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Nicole Seah’s boyfriend (or husband?) Belmont Lay slams Christians for making police reports against FHM and ‘Escape Chapel Party’ organizers

Posted by temasektimes on April 6, 2012

Nicole Seah’s boyfriend (or husband?) and prominent Yahoo blogger Belmont Lay (left pic) has launched a blistering attack on the Christian community in Singapore for lodging seemingly ‘frivolous’ police reports against FHM Singapore and the organizers of the ‘Escape Chapel Party’ coincidentally on Good Friday.

A month ago, the National National Council of Churches Singapore (NCSS) came out publicly to slam two articles published in the March edition of FHM Singapore which allegedly made fun of Christianity and this week, the Catholic Community was up in arms over an ‘Escape Chapel Party’ which was supposed to be held at CHIJMES tomorrow for using ‘offensive’ publicity materials using girls dressed in short nuns habits.

Belmont sneered at the Christians for ‘making a mountain out of a molehill’ by calling the police when no ‘crime’ has been committed:

“First and foremost, I can never understand why people feel like they have to resort to calling the police, especially when no crime has been committed. If religious people are unhappy with secular event organisers, they should sort it out among themselves privately like adults.”

Belmont also insinuated that Christians have wasted public resources by lodging police reports over the matter:

“The rationale has always been that the police is notified of a problem and they show up to keep the peace and intervene to maintain law and order by arresting culprits and perpetrators of crime. But that is conditional on the fact that there actually exists a crime, or a potential threat of one, that is worth reporting. Any other attempt to get the police involved otherwise, is a waste of taxpayers’ money and an unnecessary strain on resources.”

[Source: Yahoo News]

He ended his tirade by calling on the ‘religious persons’ to leave the police out of such ‘private matters’ next time:

“As a religious person, let’s just assume you’re guaranteed the right to feel offended, although I’m pretty sure not everyone will agree with this….Next time, try to leave the authorities out of things….Especially the police, who should be better off spending their time and precious resources solving real crimes. Let a private matter between citizens be just that — a private matter.”

However, some Yahoo readers questioned if Belmont is being too presumptuous to assume that no laws were broken:

“Obviously you didn’t read the Sedition Act carefully. Oh, wait. Did you know that it even exist, Mr New Nation editor? The only silliness you’ve pointed out is your own ignorance.” – Jay

“I’m sorry, but with all due respect, did you say that ‘no crime has been committed’? Perhaps you are not aware that the Sedition Act has been enforced in Singapore on a few occasions in the last 5 years, even in cases related to online postings.” – Michael

In an earlier statement, the Ministry of Home Affairs has stated explicitly that “there’s no excuse for breaking the law, or for insulting or denigrating any racial group or religion in Singapore”, stressing that it does not condone any behaviour that denigrates any religion in Singapore.

There are no immediate replies from either Belmont Lay or Nicole Seah on the controversy. According to some unverified rumors circulating in cyberspace, they registered their marriage ‘quietly’ last year.


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30 Responses to “Nicole Seah’s boyfriend (or husband?) Belmont Lay slams Christians for making police reports against FHM and ‘Escape Chapel Party’ organizers”

  1. Sean said

    i agree. obviously a bunch of cry babies who can’t sort out their own insecurities.

  2. spotlessleopard said

    What is his religion? Is He a Catholic? A Muslim? A Buddhist? A Hindu?or just an Atheist?

  3. A Good Lay said

    WTF! this good Lay is the boyfriend of Nicole Seah, THE Nicole Seah?

    From the pic, he looks like her younger brother!

    Ok coming back straight to the point. It is obvious that the Catholics have been mocked and made fun of by a pic of a sexy looking model tonged out in nun’s habits for the Organizer’s publicity blitz.

    The ChIMES premises are in a way sacrosanct to the Catholics because it is an old church building with great historical significance. How in heaven’s name that the premises is turned into some kind of food court and with nightlife really beats the shit out of me.

    Just when I really thought that she would bring a breathe of fresh air to politics in Singapore, I now find that her better half is a querulous twerp venting his anger just because a sneaky event has been cancelled.

    Bah. Disappointing. Absolutely disappointing.

    • Robert said

      Your looks and brains do not complement Nicole. You are a liability to her. spelled with a Capital L. . You should earn your own stripes instead of hanging on to her, hoping her fame rubs off some on you. Do you have a job besides blogging, blogging…?

  4. laymanbrother said

    Belmont, you just aliented hundreds of thousands of Christian supporters of Nicole Seah. Please do the right thing, apologise and shut up forever. I will never read your blogs again.

  5. laymanbrother said

    Nicole, for the sake of Singapore, dump this useless guy Belmont. You deserve someone better than a scum like him.

  6. laymanbrother said

    Nicole, I voted for you the last time round. Come 2016, I will not vote for you if you are still with this belmont idiot.

  7. useful said

    just shut the f up la ! belmont ! dont try to use nicole seah’s fame and this particular incident that isnt your problem to gain fame ! dont xiasuey nicole seah party , get lost !!!

  8. Greg said

    Question here is will Nicole Seah’s popularity suffer a dip because of her dating a fool.

  9. Long said

    obviousLy, many are getting very personaL and judgmentaL by Linking BeLmont to NicoLe Seah in this case. taLking about ‘fooLs’ and ‘idiots’, sometimes its better to do a seLf-refLection.

    perhaps his words had been misinterpreted, and perhaps aLL he wanted to Let readers know, is that peopLe are caLLing the poLice for everything! (which is kinda true, isn’t it?)

  10. Shut up Belmont Lay! said

    My guess would be a YES. This Belmont Lay will be the downfall of NS’s politic career.

    @NS, if you are thinking of staying in politics and contesting again in 2016, my advice to you would be to DUMP this arrogant loud mouth bf of yours. For as long as he continues like this, you will never see yourself as a politician. Already this incident has turned off many ppl and I believe it’s not just the Christians. Do not wait for more such incidences where he is going to pull down all your hard work and popularity even further dow…n.

  11. babyboomer uncle said

    Belmont, I conclude that you are simply a liability to Nicole’s political ambition. You can either repent, apologize to all Christians or you can do the best thing and that is to get out of Nicole’s life. You simply don’t cut it and don’t deserve her. She is too smart and too big than you and you pea brain.

  12. explorealberta said

    Nicole to Belmont: “We are OVER! O-V-E-R, understand? ”
    Belmont: “Why?? What do you mean?!?”
    Nicole: “O-V-E-R, understand? Now I understand when people question why I go out with such a satirical loser who blogs for a living, and resort to bashing other religions to bring traffic to his lacklustre ‘New Nation’ site.”

  13. A Good Lay said

    Imagine if one day, by a stroke of a miracle, Nichole Seah becomes Prime Minister and this good Lay, the husband, he will make our ex president who seems to be asleep most of the time, look like an Obama!

  14. Andrew said

    Belmont \b(e)-lmo-nt, bel-mont\ as a boy’s name is of Old French origin, and the meaning of Belmont is “beautiful mountain”. 🙂

  15. mlbk888 said

    Nicole Seah has just lost my support…. can’t possibly be supporting a political candidate whose ‘supposed’ boyfriend has such views and is so childish. What do they say – birds of a feather flock together?

  16. Adam said

    I’m a muslim and when i first read it, i was like “this is not right”.
    For Nicole Seah, dump this chap. You deserve a better intelligent guy.

  17. Nicole Hater said

    It’s not OR husband. Nicole and Belmont had registered their marriage last year, according to Tan Jee Say’s counting agent.
    By the way, Jaymee Ong was damn hot in the banned FHM, too bad she’s mine, you can’t have her if you divorce Nicole, Belmont 🙂

  18. lucas said

    Name cant make it, look like nerd, sound like idiot, overall not too bright. Shud just stop blogging and go hide in some obscure corner.

  19. Dimitri said

    What a bunch of manipulative people. They are just using Nicole Seah’s popularity to attack him. Christians my ass. Hypocritical moralists more like it. I’m Christian and I can already smell their hypocrisy from miles away. Leave the poor couple alone! Want to attack, craft an article and respond. Kaobeikaobu over Easter…tulan.

    • mark said

      Dimitri, ur words are very true indeed…this christians are hypocrites, have u guys been harrassed by some overzealous christians onr talkin the street, asking u for just 5mins of ur time but ended up for more den 1h talking rubbish andeir preaches trying to brainwash u with their preaches and tryin to force u to join the church? actually i think the church is like a mlm company, the more they recruit, the more money they gona con…i heard every month u have to give 10% of ur salary to them or something like that…if u guys dun believe me, just got to youtube and find city harvest church pastor kong hee, his preaches is all about money most of the time…and not forgetting his wife is living the high life…

  20. No Can Do said

    Nicole’s political future is kaput, finished with this Belmont’s ‘fool Monty’ on religion. A real idiot of an a@#e who thinks he can ride on his wife Nicole’s political glamour when he only rides her in bed. Nicole’s lost my family’s, friends’ and my votes come next GE with Belmont’s continuing f@#king rides on her, thinking he can f@#k wherever he wants. A fool who’s grown too bigh for his albeit tiny shoes. Nicole shd dump this imbecile with his pea brain. Even Melvyn Singh is a better partner for her.

  21. anon said

    He’s no politician as the article was insensitive. I agree that there’s no need to call the police for disputes that we can settle on our own. In this case, however, as it involves a large-scale event, I believe that only the police could’ve prevented the event from taking place. This was what the Catholics wanted. I support the police call.

    The event organisers could’ve rented another venue. Although there are many liberals around, our society is still largely conservative.

  22. phiri phiri ney said

    I am a devout Muslim and have respect for all religion. No one has any right to trample on anyone’s faith in the name of freedom of speech or personal liberties. I WAS a staunch supporter of Nicole. unfortunately, if she chooses to hold hands with the likes of Beautiful Mountain, my support is no longer default.
    I cannot understand how someone of her intellect can associate with the likes of him. perhaps her intellect has been presumed.

    And I say this for the sake of Singapore…Nicole, if you had any love for the cause you have taken up, drop this dead-weight.

  23. far said

    religion deserve no rights in the public sphere. we invoke the sedition act like how the papee invoke the ISA, a little riled up cannot tahan already. i see no wrong in settling a private matter privately

  24. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    Belmont is like the nerdy JC boy who plays Starcraft in the day, and blogs on in the night. With the limited traffic to his lacklustre “New Nation” site, he thought, “Maybe I ride on my Nicole’s popularity and make a controvesial post and bring traffic to the site. What a great idea!” So immature and lame, like a 16 yeard old boy taking a piggie back on his jiejie (older Sister), a 26 yeard old woman.

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