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Two Malay men charged for ‘rioting’ outside Orchard Towers

Posted by temasektimes on March 30, 2012

Two Malay men Mohammad Saddan Yusoff, 21, and Yusri Yusoff, 39, were charged with rioting outside Orchard Towers along Claymore Drive last Sunday night which also involved the driver and passenger of a Ferrari.

The offence that carries a maximum penalty of 10 years’ jail and caning.

The fracas was sparked by the failure of the Ferrari driver to stop at a pedestrian crossing and almost hit a man, prompting him to hurl vulgarities at the driver.

According to a video clip taken at the scene, the passenger of the Ferrari, a Singaporean in his 40s wearing a white T-shirt threw a punch at the pedestrian first, prompting his friends to rush over to defend him.

The Ferrari driver and the passenger are currently assisting the police in its investigations. It is not known if the other five men seen whacking the Singaporean uncle together will be charged as well.


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11 Responses to “Two Malay men charged for ‘rioting’ outside Orchard Towers”

  1. 陈一峰 said

    it is never surprising that people could be barbaric over small matters especially when jealousy is in the picture.

    • Antipode said

      What is the point you are trying to make- ‘barbaric over small matter’ or ‘jealousy’? All parties involved in the fracas are guilty of barbaric acts-that is clear, don’t you think? I think it is best not to insinuate anything more than it is. VIOLENCE IN ANY FORM IS SIMPLY UNACCEPTABLE. AMITHABA.

    • spotlessleopard said

      The Ferari Driver should also be charged with rioting…..afterall in the Video He was the one who threw the first punch…..and his persenger should also be charged for abetment of the crime….

      It has nothing to do with “Jealousy”

      • Derp said

        AGREE with this. He started it by not stopping at zebra crossing, treated the guy like dirt, threw the first punch. He’s asking for it.

  2. alamak said

    WTF rioting?”!! What exactly did they do?
    And what is the outcome of the driver and the assaulted?

  3. What's right and what's wrong? said

    From how the video is.. looks like the Singapore Uncle threw the punch first and that’s result the whole fight “not riot”.
    So shouldn’t the uncle be charged instead? not cause he owns a ferrari?

  4. I am not so sure of the LAWS here in Singapore, living here for 66 years I am still not able to understand the LAWS and how it was implemented. Was it implemented to deal with those who are not able to retaliate, to deal with the poor, to bully the the weak. And to protect the wealthy to protect the wrong doers with all the means to do anything, to protect people driving million dollars cars commiting wrong and thought he can bully the pedestrain, not knowing it is not easy meat. Is it true that our LAWS does not protect us against us them, but protect them against us. IS THE WHOLE WORLD GOING TO BE UPSIDE DOWN.

  5. spotlessleopard said

    Let us see how our Justice System deal with this……and from the outcome We can then determine if this Country practises Natural Justice….

  6. joe17ajx said

    At the end of the day the rich will get away with it. Why only charged the pedestrians?

  7. Ken Lee said

    you rich you no offenses! the law in Singapore is you must kanna hamtam you win!!

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