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SHOCKING: Woman’s buttocks burnt by concentrated sulfuric acid on SMRT train and requires skin grafting!

Posted by temasektimes on March 27, 2012

Taking MRT trains is becoming a daily hazard for Singaporeans of late. Not only must one face the inconveniences caused by the frequent train delays, breakdowns and ‘ponding’ from leaking air-con, one may also be burnt by unknown fluids left on MRT seats as one unfortunate woman discovered.

According to media reports, the woman boarded a SMRT train at Raffles Place on her way home and sat on an empty seat which appeared to be wet.

Thinking that the transparent fluid is water, the woman sat on it only to discovered a stinging sensation to her buttocks. The pain got worse and worse and she eventually alighted at Dhoby Ghaut MRT station to check into a lady’s toilet.

To her shock, she discovered her buttocks was ‘burnt’. On admission to the hospital, she was told she required skin grafting due to the extensive damage. The transparent fluid is likely to be highly concentrated sulfuric acid.

When contacted by the media, a SMRT spokesperson said a police report has been lodged over the incident.


Most plastics such as FEP (fluorinated ethylene propylene) can withstand concentrated acid for up to 30 days without damage.  Update your knowledge in Chemistry here.


62 Responses to “SHOCKING: Woman’s buttocks burnt by concentrated sulfuric acid on SMRT train and requires skin grafting!”

  1. Ken Lee said

    speechless !!

  2. Bernard Wang said

    This is a sad incident but hopefully we can learn something from it.

    Hopefully, commuters will stop rushing for seats.

  3. Derp said

    Did her fanny go on fire too?

  4. Could it be leaked gas liquid from a lighter??

  5. Ron Lim said

    A few weeks ago, one of the seats in the last carriage of a MRT train had a puddle of clear fluid which I assumed was water. Many people were warned not to sit on it.

    When I got off at Clementi, I told the Control Office to call ahead to Jurong East (the next stop) to get someone to clean it up.

    I now shudder to think that may also be a nasty fluid.

    Why would someone spill acid onto a seat? It is as good as an act of terrorism. Can anyone provide details on date and timing of this acid incident.

    • herpderp said

      zero fatalities and its as good as an act of terrorism?

      • Ron Lim said

        You do not need fatalities or even serious injuries to classify it as terrorism. Many years ago, the extremist group Aum Shinrikyo released sarin gas inside the Tokyo MRT and it was a big terror incident with fatalities and injuries. Just has to be extra cautious.

        This acid accident need to be thoroughly investigated. Is it a test by a group with more sinister intent? What did the videos and electronic records capture?

        We cannot be complacent. No one brings a bottle of acid into the train or leave it on the seat. However, it can be a one-off incident in that a laboratory bottle containing acid accidentally leaked and no none noticed. But let’s have the investigation first. Still why would anyone be carrying acids around?

      • lalala said

        lol herp u like to troll people? almost on every posts, i see you commenting with sarcasm.

  6. me said

    The police better form a urgent task force to nab this criminal before more damage is done to commuters.

    Sulfuric acid can blind if it enters the eyes.

    A campaign must be launched to warn the public.

    This idiot must be stopped. God help us. What is happening to this country?

  7. Lee said

    Tissue paper. Wipe before you sit down.

  8. Jay said

    why would she sit on a wet seat!!!!

  9. duckkie said

    Fluid of that concentration doesn’t lay around like that. Might be a sabotage, hope the police will get to the bottom of this before anyone butt get burnt again.

  10. dickhead duh! said

    fake la, CCB. you all morons. 😀

  11. Herp said

    wah not bad she endured 2 stations before getting off and checking out why her butt felt so pain

  12. Ahmad said

    How come the “acid” didn’t have any effect on the plastic seat……make me wonder….????

  13. Murthabak said


    and there go your hands. Should use tongue instead =P

  14. Zaki said

    Good job to the MRT SECURITY!!! Kudos!!! How can those dangerous substances get on to trains without being detected? Taxpayer money well spent!! Or those security only check harmless aunties and uncles? Btw do they really know how to distinguish dangerous substances and IMPROVISED EXPLOSIVE DEVICES IN THE FIRST PLACE!!

    • Ryan said

      SO what do you propose? Check everybody’s bags? Follow airport rules, no fluids allowed on trains? Have passengers go through metal detectors? Don’t be retard.

    • Derp said

      You’ve got to be kidding me. One can only assume you’ll be the first one to complain if SMRT starts to check everyone’s bags.

  15. Jaelyn said

    If it’s acid, no point cleaning with tissues..
    Besides, there should be sign of corrosion on the seat caused by the acid as a warning isn’t it?

  16. wtf said

    those gurkhas that patrol the mrts and stations…. hello do something la!

  17. Saravanan said

    Just imagine if it happen to a kid….I shudder to think of the result….who ever left it must be heartless!!!!

  18. fxc said

    I believe the culprit who did that is traceable, concentrated sulfuric is a controlled substance and can only be obtained or rather used in laboratories/ industrial use. Whoever managed to obtain concentrated sulfuric acid couldn’t have just been “anyone”.

  19. alamak said

    cctv on trains liao…wtf !

  20. NDRue said

    I have doubts over this. Highly concentrated sulfuric acid would literally burn through the carriage’s plastic seats, unless our seats are coated with glass – which I highly doubt so judging from the number of times I’ve witnessed rabid monkeys jumping all over the seats screaming.

  21. Wawan said

    Why on earth did she sat on a “wet” seat? She surely knows her clothing will get wet or dirty right…?

  22. Daniel Koh said

    In response to Comment 7: Unless you are wearing appropriate gloves, do not simply wipe the acid with tissue paper. Your fingers may be burnt when in contact with the liquid. It is better to just alert the authorities and leave the seat alone.

  23. My point of view said

    if she wipes with tissue paper, think her hand will suffers too, who would have thought that this kind of incident would happened to our train. Nowadays, anything can happen, since it can happen to SMRT train seat, it also means that it can happen in other places, other seats. Think it’s very dangerous for one who possess this kind of strong acid with bad intention around us, one can get hurt, any time, any where.

  24. retardpost said

    seems legit!! that only appears in temasektimes…..

  25. bernard tan said

    won’t concentrated acid damage the seat?

  26. Ron Lim said

    How did a passenger manage to deliberately put acid on the seat? And if its sulphuric acid, did it not burn the plastic seat too?

    Why no updates from the Police? There would be residue and they can establish the strenght of the acid. The problem with Spore is that it is “under investigation” i.e. no further comments. The public needs updates fast to avoid further fears and rumours.

    Be it alleged kidnapping attempts, assaults, other incidents… in this world of instant googling comments like “under investigation” is no longer sufficient.

    And how can the public be educated on what to do when they spot wet seats? What are the emergency buttons for? Silence in the media. Silence from the MRTC. Not good.

  27. Asus guy said

    Hey guys,

    Tips on Surviving on Sinkie Island:

    1. Bring a litmus strip wherever you go and test for acidity of any potential fluid you are going to be exposed to.
    2. Keep a watchful on your toddler or child wherever you go. Bring your camera along and take quick snaps of potential organ harvesters.
    3. Do not be outnumbered by Aliens. Try not to be alone in places where there is a high concentration of foreigners. Bring a few friends along just in case. You will never know!
    4. Learn some Pinoy/PRC/Viet language and feign alliance in hostile situations where you are outnumbered.
    5. Always travel early to avoid MRT breakdowns. Bring your own oxygen tank along just in case.
    6. Get a pair of water-proof shoes and water-proof pants when you go Orchard.
    7. Always post anonymously online in case you get whacked.

    Things are getting more exciting on our tiny island!

  28. Daily Traveller said

    Does that make those grey baret trans-securities useless?

  29. Alexander Tan said

    Karma ! Desperate for a seat ! Who in the right frame of mind sits on a wet train seat?? Pure stupidity..

  30. xiao said

    Whatever it is, this is serious case as this involve national security. Pls investigate it and let public know the truth.

  31. MeGusta said

    Who in the world with a mind would sit on a seat with a puddle of liquid?!

  32. A n on said

    Leaking vehicle battery perhaps? unfortunate accident? No need to jump to conclusions straight away!

  33. […] Read related article. […]

  34. Save Singapore said

    Common sense tells me that we wipe the seat to make it dry before we sit on it otherwise our clothes get wet. Putting aside this fact, the question who did it or made the seat wet with acid – intentional or accidental.

    If it was accidental, the person responsible should have wiped the seat. That would have been a responsible thing to do.

    If it is intentional to cause damage to the seat or have fun at seeing others suffer, then I am disappointed with the act of vandalism. If the intent is to cause harm and endanger lives, the person responsible should be traced and taken to task. This can be classified as an act of terrorism.

    SPF – please do the investigations quickly and arrest the culprits.

  35. patan said

    Now see what our government had to say and what MRT respone. MRT is getting from BAD to worse.

  36. Jasmine said

    We must learn from this n be more alert near future, if something looks not right we better be careful n always keep a good look out.

  37. biccherry said

    Pls state if your photo is from istock photo or smth, I don’t think the woman was burnt so badly nor was her left arm burnt. Your photo constitutes scandalous misrepresentation of fact.

  38. AnonO said

    Well, u can’t blame SMRT for this. It just isn’t their fault at all.

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