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Lecturer has leg amputated after bitten by poisonous centipede

Posted by temasektimes on April 1, 2012

A 56 year old lecturer Mr Tan had his right leg amputated below the knee after being bitten by a poisonous centipede in Singapore!

According to a local Chinese tabloid, Mr Tan was bringing his daughter to school when he felt a sharp pain on his right foot. On looking down, he realized he was bitten by a centipede.

Mr Tan initially ignored the wound, thinking that it would heal on its own, but days later, it became swollen and infected with foul-smelling pus emanating for it.

He was subsequently admitted to Tan Tock Seng Hospital whose doctors told him he got a rare form of ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria in the wound and he had to amputate the limb.

A shocked Mr Tan refused to go for the operation, but was forced to do so after the wound became gangrenous.


2 Responses to “Lecturer has leg amputated after bitten by poisonous centipede”

  1. Not an ea$y deci$ion to make.
    It i$ like making a deci$ion for charity.
    Mo$t people mi$understood Charity and give only when they “have a Choice”


  2. Ron Lim said

    This is a sad story. This was not a “lecturer” but a motivation speaker. His picture was shown on ST. His immune system has been weak after years of being diabetic. He probably did not realize how serious his infection could get. He tried to save his leg but it became dead and started to rot. That was when he had no choice but to amputate part of it.

    For those with diabetes and other serious diseaes, you may wish to investigate also alternative therapies that may boost your immune system. One such alternative therapy which I have been using for years and fully believe in is UT (urine therapy). Research with an open mind on Google and decide for yourself. Also, do not ignore mainstream medical science.

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