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DPM Teo tells Hougang residents: Desmond Choo is a very ‘good’ man

Posted by temasektimes on April 7, 2012

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean has heaped generous praises on the PAP grassroots adviser in Hougang Desmond Choo to promote him to Hougang residents.

Speaking to Hougang residents during an open ceremony of the temporary carpark at Hougang Street 61, DPM Teo described Mr Choo as a very ‘good’ man:

“Desmond Choo has been working hard in Hougang. He is a very good man. I hope Hougang residents can elect the best candidate to plan for their long-term future. I have worked with Desmond Choo. He is a very good and sincere person.”


DPM Teo also reassured Hougang residents that the government has not forgotten them.

“All of us are very concerned with the residents in Hougang. We do not wish to see Hougang’s predicament being repeated in other places.”


Despite losing Hougang to Workers Party’ Yaw Shin Leong in the last General Election, Mr Choo continues to work hard in Hougang to serve its residents.

The seat of Hougang was left vacant after Yaw was sacked from the Workers Party for his alleged sordid extra-marital affairs with multiple women, including a party member who contested in the election.

While Hougang is left in limbo with the sudden departure of Yaw and the ongoing internal turmoil engulfing the Workers Party, Mr Choo has been serving Hougang residents faithfully during his weekly ‘tea-party’ sessions conducted at Hougang Community Club.

In the absence of WP, the number of Hougang residents seeking Mr Choo’s help has increased from around five per session before Yaw’s sex scandal to more than forty now.

During an election rally last year, WP Chief Low Thia Kiang promised Hougang residents that WP would never ‘abandon’ them. Less than a year later, they are left without a MP as Yaw simply left them in the lurch without even bidding farewell.


To learn more about Mr Choo, please visit his Facebook page here.


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12 Responses to “DPM Teo tells Hougang residents: Desmond Choo is a very ‘good’ man”

  1. explorealberta said

    Desmond Choo is a very ‘good’ YES-man

  2. Derp said

    Then why is a good man like him doing with PAP?

    Good man and PAP doesn’t go hand in hang.

  3. 人民百姓 said


  4. jaded said

    good man in a wrong party…

  5. Mary said

    Is Temasek Times inofficially endorsing Desmond Choo?

    • Prataman said

      I am beginning to suspect that too.

      Is DC paying for the advertisement space or is TT in a habit of giving him fee publicity ??

      As for DPM Teo praising DC… the Minister with a face that only his mother could love, should save his breath b’cos no one is listening to him or his pro foreigner Party nowadays.

    • Singaporean said

      These days Temasektimes sounds like they’re breathing-thru-the-same-nasal-passage with the states times!

  6. Observer said

    Regardless. Elections in Singapore is about voting the party not the individual. That’s what PAP said.

    Having said that, if you put a chimpanzee to run against any PAP candidate, I will vote the chimpanzee. That’s the only way to ensure PAP continue to be on its toes.

    Think about it. Regardless of what PAP says, will PAP start to change how they behave if they weren’t given 2 tight slaps at the GE2011?

  7. anon said

    What does “very good” mean? It’s so vague! He’s very good at what?

  8. just a thought said

    bullshit bullshit. everyone’s good before election. hougang residents should vote for WP still, we need an opposition force in the parliament. Even if the opposition is small and lack influences, revolution lies in the hands of the citizens from other areas in changing their mind within this four years and vote more PAP out from their seats

  9. PRsFTsOUTofSG said

    are they saying that Desmond is an angel? does not masturbate, does not watch porn, does not have lustful thoughts on his neighbour’s wife and daughther?

  10. 60+ said

    wat a crap, only PAP candidates very good, my foot, wat about Phey Yew Cock, Teh Chiang One, Choo Wee Can, Wee Tong Boo and U stupid face Teo Chee Hen and many more tripod.

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