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Tay Ping Hui defends Singaporeans: We are not asking for ‘doors’ to be closed entirely

Posted by temasektimes on April 7, 2012

MediaCorp celebrity and Young PAP member Tay Ping Hui has spoken up again on the behalf of Singaporeans against the uncontrolled influx of foreigners into Singapore.

Despite the rising concerns among Singaporeans that they will soon be ‘squeezed out’ by the newcomers, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman insisted that Singapore must remain ‘OPEN’ to ‘foreign talents’ or risked having their competitiveness decreased as foreigners help create jobs for Singaporeans.

However, Ping Hui felt it is important to know who actually get the jobs. In a post on his Twitter, he wrote:

“When talking about job creation, It is not just about how many jobs r created. It is about what kind of jobs & who actually get those jobs.”

He also expressed a sentiment felt by many Singaporeans:

“Singaporeans r not asking to closed doors entirely. They r asking for d doors be opened only to those who truly deserve to enter our home.”

[Source: #taypinghui]

With the lines between Singaporeans and foreigners getting increasingly blurred, it is now difficult to judge who truly deserve to be allowed to enter Singapore.

14 Responses to “Tay Ping Hui defends Singaporeans: We are not asking for ‘doors’ to be closed entirely”

  1. CKMPD said

    Well said, Ping Hui. We do welcome foreigners who help contribute to SG. But we dont welcome foreigners who are cheap but cause problems to SG in the long term

    • david ce yeo said

      Cheap/low salary foreigner-workers provide human-power for many/most labour-hungry industries here in our BEAUTIFUL little Red Dot SINGAPORE.
      …..those who are ready to WORK likewise PUT UP YOUR two HANDs
      …..appreciate & do not encourage dislike/hatred of foreigner-workers/employees
      THERE ARE NUMEROUS SingaPOREANs earning salaries/allowances on foreign soils

      • CKMPD said

        Hi David,

        What you said is exploitation and slavery.

        I am not against foreigners. What I am suggesting is pay them what they deserve. Welcome them but dont exploit them. Do you know how the pap and agents have exploited such people?

        Are you in favour of exploiting third world foreigners by paying them cheaply? They are someone’s daughters and son! Australia doesnt need to do that and the country prospers unlike SG which is going downhill.

        So let us be compassionate and care for such foreigners rather than exploit them by paying them pittance

  2. Den said

    Not sure about his comments about FT, but I surely agreed with the cinema comments.

  3. do not talk big or make it public said

    I went to Chian few years ago, and I learned that the china citizen pay lower rate of hotel than foreigner.

    The problem with our minister or MP like to talk “big” and make it “public” , and for sensitive issue, they make it in public that is not wise.

  4. Open and close said

    hey ping hui

    U got guts! Well said

  5. oute said

    Right, what are they thinking about. If there are no jobs for Singaporeans, what are we here for and what they are paid for

    Are we supposed to complete with the billions of people in the world, who can move into Singapore,

  6. Ron Lim said

    I am here visiting Melbourne. Many Asian graduates are jobless. There is a clear divide between the Whites and Asians. Discrimination is very obvious when it comes to employment.

    Singapore is quite different when FTs are given priorities over Singaporeans, all in the name of generating growth, etc. If Spore does not cherish its own sons and daughters over foreigners, what is the future of Spore then?

  7. A Singapore PR NOT from China said

    Good to see someone who dares to use his local celebrity status for the greater good.

  8. rodneyang said

    The government seems to have a tendency to project the public’s image as one trying to oppose all the ‘good things’ it is trying to achieve, such as the admission of foreign talents and labours, etc.

    In fact, the general public does not entirely oppose to these ‘good things’, but would like to have a more efficient feedback channel on the execution of these ‘good things’.

  9. Busybodyl said

    Well said ping hui!!! U have better future if u join the oppositions. Hope to vote u in 2016 n be the opposition leader.

  10. Wicked Brain said

    Good to see Ping Hui voicing out.
    He is right, we are not asking for our doors to be closed completely.
    When we invites ‘FTs’ at this rate, there must be laws to safeguard the locals.

  11. what_sux said

    very well said tay ping hui. respect for you having the guts to say what is correct. if you come elections, i will vote for you seriously. we need much more people like you, you deserve a minister salary, unlike some others …

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