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Netizens outraged by CGH’s shocking support for ‘pervert’ doc Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen

Posted by temasektimes on March 30, 2012

Netizens are outraged, disgusted and shocked at Changi General Hospital’s ‘unwavering’ support for its ‘pervert’ doctor Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen, who pleaded guilty on Wednesday for outrage of modesty of a NUS student when he exposed his genitals to her in Clementi.

Dr Ivan Ngeow was dressed in the female uniform of Victoria Junior College at that time. Besides the NUS student, he also exposed himself to another young girl who agreed to settle the matter out of court in return for a compensation of $5,000.

Despite the gravity of his offence and the fact he is currently seeing a psychiatrist, CGH still allow him to work in the hospital, stressing that Dr Ivan Ngeow remains ‘very much part of its team.’

Though Dr Ivan Ngeow is a Senior Resident Physician in Geriatric Medicine, he will need to interact with young female nurses and medical students in the course of his work as well.

Many netizens felt Dr Ivan Ngeow is not fit to continue working as a medical doctor at least in the near future and accused CGH of being ‘irresponsible’ and neglecting the interests of patients in its eagerness to retain him.

Susan Yap posted on Facebook she will not take the risk and allow her kids to be examined by Dr Ivan Ngeow:

“I don’t think he is fit to be dr at these moment. He should seek mental help. Put yourself in a mother position, do u feel secure to let him exam your girl or niece?? I will not take these risk as it is parents duty to protect their kids. CGH of continue letting him practice medical is a big risk to CGH staff & patients. It is a very irresponsible act.”

Lawrence Tay concurred:

” speaking from a fathers point of view…I would not want my daughter to be near him. If he has a mental illness…then get it attended to….and till it is overcome…he should take a leave of absence. The people supporting him are now culpable and negligent in their duties…gives us the impression that they are like minded…or lacking in morals…to brush off his behaviour as acceptable.”

Richard Ng wants CGH to sack Dr Ivan Ngeow immediately:

“Changi General Hospital is very irresponsible to continue employing this Sicko. Terminate him with immediate effect!”

Danny Tan put it succinctly:

“I though doctor must maintain some minimal form of ethnic , professional conduct above the normal people ? Just like pilot , they are train to handle more stress than us, The ethic committee of changi hospital condone his action ? If dont call pervert , how do you call a person who cross dress and expose himself?”

In a statement released to the media today, a CGH spokesperson said efforts to help Dr Ivan Ngeow ‘get back to his feet’ have led to him being allowed to see patients again and “he remained under the close supervision of his head of department”, Asst Professor Chuo Mee Leh Adeline:


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15 Responses to “Netizens outraged by CGH’s shocking support for ‘pervert’ doc Ivan Ngeow Ko Yen”

  1. singaporeans said

    How about let him take care of old folks? Could be useful you know.


  2. thechap82 said

    Stop calling us Netizens.

    We’re Singaporeans, citizens of Singapore. Not citizens of the Internet.

  3. ben said

    This is the elite our Govt is mentioning abt. Such a disgrace to the public.

  4. VH2006 said

    Has that doctor lied about or omitted this mental condition during his employment medical examination? If that’s the case, is this fair to all other staff who are truthful? Is this fair to those who are terminated? What is CGH trying to say here?

  5. Stargazer said

    I knew Dr Ivan while working in CGH. He is a very dedicated and responsible doctor. He treated patients and staff very well. It’s sad to know that he has this psychiatric problem. It is important to recognize this problem and it is more important to get it treated. I hope he will will successful in his treatment.

  6. lsvop said

    I have work with Ivan for a long time. I’ve also work with Dr Chou. I knew her since I graduated. I trust her judgement. Both are excellent clinicians and very professional during work: friendly but serious. I can understand why CGH wants to keep him because if I were Dr Chou, I would too. This incident can’t be compared to the Dr Singh in NUH. This one is a treatable medical condition which he is struggling with while the NUH one was a clear case of ethical problem. I support Ivan and wish him a speedy recovery.

  7. lsvop said

    CGH is a good employer. Instead of dropping him like a hot potato when trouble strikes, Adeline stood by him and help him to recover. I must register my compliment to Adeline and the snr mgt of CGH.

  8. lsvop said

    And please, his urge is only to show his LJ to female. TT makes it sounds so serious that he has to interact with nurses and med students. Please lah, Med students and nurses see and handle LJ until dun want to see/ handle already. By the way, Ivan’s was very professional during work.

  9. Ken Lee said

    If don’t call pervert, call him Dr pervert! should lock him in mental hospital! mad people hospital!

  10. Todo said

    It’s fine to have views about whether he should be treating patients during this period of time but do we have to call him names? Dr. Ivan should seek treatment because of this condition but can those name-callers stop it? stop being mean to a fellow human being just because he is sick,

  11. Lex said

    If he expose himself to your daughter, please tell me you wont over react.

  12. kaypoh said

    WOW! hentai cosplay! very innovative!

  13. Rachel said

    Dr Adeline Chuo is known to support her fellow Doctors often putting Nurses and students into trouble, and twisting stories to cover her Doctors back. Also has a major inferiority complex.

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