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ProHealth Medical Group in the spotlight over record high monthly rental bid for clinic space in Punggol

Posted by temasektimes on April 11, 2012

Small medical group ProHealth Medical Group is in the spotlight lately over its record high monthly rental bid for a clinic space in Punggol.

It raised eyebrows in the healthcare industry by submitting a bid of $32,800 monthly rental for a HDB shop to set up a new clinic in Punggol. The opening bid is at $3,000.

The size of the shop is 559 square feet (51 square meter) which amounts to $58.67 per square feet which is believed to be one of the highest rental for a GP clinic in Singapore.


Prohealth Medical Group’s astonishing high bid is only slightly less than the $33,400 monthly rental bid submitted by NTUC Fairprice supermarket for a 3272 square feet (304 square meter) shop in the same block last year. (read more here)

One day after The Temasek Times broke the news, Lianhe Zaobao publish an exclusive feature on the matter. In an interview with a young woman who lived in Punggol, she said she believed the charges at the new ProHealth medical clinic in Punggol will be exorbitant due to the high rental and if it is indeed so, she would rather travel further to clinics in Hougang.

(住在这里育有一名幼子的少妇陈秀枝(高级执行员)接受本报访问时说,榜鹅一带目前的医疗诊所并不多,目前最靠近她住家的是榜鹅购物中心(Punggol Plaza)的诊所。她相信诊所高昂的租金将导致医药费提高,果真如此,在没有其他选择的情况下,她宁可到向来光顾但距离较远的后港诊所看病。)

When contacted by the media, the group’s directors declined to be interviewed. The group reportedly runs seven other clinics in Fernvale, Jurong West and Tiong Bahru.

Are you a patient of one of the clinics owned by ProHealth Medical Group? What are its consultation rates? Are their charges reasonable? Please feel free to email us at



10 Responses to “ProHealth Medical Group in the spotlight over record high monthly rental bid for clinic space in Punggol”

  1. stevenado said

    Thank you for your article.Your sharing of informations makes singaporean much wiser!!!

  2. Jack said

    High rental cost will eventually pass on to patients. A better way would be to have a virtual practice instead, no rental or very minimal rental cost. We should implement more telehealth service like telemetrix+

    • CY said

      High rental cost is an issue but highlighting such isolated cases doesn’t mean health care is going up. At most just boycott the new clinic lor.

  3. Rod said

    Yupz the medical cost is slowly creeping up especially at the private clinics…esp the newer ones. And when you ask them for breakdown of cost on the receipts (as regulated by law), they are just so unhelpful and brush you off by verbally giving you a breakdown. What to do is SMC dont even bother to do ground audits to see on these citizens issues? haiz….

  4. Ken Lee said


  5. Jolene said

    I grad that they have a clinic at punggol. They are good .Although Price is high . The doctor are nice and the medicine are good too! My kid always go to fern vale and I go to punggol. There is a clinic near by my place. But still I will walk far away to pro health is just that I am confident with the doctor and medicine.

  6. Thomas said

    My friend went to the ProHealth Medical Group@Buangkok clinic on 13 Oct 2012 (Sat) at around 10.35pm for common cough consultation. She was very shock when she received the bill of $81/-.dollars. What shocked her most was the high consultation charges of $50/- dollars which was not explained to her before the consultation nor was it visibly display.

    On 16 Oct 2012, three days after the consultation my friend was still not recovering from her cough after she had completed her medicine. She get a friend to buy the same cough syrup on her behalf which was a common practice when we run out of the medicine and still not recovering. She was very angry this time when her friend called her to said, the doctor had rejected her from buying the cough medicine and insisted her to come back for another consultation. When her friend asked the doctor what was the reason she cannot buy the medicine and explained to him that other clinics have no problem with that, the doctor just said it is MOH rule.

    Does anyone know if MOH is having such rule?

    My family and friends I spoke to have always been able to buy a second course of medicine from other clinics when we are not recovering from our sickness.

    After paying so much for the first consultation and not recovering, would anyone be so stupid to go back and pay another consultation to see the same doctor?

  7. Thomas said

    Sorry, the total fees my friend paid was $86.70/-

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