. Much unlike here. This is a whole different topic altogether. My post too has little to do with the main issue here but i am sure many people from the minority race share the same sentiments.

  60. prince said

    so what happened to the case now!!! bloody hell!! its been a week and there’s no action taken abt this act!!!!!

  61. garry said

    Lai Shimun my dear, come visit us in new delhi in north india. Most of your ilk and are here working as hairdressers and foot massage girls. We call them chinkies ?? no love lost my love. You smack us once over and we smack you twice over. My friends employ chinese maids for their 5 star hotels here. So get a life and conduct a reality check on how you are perceived out of your country and in “india”

  62. garry said

    Hey Payel, She is not a spoiled child, she is brain dead and brought up in a country where she is fed crappy propaganda for news. My clients employ these type of people as bar girls and waitresses in our hotels here in Delhi. Frankly she needs a kick in her butt

  63. garry said

    And I say this as a citizen not a outsider

  64. Altair said

    Seriously damn it, this girl had got some damn issues with herself. I hate detest people who judge,and I am a freaking indian, Lai Shimun, you don’t condemn my people.

  65. […] headlines as early as 2005, such as in the case of Gan Huai Shi, or more recently, in the case of Lai Shimun. So I searched online for Amy Cheong’s specific post. It has been taken down, but netizens […]

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