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Baey Yam Keng slammed for ‘sympathizing’ with PRs for paying more for upgrading

Posted by temasektimes on March 30, 2012

It seemed to be an innocuous statement from PAP MP Baey Yam Keng, but it drew flak from netizens again after his controversial remarks on PRC scholar Sun Xu has barely died down.

Mr Baey posted a comment on his Facebook last night sharing his experience during his latest walkabout in his ward of Tampines North:

“Visited residents of Tampines Blk 402 and 404 last evening. They are looking forward to their new lifts which will be ready by Jun. Met a couple of PR families who are resigned to paying the full cost of their share of $20-30k, while Singaporean families pay only about 10%.”

[Source: Baey Yam Keng’s Facebook]

His comment immediately prompted a torrent of criticisms from netizens who lampooned him for ‘sympathizing’ the plight of PRs.

Casey Kwan wrote:

“This update is so open ended… So whats ur point!? There are many other policies in undue favor to PRCs here as well especially the scholarships and foreign ownerships of properties. Its pretty interesting to see such subtle publicity gimmicks at work to justify local benefits over foreigners… Kids’s play.”

Richard Chua asked if there is any nation in the world which offers public housing to PRs like Singapore:

“Actually how many countries in the world offer public housing for sale to their PRs, which can be sold for a profit when they return to their homeland. Anyone knows??”

Over at Hardwarezone Forum, netizens continue to slam Mr Baey:

“They got pity us when we serve NS and go for ICT? They are NOT paying more, it’s just that Citizens are paying less. It’s different.” – LightTrial

“what is there to resign about??? if the PR pay same as stinkies then what for have pink n blue IC” -zzzboy

“this guy is cant be a MP la.. he has no understanding for sgreans..” – buttery

Mr Baey should reflect on himself carefully  if he is serving the interests of Singaporeans or foreigners. Singaporeans voted for him to speak up for them and fight for their interest in parliament and not for him to whine about the predicament of PRs which is really none of his business.


9 Responses to “Baey Yam Keng slammed for ‘sympathizing’ with PRs for paying more for upgrading”

  1. Lim said

    Baey should be telling them it is only fair they pay the full price of lift upgrading because they are foreigners profitting from public housing courtesy of the govt at citizen’s expense. Why is Baey continually failing to feel the groundswell of gross injustice locals feel?

  2. Eugene Kang said

    Do the PR expecting our Singapore Tax Payer to cover their up grading cost ?Why not all PR need to pay 20% of levy to govt when they sold their house . This is fair deal .

    • compare all and not some before complaining said

      good point.

      Foreigner complain to their advantages.

      As them to serve NS as well, or serve “modified NS, like pay NS pay for two years while they are working in Singapore”

  3. Observer said

    Look at HK. They are going to build flats for Hongkongers only. When will we learn from HK and start building flats for Singaporeans only. Alas, with the MIWs in charge, it will never come about.

  4. psrlim07 said

    Sad case for Tampine voters, it don’t make any difference whether you are Singaporean or PR. He Points is pretty clear

  5. George said

    Sad to say Mr. Baey yam Keng won’t be standing as a MP in the next election. Even if he stands, the voters know the outcome of the election result. He is giving ammunition for the opposition parties to gun him down.

  6. bernard tan said

    how the hell did Baey get elected while shooting himself in the foot so many times? the residents there can’t be that dumb to be voting in such a moron……

  7. Derp said

    Baey is a PR disaster….

  8. myvoice said

    Baey tah Han ….. They forgot they took the china airline to Singapore meh? Baey forgot his IC is pink color is it?

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