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PHOTO: 66 year old woman killed after being hit by SBS bus in Sengkang this morning

Posted by temasektimes on April 3, 2012

A 66 year old woman was pronounced dead on the spot after being hit by a SBS Transit Bus service number 159 this morning.

[Source: Hardwarezone Forum]

The accident happened at about 11.20am at the junction of Sengkang East Way and Compassvale Road. The woman was reportedly knocked down at a pedestrian crossing when the bus was making a right turn and was dragged for a distance.

According to the Straits Times, the bus driver told the bus passengers in a Chinese (PRC) accent to disembark the bus two to three minutes after the bus had stopped. For some strange reasons, his identity was not revealed and it is not known if he has been arrested by the police for dangerous driving.


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24 Responses to “PHOTO: 66 year old woman killed after being hit by SBS bus in Sengkang this morning”

  1. Why not revealed? said

    Many people would think that the driver is from PRC.
    Hence if the police do not want people to speculate, they should revealed the nationality immediately.

    • Andrew Pang said

      Why is it when it involves a Singaporean bus driver, we are told his nationality immediately but when it involves a non-Singaporean, there is silence on his nationality?

  2. Splice said

    Don’t think there is anything to do with nationality.

    Bus drivers like any other employees in Singapore are overworked and underpaid. Most of them drive long (and I really mean long hours) with only few breaks in between.

    Many of drivers on Singapore roads would know how aggressive other drivers are on the road and it is stressful to drive especially during certain times of the day.

    Tragedies like this often reflect a bigger systemic problem of poor labor rights and protection in Singapore. I don’t know how long it will take before people realize that.

    In fact many PRC drivers are also unable to cope with such stressful work conditions and have chosen to return home. That tells you how unsustainable our economic model is in the long run.

    • Wy said

      Splice, nationality plays a part. The different cultures in different countries have a very very different impact. I have always defended foreigners because a lot of our fellow opposition supporters nowadays and attack them on seemingly anything at all. I once saw an attack on foreigner on STOMP on a picture of a worm. That’s how ridiculous it is.

      But i got to say this time i am quite sure it is a PRC. People in China realy, really have no respect for traffic. The rule of the strong there, and people look out for cars, not the other way around. Also if you observe enough and talked to enough people, you know that the trend of container trucks speeding at seemingly maximum speed nowadays are driven by PRCs. Also the people in SMRT buses aren’t overworked. They are earning alot of money which they can convert to their currency. If you spoken to alot of the former SMRT bus drivers who quitted recently you will have learned of the strange and mysterious culture where local bus drivers were sent home and have all their OT and bus routes given to PRCs, so that they only draw a basic salary, even when they wanted to work OT, and when they requested explicitly for it, they were rejected.

      I am beginning to realise why the people are so angry towards PRCs, it is because government policies are so perverse and stupid.

      Judging from those special treatment given to PRCs, i am quite sure our government purposely withheld the ID. No respect of privacy has ever been given to LOCAL DRIVER and LOCAL SUSPECTS. All their faces were shown before the case were concluded.

      I should add one more thing though, do not hate the foreigners and do not hate the PRCs. It is our own government that did this. We fix our shit, the foreigners that are kosher with us will stay, and the ones who only come to dig for gold, will return home. No use attacking the foreigners. Hit the nail right at the target, at this government.

    • joeaudar said

      Just imagine, there will be an additional of 800 buses coming our way. How safe are we on the road now?

      • Lee said

        Joeaudar, cars are supposed to give way to buses. It’s annoying to see drivers hogging bus lanes and honking the slower bulkier buses to get out of the way. Anyway, pedestrians aren’t supposed to jaywalk and are advised to look left and right before crossing pedestrian crossings, etc. Not because pedestrians don’t have the right of way but for our own safety. We never know when a reckless driver may come our way.

      • Wy said

        Indeed. And to put a fair word out there, even before when foreigners come flooding into Singapore, i have crossed roads before and got rammed by a speeding motorcycle that tried to make a dash for the red light. 3 X before i was 16 too. Luckily the way i fell did not cause any serious injuries, and that it is only a motorcycle.

        And then there is also one time where cars drove across traffic direction. These things happened in Singapore before.

        No matter what nationality, there will be f**kers out there who don’t give a shit about other people’s lives.

        Everyone must watch out. Looking out for our own lives is basic. Don’t leave it hanging on other people, take your own life into your own hands and protect it.

  3. Ron Lim said

    In Shanghai, the buses and vehicles do not respect the Green pedestrian signals. So everyone is on the watch out… both the drivers and the pedestrians. And there are seldom accidents. It is give and take. And the vehicles, while violating the signals are also moving cautiously.

    For this tragedy, we have to wait for the police investigation…. whether it was green for pedestrian or was it jaywalking.

    • joeaudar said

      I am sure its green lights as we can witness from the video. the pedestrains nearest to the taxi who recorded the video are crossing the road too. So no case, the SBS driver is at FAULT.

  4. Ben said

    there’s a taxi that happens to record the accident!! its on CNA facebook!

    for purchase of car HD DVR, pls see this link below. only S$80 inclusive of 4GB SD card.

  5. Hygiene said

    A video was uploaded… its the driver’s fault… the lady had the right of way as the green man is on…..

  6. I would say the bus driver may be overworked.We should ask who design their job scope? If you have got scholars that defines their job scope, please ask the scholars to be bus drivers to understand their job scope first.

  7. Ken Lee said


  8. helmie said

    well… i’m sure its not so stressful driving around Sengkang neighbourhood at 11am in the morning on a weekday. Traffic are almost none!!!

  9. Bernard said

    Just some PRC dont care of other’s lives, will give us terrible situation! Like those happened in China.

  10. sugiboy said

    isn’t time to change the green arrow and green man timing? it’s like man vs steel.

  11. Chris said

    well spoken

  12. Kute Steiner said

    Excuse me if you look at the youtube…you will discover the woman has the right of way to cross the junction…the bus driver on the other just continue on without bothering to check his right…

    So who ever trying to protect the bus drivers…please kindly go and re-check that video before stating their position…

    That woman died for nothing…her loved ones will grieved.


  13. No WorldCup said

    So was it green light for pedestrian? How can they prove it? SBS better review what kind of safety standards versus profits they are responsible on the roads.

  14. Jo said

    We are paying for an ever increasing public transport fare but we are getting FT drivers with lower wages and sub standard driving skills or even hack care driving altitude!!!

  15. Jesmine Lock said

    Really don’t know what to say in Singapore nowadays….just felt that the new immigrants being valued more than the local Singaporeans by our GOVT…….also realised and agreed that more and more Singaporeans are not willing to accept the PRCs due to their attitudes and the way their old grandparents allow their grandchildren to urine near the playgrounds…..well brought up by their government and their parents…..i strongly encoraged my children to migrate when they grow up if Singapore has become another CHINA…..used to value Singapore Citizenship…..

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