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‘Good’ friend of Lai Shimun now ‘regrets’ sabotaging her by sharing her ‘racist’ tweet

Posted by temasektimes on March 28, 2012

It was supposedly a private tweet visible only to her circle of friends, but Alice (not her real name) felt so peeved off that she re-tweeted it to teach her good friend Lai Shimun a lesson and probably one which she will never forget in her life.

The ‘racist’ post by Ms Lai went viral in cyberspace in hours, sparking a massive outcry among Singaporeans and a police report was lodged against her.

Speaking to queries from the media, Alice now has second thoughts about her actions:

“I just want to teach her a lesson…I didn’t know that this will get so big. I feel kind of guilty.”

Alice were schoolmates with Ms Lai at Catholic Junior College. She said she didn’t want to confront her directly because she knew her personally and they have many mutual friends.

Till today, Ms Lai is probably still kept in the dark on the identity of ‘Alice’ who turned her life upside down at the press of a button.

(We have received a tip-off that the real name of ‘Alice’ is ‘Celia’. If you have more information about her, please email us at


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17 Responses to “‘Good’ friend of Lai Shimun now ‘regrets’ sabotaging her by sharing her ‘racist’ tweet”

  1. Dude said

    Shameful friend. (1) You betrayed her privacy *locked* (2) You betrayed her trust (3) You are dishonest by not coming upfront
    Who do you think you are to ‘teach’ someone a lesson?
    If by lesson you mean public humiliation.
    A good friend will at least try to make her see the ugly side of prejudice first and counsel. And if refused, you have a choice
    to terminate or unfriend your friendship with her since ‘you are the one’ who is uncomfortable. Yet, you cowardly hide behind this
    sabotage, while perching high on a moral high ground to ‘teach her a lesson’.
    Think before you act young people. And think before you tweet.

  2. Sean said

    kharma’s a bitch, just like ‘Alice’. she’ll get her just desserts one of these days.

  3. spotlessleopard said

    All people should understand Cyberspace is a jungle and there are no secrets…..

  4. OAH said

    With friends like “Alice” who needs enemies ??

    Stabbing you in the back, then say ‘sorry’.

    She is the real bitch.

  5. aaaa said

    “Alice” is a back stabbing bitch who circulated a friend’s private message that was meant for a small group of close friends. That’s as bad as idiotic men who upload their girlfriend/wife’s private nude photos to the internet just for kicks.

    If the police are investigating anyone, they should be investigating Alice for circulating the message, which would be the real cause of any racial tensions.

  6. Maxie said

    With friends like this, who needs enemies!

  7. Ron Lim said

    Teach your friend a lesson? Teach yourself a lesson first. If you cannot respect privacy you have no right to any friends. Who will trust you in future?

    If your friend is unreasonable, then find time to reason with her. Tell her you strongly disagree. With this wildfire, your friend could easily be so overwhelmed and commit suicide too. And then you know what a friend you are.

    PrIvate conversations are private. Period. And we not sensationalize and tell the whole world.

  8. Thomas said

    This is another form of cyber bullying or “Bit-hing”. Totally, destroying her friends life for 15 sec of fame.
    I would sue this friend.

  9. anakin said

    Hmmm….Seem a lot like Denise He this ‘Alice’

  10. Sophie said

    It’s called justice. Shimun got what she deserved. Kudos to “Alice” for being brave enough to stand up for what is right.

    • Awreccan said

      ^Agree. The people above are just cowards who won’t accept the racially insensitive nature of the comment, who probably secretly agree with it, and who’ll grasp at straws to distract from the real issue at hand.

      In any case, all you sore losers should know that though Twitter disallows private tweets from being retweeted, it’s very easy to copy-paste and append an ‘RT @so-and-so’ to any tweet, private or not. Many private tweets have gone viral like this in the past, and the onus was on this Shimun girl to know that saying such a thing on a social networking site is not the most private way of saying it, and has every possibility of turning into the fiasco it has turned into.

      • Ron Lim said

        The name calling is irresponsible. Racial, religious bigotry cannot be condoned. However the fundamental principal is a private tweeting and no different than two persons having a conversation.

        If we are all Mother Theresa, we are saints and this world will be a paradise. We need to give allowance that people have their frustrations too. But we can help to moderate others who are veering towards extreme remarks or actions. And friends and confidents have to do that without broadcasting to the world.

        We can all be so pious to condemn so quickly. Are we all so pure and white and blameless? And are we so hardened that an apology is not accepted? Intolerance will also lead to further intolerance.

      • Dude said

        Another moronic “stomper” who thinks he/she has every moral right to sell off other people’s privacy to the press or public just to play ‘moral policeman”.

        First of all, no one condone that the racial slur by Shimun is right. What she’s said is wrong indeed.
        What people are disagreeing is the way or method of calling her out, particularly by this ‘good friend’.
        By going behind her to retweet her private message without in so much a courtesy to first talk to her, that friend is a coward.
        So before you go on and name call everyone a loser and coward, think about your own behavior first.

      • Awreccan said

        Okay, I apologise for being hasty with my criticism. And I agree with ‘Dude’ about the dishonourable nature of the ‘good friend’s’ action.

        I’ll just say this – I feel sad that we Singaporeans are so hypocritical. Only recently a PRC scholar was censured immensely for calling Singaporeans ‘dogs’ on his personal blog, and his scholarship was revoked. In that case, online comment threads registered only disgust at the PRC scholar. But in this case, I see that a majority of comments seek to make excuses for poor Shimun – accept it or not, there -is- a marked trend of commenters offering semblances of excuses for Shimun, something that stands in stark contrast to the blatant condemnation (tending to flaming) on the PRC scholar news story threads.

  11. Ivan said

    “(We have received a tip-off that the real name of ‘Alice’ is ‘Celia’. If you have more information about her, please email us at”

    With friends like The Temasek Times revealing the identity of people who are already in a difficult position, who needs pakua/gossip mags/newspaper!


  12. proxymoron said

    umm… ‘only visible to her friends’… I wonder whether her friends circle dont have any Indians (or other race for that matter).

    – Poor girl, have to learn the lessons of life in hard way…

  13. concerned said

    For the friend who exposed Lai Shimun’s comment, he/she should be treated as accomplice, and should be charged twice as hard. This is an act of breach of trust, even Lai’s comment is inappropriate while among friends’ discussions, and we should not hire this type of people who sabo their own friends/family/country. But then again, these are young kids who are angry at what they saw, just like we adults encounter everyday but no place to voice out our concerns. We should guide them in the right direction instead of accusing them, if, the elderlys in spore can set some good examples.

    Racism did not just happen yesterday, so it’s important we look at this issue from a higher point and understanding.

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