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EXPOSED: CGH ‘pervert’ doc Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen is only a resident physician, NOT a specialist

Posted by temasektimes on March 30, 2012

Contrary to earlier media reports that Dr Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen is a ‘specialist’ in Geriatric Medicine at Changi General Hospital, he is only a resident physician, albeit a ‘senior’ one.

Dr Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen pleaded guilty two days ago for outrage of modest of a NUS student by exposing his genitals to her while dressed in the female uniform of Victoria Junior College in broad daylight in 2010.

He reportedly also exposed himself to another girl who agreed to compound the offence in return for a compensation of $5,000.

The case shocked many Singaporeans who asked if Dr Ivan Ngeow, a Malaysian who obtained his medical degree from the University of Melbourne in Australia, is still fit to practice as a doctor in Singapore.

Despite the negative publicity surrounding Dr Ivan Ngeow, CGH continues to stand by him whom it described as a ‘key member of the team’, leading some to speculate that he might be a senior consultant whose services are in demand and it will be a great loss if the hospital were to sack him.

However, a check on the website of CGH revealed that Dr Ivan Ngeow has only a basic M.B.B.S degree and not post-graduate degrees like MRCP in order to qualify and work as a geriatrics specialist:

[Source: CGH website]

As such, he does not have the expertise or experience to manage geriatric patients on his own and he has to follow the written orders of qualified specialists.

Since Dr Ivan Ngeow is only a resident physician and is easily replaceable by any doctor with a basic medical degree, it is strange that CGH has gone to such extreme lengths to retain his services even as he is being treated by a psychiatrist for his unusual sexual fetish.

In contrast, Singaporean doctors who committed minor crimes and infringements in the past were asked to leave immediately by their employers without given a chance to explain themselves like the registrar and medical officer who were sacked by NUH after a patient died from pneumonia following a heart valve replacement operation even before an internal audit is completed.


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4 Responses to “EXPOSED: CGH ‘pervert’ doc Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen is only a resident physician, NOT a specialist”

  1. Ron Lim said

    I support CGH. Geriatric care is about taking care of old folks. He is undergoing treatment for his own cross-dressing fetish. It about rehabilitating him also. Different hospitals may have different approach to punishment.

    A compassionate approach is needed. We sack every wrongdoer and Spore is but a farily empty place in the end. And if Dr. Ngeow is a Singaporean, will he end up working as a pizza delivery driver then?

    So can also demand the following: Cancel the licence of the Clementi doctor who killed a cyclist. Cancel the license of that Ferrari driver whose driving led to the fight. Cancel the scholarship for that student. Where is Spore heading?

  2. Ihatevillagers said

    Really stupid that a criminal/sex case has been intentionally and maliciously (and once again) whipped into a ‘foreign’ vs Singapore-born issue. Ultra stupid.

    Do you know how many M’sians there are in Singapore, who have been here since they were kids? I’d love it if the writer of this article produced ACTUAL PROOF of Singapore-born convicted criminals who all received a lighter sentence for the same crime to make the claims above.

    What about the many Singapore-born men and women, who have not come back for decades after finishing NS and studying overseas at 21? So many many many of them. Are they more Singaporean than a M’sian who’s spent practically his whole life here?

    Is the writer some kinda frog in the well who hasn’t got the memo that the world is now a global village, and that people are cosmopolitan? Lots of non Singapore born people are living here, just as lots of Singapore born Singaporeans educated in the world’s top universities have not come back to Singapore as a permanent place of residence since they left to do their studies.

    The writer, from the article, clearly shows that he/she believes that a person should remain in the same place as where he’s born. All his friends and everyone he knows also fit into that mould, and are clearly of that ilk. I wonder if he even has any friends who studied overseas for their undergraduate degree. Clearly a typical loser, frog in the well, villager.

  3. Caleb Yang said

    This article has the quality of an ‘A’ level essay. A lack of depth and maturity, written for the sake of purely writing, only talking about surface issues. Answered using a management approach used to justify their reasons for getting rid of people with technicalities in order to mask their true intentions.

    I have two doctors:

    One is caring, knows his patients well, good at diagnosing, gives proper injections without causing distress. The patients love him.

    I have another doctor who is just there for the job, gives bad injections, doesn’t care about the patients.

    Let’s just replace them! They both have an MBBS after all. There’s no difference between them

  4. To be compassionate is alright but too compassionate is no good based on how serious the crime is commited. He has no place in a hosipital for the crime that he had commited. To be safe is better to be sorry later on.

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