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Starhub discriminates against locals by giving ‘exclusive’ UEFA 2012 package to expats only?

Posted by temasektimes on April 7, 2012

Is Starhub discriminating against locals by giving a better deal to expatriates only?

Under the Starhub Euro 2012 promotion, it does appear that expats get a much more ‘exclusive’ deal than locals.

Though both locals and expats pay the same price (Early Bird Price) of S$58.85 w GST for the Euro 2012 package, expat subscribers get a much better deal in terms of an exclusive football premium pack of their choice which is worth $50 which includes a portable fan, mug and travel bag.

Locals who sign up for the same package gets only a complimentary Adidas EURO 2012 Miniball, but only if they sign up for the English Supersize Pack as well.

Starhub has since removed the discriminatory ad on its website after it sparked an outcry among netizens.




13 Responses to “Starhub discriminates against locals by giving ‘exclusive’ UEFA 2012 package to expats only?”

  1. Oscar said

    I think Starhub should apologize to Singaporeans and offer a better exclusive deal to Singaporeans.

    Otherwise, I suspect the majority of its Singaporean customers will cancel their subscription.

  2. rebate to Singaporean said

    Starhub should rebate what he had done to Singaporeans.

  3. major shareholder benefits said

    If Starhub is public company, who is the major holder to this public company, which i think is local Singaporean. So starhub should be taken into major holder interest, and not to please foreigner.

  4. rebate to Singaporean said

    starhub should rebate to Singaporean of what Singaporean deserve to have.

  5. explorealberta said

    Its Euro 2012, so obviously they are targeting the “European expats” (Caucasians/’Ang Moh’).

    this is what happens when the PR/Marketing director and managers are spineless ‘white worshipping’ “Sarong Party Girls” (SPGs), with fake accents, who are desperate to hitch any ‘Ang Moh’ (old, bald also) for prestige. Further adding to the global WhiteMale-AsianFemale interacial ‘meat shop’ divorce statistics.

  6. sg said

    Starhub have been giving us shitty service for a long time, time to destroy them and give Singapore a better name.

  7. Hittykid said

    Starhub has not remove the discriminatory ad. You can access it here:

    The offer to foreigner is still on going. I urge all Singaporeans who wanted to sign up for euro package to apply for this expat package. Let see how starhub is going to handle it.

  8. hello said

    Cheapskates ppl, bcos of free gift , cry father cry mother!!!

  9. Derp said

    Where got remove???

  10. PleaseBeRational said

    This is clearly of a different pricing tier for a totally different market. I totally do not see the need to bring in the Singaporean/Foreigner comparison. Expats belong to a totally different group with different demands/needs/population/expectations and thus requires a different pricing tier to attract.

    This happens to every product and different groups.
    Why is there singtel youth plan for the younger generation with better benefits and unlimited smses?

    I don’t see complains about that.

  11. unclebobby said

    I just thinking of signing up ! Ok, I join the boycott !

    Uncle Bob from Eunos. Fxxk you Starhub !

    After my mobile plan contact ends, I change to other tel-co too.

  12. unclebobby said

    I am about to sign up for it……… Ok, I join the boycott !

    Fxxk you Starhub ! I will change telco too after my mobile plan end in 2 months time.

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