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Cat-fight in clinic: PRC woman threw appointment card into face of Filipino clinic assistant!

Posted by temasektimes on April 11, 2012

A 36 year old PRC woman quarreled with a Filipino clinic assistant at a clinic in Yishun and causing the neighborhood police to come and intervene!

According to a local Chinese tabloid, the PRC woman brought her son to see a doctor at the clinic, but was told to go to the hospital by the Filipino clinic assistant.

“That morning, my son’s stomach is bloated and he kept crying. I brought him immediately to the doctor, but the clinic nurse chased me out of the clinic and even said ‘You want to see doctor, go to the hospital!'”, she said.

However, the version of events is different from the clinic’s perspective: The PRC woman had demanded to see the doctor immediately, but the Filipino clinic assistant was unable to comprehend her. She then threw the appointment card at the clinic assistant, sparking a shouting match between the two.

It is understood that a police report was lodged, but no arrests were made.

The PRC woman remained unrepentant and retorted arrogantly:

“My mood was not good because my son was sick. The clinic staff should be more UNDERSTANDING towards me!”

She eventually brought her son to KK Children and Women Hospital.


33 Responses to “Cat-fight in clinic: PRC woman threw appointment card into face of Filipino clinic assistant!”

  1. spotlessleopard said

    I would tend to believe the Clinic Assistant…..

  2. fpc said

    show this to teo ch to ensure that he is made aware that there are more integration issues problems he should be concerned about as home minister than the by election in hougang.

  3. mlbk888 said

    I am more inclined to believe the Filipina’s version as I have personally witnessed many bad behaviour by both PRC men and women.

  4. Uniquely Singapore said

    Eveywhere the PRC go, they will pollute that places.

    • Zhang Feng said

      There are more than 1 million PRCs here already and their numbers are increasing rapidly. If the number of PRCs living here hit 2 million or more, the authorities will get more than they bargain for.

  5. Edu Zhang said

    There will be many more fights between PRCs and Pinoys, given how China and the Philippines have both staked claims over the Spratlys.

    Many Singaporeans had warned that if conflict breaks out between China and the Philippines over those islands, both their people here will fight a proxy war on our little red dot.

    • Tobias Tan said

      Seriously. Do you have any examples of that happening anywhere at any larger scale, in the past? Please give me a break. Singapore with its excellent police force and transparency is the least likely place to witness any major infighting among groups of immigrants.

      • Suzy Wong said

        Tobias Tan, are u serious when you mentioned “Singapore with its excellent police force and transparency…”

        Please give me a break, as well


  6. alamak said

    How abt TT go investigate who this MOE scholar is, since you are so in the front line of breaking news.

  7. Bad Ass ed said

    Bestest news of the day. These foreign talents fighting amongst each other.

    These two numbskulls really made my day.

  8. Jenny said

    lol, why PRCs always thought that the world revolves around them?

  9. Grammar Nazi said

    China Vs Philippines.
    They can kill each other.

  10. Ken Lee said

    both fault! no express lane at the clinic!! the clinic assistant has to reflect herself!!

  11. Cost my concern said

    Prc people think there is no laws here ?

  12. XT said

    This is a very strange PRC way of asking for mercy.

  13. Silver77 said

    Even in China….. emergency lane need to Q up …..
    Jump the Q …..hell break lose …..

  14. Tan Chee Bai said

    Typical PRC “culture” and “lineage”. 5000 years of shit and slime.

    • Tobias Tan said

      And where did 70% of Singaporeans come from? Be a little careful in your characteristics.

      • Suzy Wong said

        Tobias Tan…

        I am from that lineage too… But my ancestors were not barbarians… We don’t throw things on peoples’ faces, we don’t bullshit our way to be selfish… for our own benefits…

        How come, these people don’t know or never learn about humilty, patience & be graceful…?

        I have noticed they are FAR MORE RUDE than other nationalities that are here in Singapore besides the native Singaporean…

        Alamak you… 😉

  15. RU YI Gee said

    I disagreed with the post and if the Filipino clinic assistant could had refer to the doctor and rather decided on her decision to refer the PRC to hospital,more to say parent will go all out an always the greatest protection for their children.

    This treatment is all wrong on Filipino clinic assistant ,if you want it right then put a sign show “PRC is ban from the clinic and I beg you will close shop the next day”.

  16. Go KK wait even longer and rigid protocol, no medication to be given until cause is established.

  17. ;ABC said

    The earlier responses reflect the gut feelings of many Singaporeans but they fail to recognise what has become a real social problem caused by the massive influx of PRCs into the country.It is laughable that before one can become a maid in Singapore the maid agencies conduct courses to orientate them. These PRCs just walk in. They do not speak or understand the working language of Singapore, which is English. They do not even speak the mandarin that is spoken here, theirs being heavily laden with the dialect of their origin. Thus it is a common phenomenon that bus drivers from PRC cannot understand the queries of commuters and vice versa, causing misunderstanding and friction. Try buying something from shop or even a department store with PRC sales assistant. The future of SIngapore is dire indeed if the government take stock of the situation and take effective steps to counter this problem which threaten to tear our social fabric apart. And for goodness sake do not set up a committee headed by Gerard Ee.

  18. stevenado said

    Prc already mentioned that her son is sick, “the clinic staff should be more understanding.” Those waiting at the clinic were also sick.If really so sick,go straight to hospital.The clinic is working for the doctor,she would definetly not dare to chase patients out. Don’t bullshit, prc .Just because you are not in good mood does not mean you can throw card at her.That is very uncilvilsed of you,PRC!!!

  19. Cost my concern said

    However. Could we live in more passion n forgiving? 🙂

  20. Moses said

    Well should let all PRCs live near MInister so they will know how they are like. Let them have a taste of PRC medicine.

  21. Permanet Resident Cons said

    While these two useless trash are fighting in a SINKIE clinic, their countries are confronting each other in a mexican standoff at the South China Sea. Sure hope the Pinoy warship will fire the first salvo and the PRC will send their PLA in assault boats and land on the Philippines.

    Wow, that will make my day instead of watching those useless programmes on the local tv, we will see live action!

  22. Exaggerated said

    Having work with both. I am equally skeptical about their statements.

    Everybody wants others to understand them, have they tried to understand others? Everybody claims they have their rights, what about the opposite party. Imagine yourself in the other person shoes before you start ranting at others the next time.

    This Singapore has become more and more selfish.


  23. sim said

    ha ha ha …. happy ok la …..

  24. More and more self-centered as well. When they are at the receiving end of the service, they don’t care if regulations suffocate the service providers. They want to be “protected”.

  25. Wake Up Singapore said

    PRCs cannot communicate with Singaporeans and inevitably create social problems.There are far too many social tensions with PRCs today in Singapore and even worse – PRcs poor driving skills are even killing innocent people on the streets. Do not forget that some PRC women even steal Singapore husbands>
    Both the Ah Lees must wake up and realise their folly in bringing too many low level PRCs into our country. Please repent for all your mistakes but no more wayang in apologising.

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