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Police arrested two youth who whacked Ferrari driver outside Orchard Towers last Saturday

Posted by temasektimes on March 28, 2012

The police has arrested two young men who were seen on a video clip beating up a Singaporean uncle in his 40s outside Orchard Towers last Saturday which took the entire nation by storm.

A graphic video showing a group of seven men attacking the uncle who drove a Ferrari F430 Novitec was uploaded to Youtube and went viral in cyberspace with The Temasek Times being the FIRST news site in Singapore to report on the street fight before others followed suit.

The fracas appeared to have arisen because the Ferrari driver refused to give way to pedestrians at a zebra crossing, prompting one youth to hurl vulgarities at him.

The Ferrari driver then got out of the vehicle and challenged the young punk to a fight, not knowing that he would be bashed to a pulp by six others later on. He was observed to be lying motionless on the ground as one man stamped on his head towards the end of the video.

His fate has mystery so far though a Chinese tabloid reported today that his injury is ‘serious’ and he has been admitted to hospital.

According to one netizen who claimed to know the Ferrari driver on mycarforum, he was admitted to hospital by ambulance and still in a coma!

Another netizen posted on CNA forum that his condition is quite ‘serious’:

“The driver condition is quite serious as they whacked him with metal bins and kicks onto his head…….ambulance came and have to put him on stretcher as he in coma……heard he maybe already brain dead or if not, skull also crack with blood clots.”

[Source: CNA Forum]

The two arrested men will be charged in court tomorrow for rioting.

For those who missed the video, you can watch it below:


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6 Responses to “Police arrested two youth who whacked Ferrari driver outside Orchard Towers last Saturday”

  1. Ron Lim said

    All cellphones in that locality at the time of the fight would be on computer. If your phone can get a signal, it means they know where you are. So, it is easy to sieve through the records and narrow down on who is there. The video is not sharp enough to identify the persons involved.

    Also, there could be sms post the fight. Further leads to who said what what to whom.

  2. Ron Lim said

    So what started as an act of bravado, challenging someone to a fight has turned tragic. When bashed and kicked, this poor fella could have suffered broken ribs, spleen damage, brain damage and worse.

    A lesson to all. If you drive, it is better off to drive away and do not invite trouble. It starts with safe, defensive driving. And do not be stupid. Otherwise you can be brain-damaged after the fight and be really stupid then.

    Anyway, I hope he recovers

  3. jaded said

    arrest? I thought the police would advise both parties of their legal options open to them only?

  4. Lee said

    Good job, TR! For being the first to report on this! And for emphasizing that in your article. Very professional of you guys.

  5. silly said

    police so fast caught already? ah long handphone number write on wall also cannot catch

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