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VIDEO: ‘Yaya’ SBS PRC driver ‘escorted’ away by traffic police as victim’s lunchbox lies on the ground

Posted by temasektimes on April 4, 2012

Any driver who just knocked down a pedestrian will appear to be in a state of shock, but not the SBS Transit PRC driver who did not look a bit distraught in the aftermath of the tragic accident at Sengkang yesterday morning in which a 66 year old woman was killed on the spot by the turning bus when crossing the road.

As the driver was led away by the traffic police, he looked calm and composed as if nothing has happened. One netizen ‘Phil Tan’ even caught a grin on his face:

“I saw him smiling when interviewed, doesn’t look shock at all.”

In the video, the victim’s lunchbox in pink plastic bag was left on the road. She was reportedly dragged for a distance before a motorist on a bike horned at the bus driver to stop.


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17 Responses to “VIDEO: ‘Yaya’ SBS PRC driver ‘escorted’ away by traffic police as victim’s lunchbox lies on the ground”

  1. SG but not Dog. said

    KNNBCCB, fucking PRC Dogs. IN here, EVERYONE’S LIFE IS PRECIOUS!!!!!!
    Not like in China, worthless scum! FK off and back to your country.

    Fck the failed policies of the incumbent ministers as well! Screwing our lives up!!!!!!

  2. kranser said

    I can see from your report that you guys are in dire need of enormous help with the editing/ subbing.

    I cringe when I see words like “lied” in the headline left completely untouched. Or was it a sub who used that word unknowingly?. The word should be “lay”, not “lied”. That is, if you are using it in the past tense.

    But not only that. Even the age of the woman was wrong — should be 33 and not 66, according to the MSM.

    Please, guys, get your act together if you want your readership to rise. Write to me if you need help.

    • Derp said

      Not every reader is a grammar nazi bitch or an english teacher. The best selling book is not written by someone with a phd in english.

  3. Ridz said

    Hi Sg,I understand how you feel,but it not necessary to use vulgarity.I myself have experienced a bus driver showing me a up finger when he was actually in the wrong..I immediately reported him to his superior,who took necessary action. He was an Indian driver but I wasn’t sure if he was a foreigner or local.Another incident was a Chinese Prc driver who was very rude towards me.I am a retiree and a Singaporean and I stood my ground and reported him.What ever it is,he will be dealt with and I am sure many of us will like to know what his punishment will be if he is found guilty.So let justice take it’s course.My sincere condolences to the family of the decease.God Bless

  4. ZxcWhoDespisePRC said

    ^ Well said. Really i’m up to my neck already.

  5. we nd 2b responsible netizen said

    Just base on the short video shown here, i dont think one could make the comment tt he is calm. his right arm seems not hanging and bending naturally, as an average person would do, when he walks (of course it could be due to his habits). when compared with the policemen around, who seems walking more naturally?? imo, the policemen. moreover diff ppl respond to events differently.
    also, if the rpt is true, in tt he only stopped the bus after some motorists made him to, then it shows tt he did not commit the mistake intentionly. furthermore, if he has dragged the poor lady a significant distance, i am sure temasektimes would have make it big big?
    The issue is not abt his nationality, his reactions but what acutally happened and subsequent legal duties.
    clearly some ppl are using this incident to achieve hidden agenda (not so hidden btw).
    the bus driver should be penalized if he was negligence and the court deems so. The first commenter obviously brings in much emotion into his statement. And as what we havent leant in social study and history, such sources offer minimal insight into the situation and demonstrate his or her lvl of IQ and EQ. I am not sure if the first commenter realize the importance of responsibility of a netizen.

  6. Bernard Lim said

    “I saw him smiling when interviewed, doesn’t look shock at all.”

    Well, he may not be shocked but the whole of Singapore is. Maybe he knows that the China government is looking after him.

  7. psrlim07 said

    Why shock, just few months ago a PRC driver knock down my friend mother and kill her on the spot at woodland was just fine for $6000 and lifted his licence for 3 years. That all. Same thing got run over crossing traffic light

  8. SingaporeChineseMan said

    I really hate all those from china in Singapore. Worthless..

  9. Singaporean said

    This killer-driver has very ah tiong face. definitely prc

  10. nasta said

    Ok lah coz our sporean people big shot want to find a good post, and look down to be a bus driver. .So not a big deal if prc do the job . .

  11. Ray said

    In China they have too many people. Human life to them is basically worth nothing.

  12. Tiong Bastards said



  13. Don’t want to start an argument here but just wanna say that everyone has different ways of dealing with shock and crisis. Smiling or laughing is one reaction to dealing with situations like these, as though trying to distance yourself from reality. Maybe the bus driver was just shocked. I dunno.

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