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Cross-dressed foreign doc from CGH Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen EXPOSED his genitals to NUS student

Posted by temasektimes on March 28, 2012

A doctor from the Department of Geriatric Medicine at Changi General Hospital, Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen pleaded guilty on Tuesday to cross-dressing as a junior college schoolgirl and exposing himself to a NUS undergraduate.

The court learnt that the 37 year old medical doctor was loitering at a lift lobby in Clementi while donning a school uniform of Victoria Junior College, comprising a top and a skirt.

When he caught the attention of the girl, he lifted his skirt in her direction and expose his genitals as the lift doors were closing. A police report was made and Dr Ngeow was arrested the following month.

Dr Ngeow is currently out on $10,000 bail and the next hearing has been fixed on 24 April. For the offence, he could be jailed up to one year and fined. A pre-sentence report has been ordered to assess his suitability for probation. His defence lawyer claimed he has been secretly ‘cross-dressing’ since he was nine years old.

Dr Ngeow was born in Malaysia and studied at Raffles Institution and Victoria Junior College. He obtained his medical degree from Australia’s University of Melborune.

It is not known if Dr Ngeow is still practicing in Singapore as his name was not found on the register of doctors maintained by the Singapore Medical Council.


7 Responses to “Cross-dressed foreign doc from CGH Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen EXPOSED his genitals to NUS student”

  1. Lim said

    his name still on

  2. creative mind said

    is this foreign talent we want?

    A good government should know how to manage, and
    one of the old management theory:

    1. Do not take in talent, do not train a talent person if
    he is not honest, rightful people, as talent people will
    do more harm than non talent people, if he is not
    guided/supervised properly. Look at Hitler, who is also
    talent, but he did create “turbulence” in the world.

    Take in honest, rightful people and train them or
    train them to be talent.

    2. Top talent will not be “exported to other countries” and
    therefore, every country had to “train” his top talent.

    This simple theory was not followed by our government,
    and why?

    What is the moral aspect for a doctor?

    What are the character report for such institutions, like Raffles Institution,
    Victoria College, University of Melborune?

    If government want to bring in talent, I suggest they do a
    “strict rule, strict regulation, strict discipline” to check on
    the talent before bring in them. They must have reputable
    reference person, they must have reputable character
    record, etc…. Do not take thing for granted.

    Some thing is wrong some where.
    Good checking is lacked behind.
    Do not take thing for granted.
    No country will give us top talent,
    and we should train our top talent.

    • Cassandra Wong said

      I am very surprised that this whole incident which is a criminal offence is taken so lightly! I am perplexed! Can someone enlighten me on what is going on?

    • blilas said

      obviously he’s mentally stressed or sick, can happen to anyone, Singaporean or otherwise. Not be’c he’s a “foreign talent”.

      And seriously, many cross-dressers can function as normal and are totally productive, plus he’s obviously intelligent, so not surprized that friends, schools or colleagues never caught on.

      And how do you proposed to take only the good FT and weed out the bad?? have you created a truth potion that we don’t know about? Have you not concealed certain truth during interviews when you know that it would decrease your chances of getting the job? All your ideas are great except how do you propose to implement them? Do you think the govt want to flood Singapore with people with no moral values… but how do you know everything about anyone?

      Talk about doctors with(out) morals, remember that Good Doctor, Dr Susan Lim, Singaporean, I believe, who charged her Bruneian patient who just happened to be royalty, SGD40Mil for 4 years of cancer treatment. If doctors all cost this much, all insurance companies will go bust.

      I know, by now you think I must be either a foreigner or a PAP supporter. I’m neither, I’m a proud Singaporean, born and raise here and I’m Pro-Singapore.

      Don’t make this out to be a FT issue. This is a sick person who happens to be born overseas and is also a doctor. Can’t doctors ever be sick? They are also human.

  3. Wesley said

    This is a form of personality disorder and we should give him a second chance as he is now under treatment now.
    Please do not be so judgemental & harsh, there are always ups & downs in ones life and you will never know when is your turn to fall !

  4. Skywalker said

    This is not an issue of FT. He’s been living in Singapore for the most part of his life.
    There are much more heinous crimes out there everyday. While what was done is not right, it must have been the stresses of work and life that caused a wire to snap.
    He’s much loved by his friends, colleagues and patients, and has contributed much to the healthcare system in Singapore. Give the guy some credit.
    Everyone has some degree of personality disorder, and depending on the society one is in, some things are acceptable whilst others are not.

  5. Why said

    Can you trust a doctor of unsound mind?
    Why only 1 year probation?
    If this guy is a not a doctor, will he get 1 year probation?

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