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SBS flip flops: It will now pay for all funeral expenses of Sengkang bus accident victim

Posted by temasektimes on April 5, 2012

After drawing flak from the public for its insensitive demand to the family of the Sengkang bus accident victim to submit a ‘proposal’ to its management to pay for the repatriation of the body back to Malaysia, SBS Transit flip flops and say it will not pay for all expenses related to the funeral.

66 year old Madam Chan Ah Yong was crossing a junction in Sengkang on Tuesday morning when a SBS bus driven by a PRC driver ran over her, dragging her body beneath it for half a minute before killing her on the spot.

Madam Chan was from Seremban, Malaysia and the family wants the funeral to be held in her hometown where her father and two brothers live.

However, when her two daughters asked SBS Transit if it can foot the bill for sending her body to Malaysia, they were told to submit a proposal instead.

“But when I asked them on Tuesday, they told me to submit a proposal to their management,” Ms Kenix Lau, the younger daughter of Madam Chan said in response to queries from the media.

In a stunning U-turn, SBS Transit’s senior vice president for corporate communications, Tammy Tan, now says the company will foot the bill for the funeral.

The company has since contacted Mdm Chan’s son-in-law to inform him that all costs related to the funeral will be borne by the bus operator.

“We know nothing we do or say can change the fact that a life has been lost and a family is in grief. We can only say we are very, very sorry and will do whatever we can to assist the family during this difficult time,” Ms Tan said.

Perhaps SBS Transit can review its long-standing hiring policy of recruiting drivers from China to prevent any more unnecessary deaths like Madam Chan’s from occurring in the future again.


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7 Responses to “SBS flip flops: It will now pay for all funeral expenses of Sengkang bus accident victim”

  1. Derp said

    CCB, read already also blood boil. FUCK SBS.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    It is time the Political Leaders have the guts to admit that their policy of HIRING the CHEAPEST , THE BESTEST, THE FASTEREST….is WRONG…MORALLY AND MANAGEMENT WISE……Sure go ahead and employ foreigners BUT PAY THEM singaporean Wages and don’t overwork them….afteral they they are short of labour not short of money…Obscene profits and obscene salaries to top Management at the expense of Workers and safety of the Public is a cardinal sin.

  3. Antipode said

    It is an unfortunate case of template response. ‘submit a proposal’ is a common response used largely by large organizations when ideas, pleas, requests for assistance, etc are put forward. It is a faceless response. It is non discriminatory and non discerning regardless of the urgency of the matter, value of the ideas, or the gravity of the matter. It is like saying I cannot and will not handle this situation but submit a proposal anyway and management will assess your needs. In this particular case, given the video evidence and eyewitness accounts of the tragedy and the family’s account, SBS should have been less bureaucratic in its approach and language. It must offer assistance to the bereaved family regardless. SBS could also learn from this incident. Train the communications people well in language and context. Empower them with empathy and humility to deal with people to people situations. It is not rocket science, it is common sense. It is the spirit of [gotong royong] and service that organizations such as SBS need to inculcate in their employees. I am truly and deeply sorry for the senseless loss of life. My condolences to the family of the deceased.
    Lastly, as a bus commuter I can say with conviction that SBS’s foreign bus captains are like fish out of water on Singapore roads. They too severely lack people to people skills and effective communication skills. How did these drivers get their licenses to drive public buses in Singapore when it is apparent that the highway codes, road etiquette, and traffic control systems are totally different from theirs. What kind of training did this people receive fromSBS? It a shame, terrible shame when these drivers are unable to communicate in simple English with their commuters but it is disgusting and repugnant when traffic rules are not observed. The ball is in your court SBS, but mull this over: Cheap is nasty.

  4. fifi said

    now days all company hiring those foreigners, just to save cost pay them cheapest ! singaporean eat shit ! come on lah sinaporean open eyes work hard.
    now there is a case already then the company have to pay n pay lor. hired all china that don’t know how to speak simple english !! walauwei !

  5. wong said

    to All Lazy Singaporean if U Dislike to wake early n work till 1am

    Pls don’t put up Post

  6. Invictus said

    I dont hear or see the senior management or CEO of SBS going to see the family of the deceased to apologise or offer assistance.
    Great example of spineless and classless leadership !! Go learn from the Japanese. Phui !!

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