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SMRT train along North-South line delayed AGAIN this morning due to ‘peak hour traffic’

Posted by temasektimes on April 9, 2012

It is a bright sunny morning today and there are no ‘track fault’ and yet SMRT train along the North-South line is delayed AGAIN this morning due to ‘peak hour traffic.’

According to angry commuters, they were stuck at the stations for between 10 to 20 minutes and they heard SMRT announced over the PA system that the trains were delayed due to ‘peak hour traffic’ and seek their kind ‘understanding and cooperation.’:

“Dear passengers, due to peak hour and a delay earlier, trains may be travelling slower.”

The latest delay came one day after SMRT trains along the East-West line were delayed for 20 minutes due to a ‘stalled’ train at Paya Lebar MRT station which affected some 500 passengers.

Some responses from commuters on Facebook:

“irritated by freaking announcements : “dear customer, due to peak hour…..”. Dont they have idea how to manage?” – Hiramanya

“Long queue at Bishan towards Marina South. Incidentally, one of the upward escalators was turned off this morning at Bedok station. In the recent past, I’ve seen gantries and escalators turned off on days when MRT has train troubles. Is this a subtle form of crowd control?” – Thomas Tan

“am travelling towards yck and was stopped for a while in the mid of the track. 2 trains passedby @ fast speed on the opposite side.. →_→ angry lor !” – Tan Shu Jun

“was stuck at Dhoby Ghaut NSL at about 8.45am. 2-3 trains packed passed by but the annoucement said it was “due to peak hour traffic” and thanked us for our “corporation”.” – Ryan Ang

SMRT’s explanation that the trains were slow due to ‘peak hour traffic’ does not go down too well with commuters who pointed out that trains used to arrive on time in the past with one netizen using the example of Hong Kong to make a point:

“Just as a point of comparison, I took peak hour trains in HK before. The Island Line-Tsuen Wan Interchange at Admiralty station is notorious for human jams during peak hours. However, even if you miss 1-2 packed trains at first, the trains come at 60-90 sec intervals, and the queues clear pretty fast. And there are no duh announcements LOL.”

As expected, there is no statement from SMRT to explain the latest delay and there are no reports in the mainstream media as the authorities scrambled to find more lame excuses to cover up for their gross incompetence which is making a mockery out of Singapore’s supposedly ‘First World’ public transport system.


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4 Responses to “SMRT train along North-South line delayed AGAIN this morning due to ‘peak hour traffic’”

  1. Must reflect and repent said

    Good! A precursor to increase fares this year to subsidize $1.1 billion grant for SBS and SMRT. Ah Lui sure damn happy with his performance this year, raking in more monies for PAP. Go back and reflect ;-p

  2. zinc said

    20mins delay every weekday morning is NOTHING compared to a 20 mins delay on one fine weekend. Very interesting, and state media only choose to report that. Oh because got train lang ga is it.

  3. Bad Ass ed said

    So what’s new with the MRT these days. Please do not report breakdowns. Report only on days that they do not occur. Now that’s news!

  4. Ken Lee said

    Must reflect and repent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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