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Senior Vice President of bank patronized C-cup teen prostitute thrice because of ‘excellent’ services

Posted by temasektimes on March 31, 2012

One of the sixty men who were hauled up for investigations in connection with an online vice ring is a Senior Vice President of a bank in Singapore.

He has since tendered his resignation from the bank last month.

According to his friend who spoke to the media, the banker patronized a popular teen prostitute marketed by the online vice ring at least three times due to her ‘excellent’ services.

“It’s not just the sex. She has a way with men and knew how to given them the girlfriend feeling,” he said.

The freelance teen prostitute reportedly also worked as a model and is quite ‘well known’ in Singapore’s clubbing scene.

Besides the senior banker, other men involved include a senior banker, a company director, a senior vice-president of a private company, lawyers, a senior police officer, a primary school principal who is married with a child as well as a scholarship recipient.


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15 Responses to “Senior Vice President of bank patronized C-cup teen prostitute thrice because of ‘excellent’ services”

  1. Ron Lim said

    Oh dear. A bank’s SVP may get $400,000 per year or more. He is giving it up because of the criminal charges and he may not be able to get back a similar position if convicted. Maybe the end of his career.

  2. Derp said

    And who allow this illegal prostitute to wander around in Singapore?

  3. SG but not Dog. said

    If he is FOREIGN banker, surely no need to resign. And bank will stand by him. Singaporean, better quit before getting sacked.

  4. Lim said

    give me a clue who the VP is.

  5. kb said

    This type of pro is local.

    • Derp said

      Pre-legal prostitutes and nymphomaniac sluts should be punished, seal them up till the wedding night. Else they go around getting orgasms and paid while the men pays, fucks and gets punished. Nonsense law.

  6. And how is visiting prostitutes a crime?

    • xristos said

      when the prostitute is underaged and in some cases, tho overaged but not registered, thats when it is a crime in singapore;;;;

  7. Temudjinn said

    Police! Find the protitute! Hurry! She’s evading tax and GSTs!!!

  8. Eilsel said

    This flesh trade had been around since mankind existed so what’s the underlying reason for this public shaming? there must be an agenda, there is always an agenda. SVP, Principal, Director, etc so what do they have in common? They are men, alpha males maybe and their urge to command and conquer overwhelmed their common sense?

  9. 冯广顺 said







  10. Dude said

    While there’s so much publicity regarding the customers of this uomenderage prostitute and even Subbas the defence lawyer for some of the ‘johns’ went all out against the prostitute.

    There has has hardly been and condemnation of the pimp Tang Boon Thiew, he boasted quite a few times that he is untouchable as he has the power of the PAP behind him! Is this true as he said that his mother’s brother is Seng Han Tong, was that the MP who was set on fire?, who, according to the pimp consults with him rather regularly.

    Considering the lack of publicity from the sorry excuses of newspapers here, could that be true?

    Any comments?

    • Aiyoh...Aiyoh. said

      Huh…Seng Han Tong…another puppet. He’s useless totally. I remember went to see him many years back that I was jobless and couldn’t get a job for so long. Guess what he said. He looked at my resume and he said don’t worry you would definitely get a job within 6 months. I said to him but I had tried for few years and still jobless and his answers to me was that don’t worry, you’ll get a job within 6 months. So I answered him what if I don’t get a job and he says then you don’t come and see me. You see me when you get a job. hahahaha…I laugh out loud. What kind of MP he is?

  11. Tan Big Tan said

    No big deal lah. So what? They had sex with a 17 year old girl who pretended to be 18. All you people not happy. Jealous is it? !! Never get sex so everyone else should not get it too ah?

  12. Geo said

    I am of opinion, the authorities here as screw….they applied the letter of the law not the spirit of the law on underageg girl as regards to the interaction. Whoever is the deciding person(s)…..hope he will gets the same when he/she meets St. Peter up there……!!!

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