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‘Escape Chapel Party’ called off after protests from Catholics

Posted by temasektimes on April 4, 2012

The Escape Chapel Party this Saturday at Chijmes has been called off after protests from Catholics who deemed the publicity materials ‘offensive’ and ‘distasteful.’

The party is supposedly helmed by Asia’s Sexiest Supermodel DJ Angie Vu Ha (pic left) longside DJ Martin Dibble, Escape UK resident DJ and host of award-winning radio show Digital Exposure.

The publicity material for the party had depicted sexy models dressed in mini-skirts and nun’s habits, prompting Singapore’s archbishop Nicholas Chia to call for the event to be cancelled entirely.

“Such an event is scandalous to the Church, and should not be held in the chapel,” he was quoted as saying to Yahoo News.

Numerous police reports were also filed against the organizer of the event ‘Creative Insurgence’.

Following a one-hour closed-door meeting between the management of Chijmes and the tenant of Chapel Hall, the venue of the event, on Tuesday, Perennial (Singapore) Retail Management, which manages Chijmes, decided to intervene to prevent the party from happening at its venue.

In response to queries from the media, Director at Creative Insurgence, Aaghir Yadav said:

“Despite our best intentions to move forward – after having apologised for unintentionally offending the Catholic community – and to carry on with an event that aimed to showcase the sounds of one of UK’s most popular recording labels and super-clubs, we will have to cancel the event.”


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    Hey LOOOOK what I’ve just found of angie!!!!!

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