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VIDEO: HORRIFIC road traffic accidents in China

Posted by temasektimes on April 5, 2012

The shocking accident in Sengkang in which a PRC bus driver ran over a 66 year old Chinese woman crossing the road without even realizing it has led some Singaporeans to question the wisdom of SBS Transit employing large numbers of drivers from China in order to cut costs and maximizes profits.

Below is a compilation of road traffic accidents in China which will send a chill down your spine – the PRC drivers drive fast, change lanes without signalling, don’t stop at traffic junctions and they will simply hit and run after an accident. Seeing is believing:


6 Responses to “VIDEO: HORRIFIC road traffic accidents in China”

  1. A.O said

    What you expect..? Our Gahmen did not do thier homewerk.. what they wants is more $$$$$$$ for themself !!!

  2. Darn It said

    This video did not show how dangerous china drivers are. This video shows how stupid the system is. Tom can turn to the right, Dick can go straight and Harry can turn to the left. By having that kind of system in your country, you somehow adapt and practice it in other country. What a joke!

  3. Alvin said

    That’s cheap labor…. therefore the end result of course is poor.

  4. Disgusted said

    Karma will arrange for govt’s relatives to be run over by a bus driven by FT!!

  5. Yuki said

    ya..I agree!!’
    I saw these videos few months ago..
    These china really drive like they own the whole road!!!
    They don’t have eyes..
    To this particular PRC tiong( Martin aka jenette)
    Who post stupidity of himself..
    u better watch these videos..
    That’s what your tiong are taught to drive in china
    If you want drive go back to china and drive..that way you can escape prisoning even if you knock dead someone..
    Thats what your country likes to do..
    有钱,then can go bribe the officers..what a shame!
    Singapore traffic safety will become more more worst ,as there are more of them..
    you know 狗改不了吃屎…

  6. Slapforehead said

    I think, these pple have no insurance..cos insurance go bust already!

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