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Suspected ‘kidnapping’ at Northpoint: Child’s stroller almost pushed away by PRC man

Posted by temasektimes on March 27, 2012

One week after two suspected ‘kidnapping’ cases were reported in Ang Mo Kio Hub and Simei, another incident surfaced today at Northpoint shopping center in Yishun.

A netizen ‘Hwai Kee’ shared his unpleasant encounter with a PRC man on Facebook just one hour ago:

“My son was almost pushed away in a stroller at north point. We were looking into the baby spa when I turn around, saw a china man holding the handle of my son stroller…”

[Source: Hwai Kee’s Facebook]

Unfortunately, Hwai Kee was too shocked and angry to take a snapshot of the PRC man:

“….when I turned around and star at him, he walked away suspiciously. Was too angry and forgot to snap a picture of him!”

According to one netizen Timothy Hou, such incidents are real and not mere rumors:

“Just overheard at Sengkang CC the teacher sharing with a parent about similar incidences at Simei recently.”

The police has not issued any other statements to reassure the public except calling on Singaporeans not to spread ‘unsubstantiated information’ which will create unnecessary ‘alarm’.

A media blackout appears to be imposed by the mainstream media as if nothing has happened. Singaporeans are advised to take a SNAPSHOT of any stranger suspecting of taking your child away immediately and post it online to increase public awareness.


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10 Responses to “Suspected ‘kidnapping’ at Northpoint: Child’s stroller almost pushed away by PRC man”

  1. phil said

    These people might not be chinese from china. They could be chinese singaporeans. Before the truth is out, let’s not get too carried away. More importantly, we must keep a close eye on our children constantly.

  2. Chico said

    freaking PRC is making my dear country unsafe anymore like before, wherelse the people who import them are always safe behind closed door, we are the one who are paying the taxes and our safety are being compromised, this is not fair at all, i hope that one day the PRC will do harm to the importers in order for them to stop importing.

  3. stupididioticdriver said

    Phil >> R u from china so i r defendin them… Anyway no body noes whether all tis r real or juz made up to create waves aft e 1st news report… Juz wait n c lo..

  4. stupididioticdriver said

    Chico >> I totally agree wif wat u said… Those freakin PRC r too much of a nuisance here n so thick skin to mingle among us… Hope they wil juz f**k bk to their country n not come disturb us… Pray…

  5. Albert George Young said

    What is the Police doing? We often see these burly looking Police in Grey Beret at MRT stations and shopping Centres in Orchard Road. Why not deploy them at these places mentioned!

  6. singapuraboi said

    Singapore used to be safe until the arrival of the PRCs. Their list of transgression inlude abusing animals, insulting their host, cheating, seducing other peopl’s husbands, and now kidnapping… what’s next?

  7. Derp said

    was too angry and forgot to snap a picture of him???

    Why not ask him to pose first? I will provide lighting.
    WTF Mum, this guy attempts to kidnap your kid, and the best you could do is take a photo?

  8. somethingsimple said

    If the person tried to take away the child, this is definitely cause for concern. And justly so, investigations should be pursued if possible.

    But isn’t it more than a little unfair to defame an entire race of people for the mistake of a few? Kind of the equivalent of saying that all Muslims must be terrorists or all Americans are stupid or Germans are Nazis. And because they are foreigners they don’t have the right to “mingle among us” (as Stupididioticdriver as so eloquently put)? It’s beginning to sound like the Germany during the Holocaust or the colonial US in times of slavery. What next? Different toilets? Walk on different parts of the street? Different buses?

    I am not from the People’s Republic of China and in fact not even Chinese. But these comments truly makes me worry whether the real unseen threat is the propagation of such prejudice and hate to our children.

  9. Ava said

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