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Fairmont client complains of ‘drop’ in service standards with more ‘FTs’ working there as call for boycott continues

Posted by temasektimes on March 28, 2012

The ongoing controversy surrounding insensitive remarks made by Brian Tan Cheow Eng, the Director of Quality at Fairmont Hotel and Resorts look set to cause more damage to the international hotel chain as angry clients lodged complaints about the ‘drop’ in its service standards online.

In a discussion thread on Facebook about a Swiss lawyer’s comments on Singaporeans not being ‘entitled to jobs in their own country’, Mr Tan argued that it is not the job of the government to protect the jobs of Singaporeans and bemoaned the poor quality of Singapore workers:

“If you do that in the private sector, no company would want to move here just to hire WEAK and LAZY Singaporeans.”

Fairmont has indicated on its Facebook that it will ‘investigate’ the matter and stressed that its position is ‘different’ from Mr Tan. However, this still does not stop disappointed clients from lampooning it.

One former client of Fairmont Hotel Robin Koh claimed that its service standards have dropped with more foreigners on its payroll:

“I have dined at many of Fairmont Hotel’s outlets but find their service standard dropped ever since they have more FTs working there. In the days when most of the staff were Singaporeans or Malaysians, the service was more sincere and refine. I have since stopped patronising their outlets.”

[Source: Fairmont’s Facebook]

Meanwhile, netizens continue to call for a boycott of Fairmont till Mr Tan apologizes to Singaporeans for hurting their feelings.

Samuel Lee wrote:

“My company is boycotting fairmont! we are going elsewhere for events! we are not spending good singapore dollars in a hotel with high ranking employee that thinks singaporeans are weak & lazy!”

Jerrie Low added:

“I’m gonna convince my friends to boycott fairmont hotel or else fire Brian Tan.”


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3 Responses to “Fairmont client complains of ‘drop’ in service standards with more ‘FTs’ working there as call for boycott continues”

  1. Exaggerated said

    It is not only hotels and restaurants whom employs FTs has bad service. Frankly, all other places who employs FTs have terrible non chalant attitude towards service. To be fair, only a handful has good working attitude.

  2. Keugene said

    My sincerly repect those who stand up for Singaporean to boycott this Hotel . They want to earn money from us but they condemn all their Singaporean Customer . Please bear in mind that if u petronise their Hotel , u r selling your pride to them in return of their poor service.

  3. lu now said

    Yes, the Front desk are staffed by non Singaporeans. When I stayed there two years ago, I was served by a trainee from China. Pleasant trainee but NOT well trained. Her supervisor is an Indian from India. Overprices hotel.

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