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PHOTO: ‘Young CUNT with pulp’ for sale at $2.60 for three at NTUC supermarket

Posted by temasektimes on April 8, 2012

A netizen was shopping at a NTUC supermarket when he saw this interesting sign:

Maybe what it really meant is “Ice Cool Young cunt juice with pulp” for sale at $2.60 for 3?


32 Responses to “PHOTO: ‘Young CUNT with pulp’ for sale at $2.60 for three at NTUC supermarket”

  1. Eric Lee said

    obviously someone in NTUC must be a foreign talent or English not very good

    • 14 year old boy said

      Its funny how you can just blame foreign talent for something like this, im foreign and im from a 3rd world country with continuous terrorist attacks and violence and my English is better than 90% of the people in my year. I think you should consider Singaporeans too and not just foreigners, lol. I found that very offensive because your ” OBVIOUS ” generalization and accusation suggests that you have rejected a fact or opinion that you have little or no info about which in turn is the highest form of ignorance. please refrain from making such remarks. Im 14 by the way.

      • rodneyang said

        Yes its true. Let’s not generalise as mistakes can be made by anyone and may result in polarisation or extremism of attitudes. Let’s also hope the the government will also understand the public sentiment better in its effort to achieve high GDP. btw, I’m a SIngaporean.

      • 14 year old boy said

        Very well said sir. I feel generalization’s will only cause problems and segregation in the community.

  2. Derp said

    I wonder how a cunt with pulp tastes like.

  3. Proud of LKY said

    Don’t play play, we follow LkY’s billingual policy, Englsih very the cunt…

  4. Oscar said

    NTUC Fairprice obviously has a lot of foreign talent working for it.

  5. Herp said

    Must be made in China

  6. cheap talent not top talent said

    In normal case, you pay peanut and you get monkey. Singapore is taking in cheap talent , not top talent!

  7. Rayning said

    it shld be young coconut (c nut)

  8. M0len'z said

    What are they actually selling?!?! >_<

  9. M0len'z said

    What are they actually selling?

  10. Aung said


  11. JJ said

    Comfirm PRC

  12. Eric's Mom said

    I have a lot of Singaporean friends with bad English. I believe this should be an auto-correct miss.

  13. Bad Ass ed said

    This is really hilarious. Maybe when that dumbass was writing out the advert. he was thinking of what else but a @#$%!

    Or maybe the supermarket kenna saboed by foreign talent!

  14. bridgebunny said

    Credit where it’s due, TemasekTimes.

  15. Alan Lau said

    I thought NTUC should be pro Singaporean?? They should only hire Locals and not FTs

  16. Wicked Brain said

    This “cunt” word is not common until PRC scholar SunXu saga.

  17. Frank said

    What is the word supposed to be? sign me dense…

  18. NTUCnationalbrandCUNT said

    Is a can drink from Thailand @ $1.10 per can, the coconut flesh are minced. Special offer @$0.86 per can. Is more expensive than coca cola.

    You can get real good coconut from Justco @ RM4.00.

  19. Andy Q said

    ironically the magic word is an anagram of NTUC… LoL

  20. Wee Wee said

    Wow! Can I have the “Young Cunt” without “Pulp”? and add Xtra “Ice Cool” prelease’ Shank you’! 🙂

  21. rodneyang said

    Only a Coconut can spell it that way.

  22. A G Young said

    “AMAZING” advertisement!

  23. aero said

    just look at the abbreviations “NTUC”…doesn’t it almost spell “CUNT” backwards?..LOL!!

  24. Anakpakkassim said

    Just last week, we came home from NTUC and discovered a plastic bag containing 2 tubs of ice-cream. I checked my receipt and confirmed that I did not purchase them. Asked my hubbby and son, they did not purchase too. So, I called NTUC to inform them. The one answering asked me (in obvious PRC accent) – “U overcharged?” I kept telling her, the item is not mine, probably my son made a mistake when we were putting stufss into our trolley after paying.

    “So, no overcharge? Okay then”

    Huh? Ok? She mean that it is ok as they were not charged, so she expect me to keep the ice-cream and keep quiet?

    I was clearly pissed with this mentality. Insisted that I will return the items soon. She was like in a daze and said.. ” huh… ok….”

    Maybe to them, it is my good luck to get the items for free!! Where is integrity? Maybe, if the shop is their’s, then they will feel more responsible.

  25. gash said

    cunt juice and pulp are tasty treats

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