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Woodlands accident: Boy admitted to KKH with fractured ankle; SMRT suspends bus driver

Posted by temasektimes on April 9, 2012

The 9 year old boy from Greenwood Primary School who was involved in a road traffic accident with a SMRT bus in Woodlands today has been admitted to KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital.

He is reportedly in stable condition and sustained a fracture of his right ankle from the accident.

SMRT has confirmed an accident took place at about 2.55pm at the junction of Woodlands Drive 63 and Woodlands Avenue 6 and involved service 912. The bus driver has been suspended by SMRT pending police investigations.

The circumstances leading to the accident is not known. Neither did SMRT reveal the nationality of the bus driver as speculations run wild in cyberspace that he might be from China again.

One frequent commuter of bus service 912 Faizal Maidin posted on Facebook the likely identity of the driver:

“I think I know the driver that did it. I was in bus 912 that day with my mum and it was driven by this PRC driver. I think he is the only PRC driver driving the service bus 912. The rest are Singaporean and Malaysian drivers. He is insane mind you. He beat the traffic light when it was green. I was like haaaaaaaaaa. Think it is him alright. That day he almost hit a boy with his grandmum at the traffic junction.”

There were about 28 passengers on board the bus during the time of incident and no passenger was injured. The latest accident came barely a week after a SBS Transit bus driven by a PRC driver ran over a 66 year old woman in Sengkang and killing her on the spot.

Speaking in Parliament on Monday, Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew revealed about about 26 per cent of bus drivers are Malaysians and about 13 per cent are from China. This percentage does not include those who have been ‘converted’ into Singapore PR.

The Temasek Times is the FIRST internet news site in Singapore to report on the accident at 4.30pm, four hours before Yahoo News. The mainstream media has NOT reported on it yet.


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6 Responses to “Woodlands accident: Boy admitted to KKH with fractured ankle; SMRT suspends bus driver”

  1. Linda said

    I really hpe LTA n SBS n SMRT will choose their bus driver carefully cos it’s concern e life of human beings….. Since govt has decide to recruit PRC it’s has so many accident be it PRC has become PR or a NR it’s still e same they r not familiar with our roads n traffic rules…. So many accident happen n even ppl trap in bus cos e bus driver lost it way… I myself has ever rode in so many bus driven by PRC n e way they drive like they r in china or in their own world n I ever nearly fall dwn cos of them…. I was boarding e bus hve not even reach e top of e stairs e PRC bus driver has already close e door n drove off n I hve not even tap my ezlink card still at e steps lucky I was alert n young wat if happen if it’s was an elderly wat will hve happen…. For dis I hve feedback to e bus interchange in charge of e bus 100 but any improvement done I dun think so….. Y can’t u all try to encourage Mre sporean or Malaysian to join e bus company cos sporean n Malaysian r Mre familiar with our roads n traffic laws pls pls stop employing PRC u all r only putting phobia in us riding n walking on e street we may not knw when will it be our turn next plsssssss wake up y must hve so many foreign workers where so many sporean r unemployed WHY?????? To be honest I feel at time I feel like 2nd class citizen even thou I’m a born sporean cos e china Indian n etc r drowning us plssssss do something plssssss!!!!!!!!!

  2. A G Young said

    Another bus accident! Fortunately not as serious as Sengkang. Land Transport Authority what is your comment !

  3. Ken Lee said

    how many more traffic accidents then will our Mr Lui get the alarm! one more future Singapore defender or minister convert to pes E or worst exempted from NS!

  4. Jenny said

    The mainstream media will protect the driver’s identity again.

  5. Skutazhu huntaz said

    When will they ever learnt their lesson….the gov spend so much to educate safety but look wat it turn out to be? 2 accident in a space of less then 1mth??

  6. zzzzz said

    thats what u normally get from FT ~

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