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“Mana Rapid Transit” app to keep commuters updated on Singapore’s ‘up and down’ MRT network

Posted by temasektimes on April 11, 2012

The frequent breakdowns and delays of MRT trains in Singapore has led to one local start-up to design an unique app to keep commuters updated on Singapore’s ‘up and down’ MRT network.

Known as ‘Mana Rapid Transit’, it allows commuters to update others on the crowd situation at all the MRT stations in Singapore as well as to report train breakdowns.

Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew has said earlier in Parliament that while the government will try to minimize ‘major disruptions’ of more than 30 minutes, some disruptions and defects on the heavily-used MRT were ‘unavoidable’.

“We will try and minimise as much as possible the major disruptions and to keep them in check. But I think it is unavoidable that a system that is as heavily utilised as ours is today will not face any disruptions. Every day there are about 2.7 million passenger trips. We are running thousands of train trips for more than 18 hours a day. And I dare say that there is no way you can prevent disruptions from occurring.”

In contrast, Japanese railways are among the most punctual in the world. The average delay on the Tokaido Shinkansen in fiscal 2006 was only 0.3 minutes and when trains are delayed for as little as five minutes, the conductor makes an announcement apologizing for the delay and the railway company may provide a “delay certificate”.

You can download the app for free here.


10 Responses to ““Mana Rapid Transit” app to keep commuters updated on Singapore’s ‘up and down’ MRT network”

  1. Shangyong said

    Got android version of this?

  2. 'Mk Chin said

    Downloaded “Mana Rapid Transit” apps to keep updated on Singapore’s ‘up and down’ MRT network. 😉

  3. Ken Lee said

    so rapid that its stop to rest! lol world class transport pui!!!!!!

  4. George said

    I feel those in smrt services were all laid back and thinking of profits . These profits goes to million dollars bonus at the year end. Firstly I have seen smrt management drive cars to work . Why the staffs of smrt do not trust the train services that they are working for ? If the head does not care to use the public transport to work and back home , what does the signal gives out ?

    To show confidence on the public transport system , I humbly request that a three months period be used for all transport management staffs to report to work & back home. I hope these elite group are not given complimentary train rides or bus rides to work. Let them feel the agony of crowded trains , reporting late for work and ,most all THEY would get a first hand “report for themselves of how we citizens have to ” suffer” using public transport.

    No staffs cars should be allowed to park in their working premises. Media should be allowed to cover with photographs on each of the carpark where ever the locations are. This to be out in the papers the next day for the citizen to be kept informed.

    The government should also implement that once a month all transport companies management staffs should use public transport to work. To ensure that that everyone who drives to work should be penalised and made openly known to citizens. This would in way prevent future delays and stupid excuses.

    Also those who take public transport to work , management staffs to have finger print time readers. As most managemt staffs will stroll in when “ordered ” to take public transport to work .

  5. sian said

    Wtf wat abt android??

  6. anonymous said

    So much for a world class transport system. It was great while it lasted.

  7. Invictus said

    Hahaha.. Mana Rapid Transit.. Absolutely brilliant !! Should bill SMRT for cost of developing app and get LTA to sponsor the app. Too funny !!


  9. Scaramouche said

    George, before u write anything against anyone, such as the SMRT, in this case, please do a bit of research to make sure you are right in what you say and it doesn’t boomerang on you. In this case, it boomerangs flat on your face. And you are the one who now looks like a fool.

    SMRT staff drive cars sometimes because they work after all public transport has gone to bed. Except, of course, taxis. These staffers need to report at odd hours to do their respective jobs. Hence their inevitable use of cars.

    I know this for a fact because one of my relatives is a staffer who leaves home every morning at 4.30am. He works a split shift, returning home in the late morning only to catch a nap, then back to work again at about 3pm. Because of his irregular working schedule, he looks like a zombie or someone out of the movie “The Walking Dead”.

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