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PRC man refused to pay cab fare and showed Indian taxi-driver his MIDDLE FINGER

Posted by temasektimes on April 7, 2012

An Indian taxi-driver Bhai shared an unpleasant experience he had with a PRC passenger this morning on STOMP:

“I picked this Chinese National passenger from Hitachi taxi stand who wanted to go to a Chinatown hotel which is located near Bukit Pasoh. While I was driving in the right direction on South Bridge Road, he said to me that this was not the way to his hotel and told me his hotel is opposite Smith Street.”

The PRC man then used vulgarities on the taxi driver and asked him to stop his taxi:

“I stopped at Foo Hai building and he alighted from my taxi, slammed the door, showed me the middle finger and refused to pay the fare which was $7 plus.”

Two weeks ago, a PRC technician Yuan Zhengfa not only refused to pay his taxi fare to the airport, but hijacked the taxi and crashed it into a Malaysian cleaning supervisor, killing him on the spot.

Bhai should consider himself lucky that he is only shown a middle finger and not something else. Perhaps he should also ‘reflect’ on why he caused the passenger to be so angry with him.


25 Responses to “PRC man refused to pay cab fare and showed Indian taxi-driver his MIDDLE FINGER”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    The Political Leaders must take responsibilty…..their unbridled imports of all types of Foreigners is the problem…..

    • Samuel said

      I agree. Let’s have a personality test for everyone that’s coming to Singapore. Why not apply it to the whole world as well? If you happen to go overseas one day, you’ll be tested on your personality. If you failed, you’ll be sent back to Singapore for lack of “ethics”! A great solution!

      • SingaPOORean said

        There are point systems for migrating to other countries too like Australia, if you fail the point system you can’t get into their country too. But it seems Singapore have a very low standard point system, we have PRC working at hawker, coffee shop, cleaner etc… Anyway if a person is doing very well in his/her own country, why migrate? Especially to Singapore where you can only hold one citizenship.

  2. studentinsg said

    I would recommend the taxi driver to make a police report. Under the public transport act, anyone refusing to pay their cab fare can be fined up to $1000 dollars and jailed for subsequent offences.

  3. Respect No Rude PRC said

    Walau, these PRCs are getting more brazen by the day! I think when I am in their country, I will do the same thing to their taxi drivers. Hope I don’t get walloped because these people are pit bulls and we are sheep.

    Luckily for this PRC he showed rudeness, disrespect and uncivil behavior OUTSIDE the taxi, otherwise just auto lock the doors and drive straight to the police station, the nearest one being on Cantonment Road.

    Please ignore Little boy Lay who cursed us for reporting everything to the police. He is an ass. We are law abiding citizens and should let the law handle all cases of civil disorder.

    • Samuel said

      How are you different from “them” if you do such an act?

    • fuck PRCS said

      stfu the way u talk u are obviously a fucking china dog urself. go back to ur disgusting overpopulated country and enjoy the day when america nuke ur pathetic asses

      • Tricha said

        “Fuck PRCS”: just because someone disagrees with you doesn’t make them automatically Chinese PRC people. What a low level of argument. You have obviously demonized everyone from China, with a foolish thought that every Singaporean would be as superficial and bigoted as you are. It’s people like you that 100% Singaporean wouldn’t want to associate with. You bring shame to whichever country you belong to.

  4. David said

    Is this really the correct way to comment on ppl not paying fares? Is it really the taxi driver’s fault ? Why not go to a shopping centre, choose a item and don’t pay, walk out and blame the shop for poor service or long queues ? Its abit out of the point for that comment.

  5. Ken Lee said

    thanks to PAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. sts said

    Chinatown Hotel at Bukit Pasoh??? Shouldn’t it be at Teck Lim Road instead of Bukit Pasoh??? If unsure, the cabby should have asked the pax to direct him. Little wonder why many commuters are prejudiced towards cab drivers.

  7. sts said

    Apparently, there’s another Chinatown Hotel along Smith Street but doesn’t seem to be any at Bukit Pasoh.

  8. Boy said

    “Bhai should consider himself lucky that he is only shown a middle finger and not something else. Perhaps he should also ‘reflect’ on why he caused the passenger to be so angry with him.”


  9. David said

    with such issues increasing, maybe one day they would want to install cameras, hope this does not add on to the fares for consumers.

  10. Eugene said

    Most of them knew we can’t do anything to them even you report police , they good in making up story and deny. Our law since to be double standard and strict to Singaporeran only . Even if they found to be guilty , the charge will be much lighter.

  11. Derp said

    TASER that motherfucker

  12. fpc said

    i like this site a lot. a lot like the old tr.

  13. jack of all trades said

    i seen the full picture on STOMP lah. This guy is too stylishly dressed for a PRC. He is probably some Korean or Asian-American working in the financial sector here.

  14. jack of all trades said

    Hotel Majestic area lah. Pubs and restaurants in that area are quite pricey, for expats one. I don’t think any PRC got money to go there to drink.

  15. fpc said

    was he caught?

    • biccherry said

      Another reason for all taxis to have front facing wide screen video camera so that the non paying passenger can also be identified from a review of the video footage of the passenger flagging down the taxi; as should popular taxi stands have security cameras installed (e.g. airport). Taxi company should look into this to protect its driver’s welfare and mediate the disputes between its drivers and taxi passengers.

  16. Koh said

    i would suggest whoever commented this to get the bottom of this. As this is only a sided story makeup by the cab driver. Regardless of his nationality, he should be given fair judgement. Put yourself in his shoes. I would suggest he reports this to the police and engage a lawyer to get the fact and report this abuse.

  17. Baker said

    Taxi drivers should carry guns loaded with rubber bullets.

  18. Bon said

    Or maybe.. simply…. when they board your taxi, just.. Singaporean ? then say some singlish words….. see if he knows… else… GET YOUR FUCKING ASS OUT OF MY TAXI … BIGOTS !

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