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Tragic Sengkang accident: Niece of victim asked why SBS driver did not see her aunt

Posted by temasektimes on April 4, 2012

Chan Jack San, a niece of the deceased 66 year old Singaporean aunty who was ran over by a SBS Transit bus yesterday morning in Sengkang, has called on Singaporeans to cross the roads carefully.

In a video clip taken at the scene, the SBS bus was observed making a right turn and running over the poor woman who was crossing the road as the ‘green man’ was flashing and dragging her under it for a distance before motorists called on the driver to stop. She was pronounced dead on the spot and was ‘crushed beyond recognition’, according to Ms Chan:

[Source: Facebook]

Writing on her Facebook, Ms Chan also urged Singaporeans to take heed from the accident:

“to everyone out there, this serves as a warning. dun think crossing the traffic light with a green man is safe, always check the vehicles & surrounding ard u before u cross.”

[Source: Chan Jack San’s Facebook]

Like many Singaporeans, she wondered why the driver failed to see her aunt crossing the road:

“all cried after seeing the video. how can the fucking bus driver not see my aunt! it is green man when she cross the road!”

The Straits Times reported the driver spoke in a Chinese (PRC) accent asking the passengers to disembark from the bus after the accident. However, both SBS Transit and the state media have refused to divulge his name and nationality so far.

SBS Transit said it is ‘very saddened’ by the incident and extends its deepest condolences to the family of the victim without explaining the causes behind the shocking accident which took Singapore by storm, thereby still leaving many questions unanswered.


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12 Responses to “Tragic Sengkang accident: Niece of victim asked why SBS driver did not see her aunt”

  1. Ray said

    I’ve heard comments from people saying we shouldnt point fingers at PRCs. We should self reflect whether we are taking the “right of way” for granted.
    To those people who obviously love to sit on high horses, let me hear you talk so nonchalantly when it happens to your loved ones.

    • Herp said

      We shouldnt point fingers at PRCs. We should self reflect whether we are taking the “right of way” for granted.

      We shouldnt point fingers at PRCs. We should self reflect whether we are taking the “right of way” for granted.

  2. frakpap said

    The fucking SBS CEO should be bashed for recruiting PRC drivers in order to cut costs!!!

  3. Rationalise said

    Wow Herp,
    Not sure if your name is short for herpes, but I think your words show your level of English should be reexamined before you are allowed to speak again. To say reflect on not being careful while having the right of way is too serious a word to use on the victim, not to mention insensitive.
    I hope for civility and humanity’s sake I don’t actually have to explain why to you.

  4. Jaded said

    Really senseless and sad accident… this is what happens when foreigners are brought in indiscriminately

  5. Derp said

    State-run corporations will NEVER EVER reflect upon their mistakes…They juz think that watever they do is correct, increase the fare la, giving pple pathetic pay for long hour jobs etc ALL JUST FOR THEIR OWN PROFITS….

    In the end cos of their greed for employing such unskilled drivers, life are lost. Hope one day they or their own loved ones get such things happen to them…

  6. Bent said

    It is not just drivers, they are importing doctors from third world countries to lower cost.

    Blame who??? Blame the profit at all cost policies. So many problems last few years… all related to all these massive import of foreigners.

  7. Ron Lim said

    Buses need proximity sensors in front, not only at the back. I see buses stopping so close to the next vehicle. And when the front sensors detect objects, it should beep and the sound will become an audio alarm: STOP STOP as the object gets nearer.

    Planes have such sensors which sound alarms: PULL UP, PULL UP, etc. so that they do not crash into a mountain hidden in the mist or cloud.

    Buses need to have bigger separation distances from objects (humans, vehicles, etc.) Part of that 1 billion subsidy can go to equipping it with intelligent sensors that has infra-red capabilities so that human beings can be detected day and night. If soldiers now have night vision googles and infra-red sensors, how much does it cost to equip our buses with them?

  8. Derp said

    Blood for blood.
    This fucking chink bus driver must have his corpse drag across the road 500m.

  9. Ken Lee said

    RIP! may you hunt back the one who bring the drivers here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. ................ said

    eh how he pass his driving liencse in singapore?
    i took mine not long ago and you are require not just to check for predestrains but also side mirrors and blind spot dude…
    and you cannot keep moving when there is even people crossing the road but you just went straight?
    you should wait for all predestrains to cross the road or if the gap is huge enough for the whole vehicle to go through or there isn’t anyone crossing before you can proceed
    your supposed to even check rear view mirrors but bus can’t see so well.. i dono how they even pass the liencse

  11. said

    killer sbs driver. chen hongyan. PRC stupid bitch. 1 week sentence!!! WTF.

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