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Catholics lodged police reports against organizers of ‘Escape Chapel Party’

Posted by temasektimes on April 3, 2012

Angry Catholics have lodged a series of police reports against the organizers of ‘Escape Chapel Party’ as well as to various ministries including the Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Community Development, youth and Sports as well as Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts for ‘insulting’ the Catholic faith.

The event, which was marketed as a ‘sacrilegious night of partying’ had a picture of a model dressed in a nun’s habit and a party dress, alongside other pictures of girls dressed in short skirts. It is supposed to be held this Saturday at the CHIJMES chapel.

Catholics slammed the event and the materials used for its publicity as being ‘offensive’ with Singapore’s archbishop Nicholas Chia calling for the event to be cancelled entirely.

“Such an event is scandalous to the Church, and should not be held in the chapel,” he was quoted as saying to Yahoo News.

However the director of Creative Insurgence Aaghir Yadav which organizes the party, said the event is ‘secular’ in nature.

“We would like to clarify that the images contained no religious symbolism…This also applied to teasers that said nuns will be at the party — we meant the secularised, costume version that contains no religious symbolism. However, in light of these sensitivities we will not be doing this as well,” he added.


29 Responses to “Catholics lodged police reports against organizers of ‘Escape Chapel Party’”

  1. CruEL said

    Wonder if he likes it if we go to his hindu temple and make a party there, get models to dress up like their priest in revealing attire.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    I am not religious…however these people who organise such events have crossed the line of decency and lack maturity and sensitivities…..if this is organised to allude to Islam…the Organisers may now already have been issued with a FATWA by the more staunch Islamic Countries seeking their death……

    All along I have wondered WHY the Government ALLOWED the Convent of Holy Infant Jesus CHAPEL to be desecrated and used as a PUB and Restaurant……It is time the Government respect ALL Religions equally.

  3. Ray said

    why stop at nuns? why not have men dress up as buddist monks while you’re at it? Or perhaps have some dressed up as Taoist priests?
    These rave party organizers are getting sicker and bolder everyday.

  4. hokkien peng said

    There shouldn’t even be bars at CHIJMES, I find that sacrilegious, and I am a buddhist.

  5. Clive said

    why suddenly all those religious groups got all religious in defending their religious faith?

    • nic said

      Suddenly? It has always been the case, are you in your own world?

      • Clive said

        what i meant was suddenly very defensive about events which makes it to the public. not like those whom keep asking you join. are you too blind to see?

  6. Aagir Yadav, sounds like a FOREIGN TRASH from India. What does one expect? Btw, Hindus from India have issues with Muslims and Christians. Except their own kind.

  7. anakin said

    Please note the history of CHIJMES. The last religious service was held in the chapel on 3 November 1983, after which the chapel was deconsecrated and the town convent was closed and subsequently managed by SUNTEC REIT after restoration. So, its no longer a Chapel now and its private property nothing sacrilegious abt having bars and clubs there.

  8. SashaQueenie said

    I highly support this function “Escape Chapel Party”! I think it is creative and just for pure fun. If the Catholics want to find fault, look to the priests who abuse young children for their own pleasure. Now THAT’S deplorable.

    • Andrew Pang said

      This company has offended too many Singaporeans. Better for this company to close shop now and lose money.

      Anyway, it is extremely daft to think that 2 wrongs make a right.

  9. ChickenRice said

    People need to relax. Intentions is 1 thing, believing is another. Just a poster, won’t do much damages. People who believe in their religion should believe in their fellow believers as well. I don’t think a mere poster would change any person’s mindset of their own religion. Imho people are being way too uptight.

  10. For Crying out loud. said

    Backpeddling much? How can this unsavoury Yadav (middle-eastern in origin?) character claim no religious offence was meant when the header of his ad screams “SACRILEGIOUS” and the costumes worn are clearly iconic of nuns however much “secularised” or tarted up they have become. To add insult to injury, the organizers had planned it to co-incide with the eve of Easter.

    When a heritage site needs to be leased out for commercial purposes, please do so with respect to the origins of the building in mind. Holding rave parties, nun-themed no less, in a former chapel makes a mockery of the Catholic Church even if the premise has been deconsecrated.
    Why has this been overlooked by the National Heritage Board and how low do we have to stoop in the name of $$$.

    PS. TT should do a feature on the underground sex/massage parlours operating in the buildings near the sub courts (reported some months back by the Chinese papers.)

  11. Just me said

    I think it’s completely fine to have a party, after all, it’s no longer ‘holy ground’. BUT, marketing the event using relation to any religion at all, that’s wrong. The nun’s habit and theme of the party – that’s COMPLETELY wrong and disrespectful.

    Just slap them hard on the wrist and move on. I don’t see a need it having to blow it out of proportion. These days, it seems that’s all we do.

  12. Shafiq said

    I refer to comment made by Spotlessleopard said,Islam has got nothing to do with this article.

  13. Bin said

    c’mon guys.. your comments really irk me. it’s as if you guys are so holly, innocent and whatsoever.
    yes, u can b a catholic, christian, buddhist, hindu, muslims, etc, but at the end of the day, are u really that pure and holy?
    i stand by what SashaQueenie had commented. i don’t party anymore but i believe this particular theme that the organiser thought of is just pure fun with no ill intentions but alittle naughty perhaps. 😉
    FREE SPIRIT FTW. (p.s. at least there won’t be any religious battles/wars/arguments which are f.lame)

    • Idyll said

      In which comment did anyone here make the claim of being holy or innocent? You’re simply making a very sweeping, mindless, statement on sensitive ground. The organizers had obviously created the theme to ruff some feathers can stir controversy – and serve them right for having to cancel the party. It’s bad strategy and planning to begin with.

      • Bin said

        bad strategy and planning? well, i can picture lotsa “religious” pple “sinning” the night away in their so called “holy” ex-church if it were to happen. i’m sure the organisers will make some profit out of it.
        chijmes is already filled with booze with sleazy chicks all around.. so what’s the big deal about one unique theme party that was planned?
        it’s e 21st century.. why so serious?

      • Sebastian Hong said

        SashaQueenie and Bin is missing the point completely. Is ok to have fun but definitely not at the expense of others. Especially, when it touches on the raw nerve of religion. If we allow such things to breed, when do you think it will end. The moment the floodgate is open in the name of fun, things will get out of hand. I really hope they will think again before taking it so likely.

  14. Ron Lim said

    Chijmes is no longer a place of worship. So, it is incorrect to call it a chapel. Singapore is always sensitive to race and religion. Hence it is best to avoid dressing up in religious costumes. But then where do we draw the line? Can someone dress up like Su Mo Kong (Monkey God)? Or be the Pope or even like Hitler? In some countries they even imitate the Queen. It is all about practical jokes. Some clear guidelines will be helpful.

    Can Spore relax without over-reacting?

  15. charan said

    this is completely wrong to be dresssed as such. Ground is not a issue but the theme is not. don’t lump everything under fun and do as you wish. Dignity and respect is more important.

  16. sweetee said

    Creative Insurgence Mgt Team

    Group Director

    James Mordaunt is the driving force behind Creative Insurgence. As part of the UK team at Jackson Gilmore and Sodexho Prestige, two of the largest and most well-known event producers in London, he has organised events involving thousands of people at Buckingham Palace, the tower of London and London Bridge, amongst other places. Having been in Singapore since 2006, he is determined to change the landscape of events in Singapore and steer it toward international standards.

    New Media Strategy

    Krystal Choo customises a combination of new media and traditional media into a 360-strategy for Creative Insurgence’s clients. Her background in communications, media management and International Business Management allows her to trend-spot industry movement. An interest in technology, a powerful network in the Media and Technology sector in Los Angeles, and past event experience such as organizing the Inaugural Samsung Skydive Festival 2004 gives Krystal strategic edge in producing creative events.


    Aaghir Yadav is a recognised name in the industry for having organised and produced key events and fashion shows for the trendiest brands and for the hottest locations for the past 8 years. His background in fashion as a co-founder of the famous ButtCheeks cult brand gives him client-side perspective on show production. Ideas aplenty, Aaghir creates imaginative and inspired events from concept to execution.


    Joy Chan has a unique ability to merge commercial and creative design to create functional products allows her to bring aesthetic perspective to all events and campaigns. As a finalist in the Crowbar Awards and having organised the Underneath the Radar Film Festival with other shows since 2005, coupled with a keen interest in photography, her eye for detail makes her contributions the tipping point between a mediocre and a great event.

  17. sweetee said

    Mr Aaghir Yadav to start an import business and then a standalone swimwear store that has sold more than 20,000 Brazilian-style bikinis in Singapore since.

  18. Mr Oohlala said

    Last time we have the Buddabar issue…now CHIJMES…what the FK! Can’t we even have some fun without annoying some self-proclaimed “holy” hypocrite?! Religion is the cause of all human sufferings! Don’t believe? Just take a good look at our past history (e.g. NAZI Germany and Japan) and the current world now (Muslim Suicide Bomber who even blows -up their own Muslim brothers)!!! Need I say more? Many might not agree with me but I don’t give a damn! Before you shoot your curse and swears at me, prove me wrong!

  19. To those of you similar to two particular tw@ts who went about calling Catholics and other religious adherents holy hypocrites and such: my, your hatred and bile heaping on us are damn strong.

    Tell me, what each and every one of us HOLY HYPOCRITES HAS *PERSONALLY* DONE TO YOU? That caused so much anger in you?

    I truly hope that one day, especially those of you who feck around indiscriminately, kena AIDS. Or some form of cancer. Like womb or ovarian cancer in women.

    • Bin said

      now, this is what I called hypocrisy.
      pray so much, worship so much and pretending to be some holy innoncent goodie-two-shoes that strongly object to some theme parties which somehow “coincidentally” collides with his moral-values then, cursing like some superstitious b****, hoping others will contract some deadly virus.
      i feel sad for your religion, if there is actually one, for having such a “follower”.
      heed my advise, pray to yourself, you need help.

  20. train Singaporean to make money said

    Is our nation policy to attract foreigner to make more money here than local Singaporean?

    Can relevant ministry stop more and more foreigner to come Singapore make money?

    Foreigner should come here train our Singaporean to make money, not bring their own people and make money.

  21. John Rawls said

    Nuns have no religious symbolism? Then what do they symbolise? Aghir Yadav did you leave your brain behind in India?

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