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South Africa, Singapore airlines fined for price-fixing

Posted by temasektimes on March 28, 2012

South African Airways and Singapore Airlines have been fined several million dollars for price-fixing on routes between Johannesburg and Hong Kong, the anti-trust authority said.

SAA was fined 18.8 million rands ($2.35 million) and Singapore Airlines 25.1 million rands, the Competition Commission said in a statement.

The settlement will also resolve a separate case against SAA, which was accused of collusion over domestic fares and international cargo charges during the 2010 football World Cup, it said.

“SAA has offered its full cooperation to the commission in its ongoing investigations and prosecution of both the matters,” the statement said.

“Similarly, Singapore Airlines undertook to do the same with regards to the Far East matter.”

The decision made no separate finding against South African Airways in the World Cup case but the fine will settle the matter, it added.

Source: AFP


One Response to “South Africa, Singapore airlines fined for price-fixing”

  1. Ron Lim said

    SIA is a listed company with a strong reputation. This is not the first time it has been investigated and had to pay for cartel activities. I hope the Management issues an explanation.

    It is about the reputation of Singapore Inc. Where once SIA ruled the clouds with its almost yearly announcement of mega plane purchases and high profits, the recent years have not been that good. Others have caught up. Those of us who fly frequently knows how SQ has reduce the quality of toiletries, inflight food quality, etc. Only the hard-working cabin crew and their service are helping to make up partially. Even budget airlines in Europe have better spacing than some SQ economy cabins… and much lower short haul tickets.

    And who is taking the rap at SIA? This is now fact and no longer speculation of wrong-doing.

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