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Sengkang bus accident: Family of victim to sue SBS Transit for compensation?

Posted by temasektimes on April 4, 2012

The family of the victim 66 year old Madam Tan Ah Eng who was killed when a SBS Transit bus ran over her yesterday morning when crossing a junction in Sengkang has not ruled out suing SBS Transit for compensation!

In a video clip taken by an in-house car camrecorder by a taxi-driver, the bus was seen turning right and running over Madam Tan without stopping, dragging her body beneath it for half a minute before a motorist called the driver to stop.

The ‘Chinese’ driver reportedly then spoke to the passengers in a Chinese accent asking them to disembark from the bus.

Speaking to queries from the media, Madam Tan’s brother 64 year old Mr Tan said:

“We were very angry when we watched the video. It was flashing ‘green man’ at that point in time and the bus driver was seated on the right when turning right. How did he miss my sister? We are not ruling out taking legal action against SBS Transit, but we will have to wait till we settle the funeral.”

Meanwhile, SBS Transit said it has suspended the duties of the bus captain who is currently under police investigations. The driver is now confirmed to be a man in his 40s from China.


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10 Responses to “Sengkang bus accident: Family of victim to sue SBS Transit for compensation?”

  1. Ron Lim said

    Unfortunately Spore is not USA and does not have a history of mega compensation. It is based on UK laws and the age of the victim, the potential earning potential, etc. forms part of the assessment.

    In USA, a victim can sue for tens of millions for punitive damages and other damages. And US law firms will handle lawsuits pro bono on percentage of damages received. That is their system.

    Meanwile, it is best for the authorities to investigate and for the government to implement better measures to avoid future tragedies. The lawsuits can come later when facts are established and guilt is proven. And when grief is allowed to take its course.

  2. Ken Lee said

  3. imabomb said

    im sorry to say but it seems like most of the buses running over people are mostly CHINA drivers. The last one with SMRT was also a china driver, except the driver is a woman.

  4. theminoritydude said

    I can say out of experience, that is the driving culture in China, and any Chinese readers here can also testify, that the vehicles are perceived to have the right of way all the time, regardless of the traffic signal. If anyone needs answers, you might want to look at this one. In fact when visiting China, we are always told not to trust the traffic lights.

  5. Bernard Lim said

    I was shocked and horrified to see the video. The deceased clearly had the right of way. And yet the bus driver, apparently, didn’t see her at all. Unbelievable. A totally senseless loss of an innocent life.

    SBS Transit should do the correct and proper thing and compensate the deceased’s family immediately. It would be extremely disgusting and unforgivable if they made the family go through a court case.

    I hope SBS Transit knows that the whole of Singapore is following this case closely.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of the deceased.

  6. ................ said

    ……China again??! why all accidents now revolves around them huh?
    Are they trying to make their country joke or something?

  7. Robert Chan said

    I.have heard of irresponsible, careless and aggressive bus drivers from China being employed by SBS since quite sometime now from my wife who uses SBS regularly. High time SBS puts a stop to the ROT.

  8. Laws that are meaningless said

    Sue the sh*t out of SBS to let them know the consequences of how their hiring policy affects their bottom line. Sinkies’ lives are cheap, the driver at most gets a few months of jail only. Stupid SG laws….

  9. Long said

    SBS Transit said it is willing to pay for all funeral expenses, including repatriation costs, incurred by the family of a Malaysian who died in a bus accident in Sengkang on Tuesday.

    66-year-old Chan Ah Yong died at the scene after she was hit by an SBS Transit bus while crossing the road.

    SBS Transit’s senior vice president for corporate communications, Tammy Tan, said the company spoke to Mdm Chan’s son-in-law on Wednesday to tell him that the company would foot the bill.

    However, before SBS Transit could convey the offer, Mdm Chan’s son-in-law told the company to call him again next week.

    SBS Transit said it respected his request as it did not want to impose on the family during their time of grief.

    The company has since contacted Mdm Chan’s son-in-law again to inform him that all costs related to the funeral will be borne by the bus operator.

    SBS Transit also told him that he can contact the company anytime for assistance.

    The company said it is deeply saddened by this accident and is doing all it can to help the family during this difficult time.

    “We know nothing we do or say can change the fact that a life has been lost and a family is in grief. We can only say we are very, very sorry and will do whatever we can to assist the family during this difficult time,” Ms Tan said.

    – CNA/wm

  10. Libra said

    Surely SBS Transit has a training programe in place b4 a new recruit gets to drive independently. If it does not hv such a training programe, it shd be made to pay a high price for it, not least the company’s management and not only the PRC driver.
    It’s regrettable that the victim’s family asked the company for funereal expenses. This shd hv bn done by SBS Transit’s management which shd hv initiated close contact with the family in their bereavement caused by its driver. Clearly, callousness hv supplanted commonsense in SBS Transit’s handling of this sad tragedy

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