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VIDEO: PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan urges Singaporeans to accept Sun Xu’s apology and move on graciously

Posted by temasektimes on March 27, 2012

In an interview with Channel 8, PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan urges Singaporeans to accept NUS PRC scholar Sun Xu’s apology and move on graciously:

“The student concerned. He has made an apology unreservedly and he has been issued a punishment from NUS and I think for us as Singaporeans, we ought to accept what has happened. Since he has apologized, we should accept it graciously and all of us should move on.”

Channel 8 also interviewed a few NUS students who felt Sun Xu should be held responsible for his comments made online.

Listen to what MP Lim has to say below:


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6 Responses to “VIDEO: PAP MP Lim Biow Chuan urges Singaporeans to accept Sun Xu’s apology and move on graciously”

  1. Will these white scums be as gracious when others comment negatively on them ? Confirm lawsuit for libel.

  2. Clive said

    wait what? really? lets say i insult your family members, apologize whether i mean it or not, compensate you and then you tell me in my face you forgive me. hows that sound?

  3. Ron Lim said

    I fully support that. Spore has to be magnanimous.

    The netizens are to be congratulated for taking up the issue so that NUS had to publish the outcome of their disciplinary proceedings which were supposed to be confidential.

    It is time to forgive and to move on.

  4. singapuraboi said

    hah! Apology is one thing but whether he has learnt his lesson is another. I suspect he is now even more belligerent. Racial prejudice? Singapore is a very tolerant society, it is the govt insensitivity towards the citizens in many areas that has led to hieghtened ethnocentricism.

    What is happening here is not really racism but what is termed as “Cabin Fever” which is a reaction to squeezing too many people in one small square foot of space. We are stepping on each other’s toes. The old man glared at Sun Xu but did not pass any racial slurs, which means that glare could be thrown at just anybody regardless of race.

    Scholarships and jobs given too freely to foreigners has resulted in the divide and the “us and them syndrome”. No minimum wage protection and citizenry benefits and priorities, and turning Singapore into a United Nations has cheapen the value of the Singapoe citizenship. The govt has trampled on our national pride and dignity. Repeated appeals have fallen on deaf ears and now the citizenry is taking things into their own hands. Most of the racial remarks are ususally made by angst ridden teenagers and not the majority of the citizenry. I believe that the young should be counseled and sanctioned but need not be a police case.

    the govt profiteering corporations are practicing what is considred reverse discrimination. Reverse, inverse or whichever, discrimination is discrimination. But at the national level, this form of discrimination is more vicious and lethal that just Facebook rants. So should the citizenry take up a legal case against the govt for their racial inclinations?

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